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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Empress Tarot card is a lesson in love. Love is the force that makes the world turn and that gives meaning to our lives. Indeed, we were born to love. Without love, our lives would become bleak and lifeless. The Empress is the Goddess of unconditional love. She does not rule through power or force, but instead, she rules through kindness, joy, happiness, and satisfaction. Because of this, she holds the secret to procreation and eternal life.

The Empress Tarot card is deeply connected with femininity, which is expressed in a variety of ways. Some of these manifestations are beauty, sensuality, fertility, creative expression, and balance between men and women. The Empress is the archetypical mother and the fertility earth goddess, and thus, she loves all her children and creatures in the most tender, loving, and subtle ways.

In this article, we will discuss the metaphysical symbolism of The Empress Tarot card that is found in the Rider-Waite Tarot deck. We will also talk about ways to interpret this card in a reading when it is upright and when it is reversed.

The Empress Tarot Card and Numerology

The Empress Tarot card’s number is 3. The numbers on Tarot cards are not random, but have deep symbolic meaning. 3 is the number of Divinity. The Magician‘s number is 1, which is pure creation. In Sacred Geometry, 1 is a point. Next is the number 2, which belongs The High Priestess. 2 is duality and is the line. 1+2=3, and so 3 combines creation with polarity. 3 is also the triangle and the plane. Three is the most stable number, which is why a tripod is often used to support heavy objects.

It is common for religious traditions to express the Divine as a trinity. This is, of course, found in Christianity, but there are many other examples in other traditions. There is the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, and in the Hellenistic tradition, the Fates are represented by a triple goddess. Clotho spun the thread, Lachesis wove it into a tapestry, and Atropos cut it, which indicated when a person would die.

Other examples of 3 in our lives are the past, present, and future, and the 3 dimensions of space. In many ways, 3 is truly a magic number! As the number 3, The Empress is a very fortunate card.

Keywords for The Empress Tarot Card


  • Love
  • Creativity
  • Abundance
  • Beauty
  • Growth


  • Lack of firmness
  • Self-neglect
  • Over-protectiveness
  • Pity
  • Being rejected

Imagery and Symbolism of The Empress Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot card shows a woman with blonde hair and an aura of peace and tranquility around her. She is associated with fertility and maternal love. On her head, she wears a crown of 12 stars, which represents the 12 zodiac signs.

The Empress wears a white gown with a pomegranate print, which is a symbol of fertility. She sits on a red velvet luxury cushion with the shield of Venus on her right. The white of her dress symbolizes purity. She stands for pure love.

The Empress carries the scepter of love, which is the real energy that moves the world. The background of the card shows a beautiful forest with a stream. This is a symbol of a deep spiritual and emotional connection with Mother Earth and with life. In the foreground, there is wheat, which represents abundance.

Like The High Priestess, The Empress indicates fertility. However, the message of the Empress speaks to far more than just physical motherhood. It also speaks to spiritual and intellectual fertility. Thus, The Empress Tarot card represents creativity, new ideas, and relationships.

Lessons of The Empress Tarot Card

Unlike The High Priestess, who represents the balance between the material and the spiritual, The Empress primarily represents the joys of the material world. The Empress teaches us to understand our emotions and feelings through self-expression. She also shows us that each person is beautiful as they are, without needing to change a thing. Furthermore, she reminds us that we should not be cynical about setbacks and obstacles because they are a necessary part of life itself. The Empress Tarot card invites us to connect with others through love and through supporting those around us.

The Empress also teaches us to find ways to communicate. She does this by providing a space to express our feelings and listen to the feelings of others. When this card appears, take a moment to reflect on all the love energy that surrounds you. You can channel this energy to attract even more abundance of love to your life. Love has no limits.

The power of love

We are born for love. Human babies are the most vulnerable and defenseless beings in creation. They need more encouragement, care, and affection than any other creature in the world. Leave a seed on a pot and a plant might grow, but for a human to survive, they must have received a minimal amount of love. Human hands do not have claws, poison, or scales. Instead, they are soft and designed to caress and cuddle delicate descendants.

When we love, we create. The plant that you water, the child that you love, and the relationship you nurture will all grow. In contrast, a love that isn’t cultivated, a relationship that isn’t nourished, and a plant that doesn’t receive care will all eventually die.

Do you know how to receive and give love, how to ask and receive help, and how to forgive and ask for forgiveness? The Empress teaches us all of these things.

Accepting differences

When we give birth, we are face to face with a person that we fully understand: ourselves! The baby has our eyes, our eyelashes, our feet, our ears. Very soon, however, we discover that this is a being who is different from us. The baby is an entity with their own desires and tastes, and these tastes can be completely different from our own.

Love is about understanding and accepting those differences and appreciating that each one of us has come to the world to complete our own mission, which is a personal journey. We can only grow when we learn to love those different than ourselves, and this is the great lesson of The Empress Tarot card.

While we must learn unconditional love and to accept differences, we also must care for ourselves. Is your life story full of abusive relationships in which you feel you give everything, receiving very little in return? Perhaps your feminine side has overpowered your personality. The man you love is not a baby. He doesn’t require everything from you. Even if you wish to surrender entirely to the love you feel for him, that’s just not healthy.

The world of motherhood and love are intrinsically connected, but they shouldn’t be mixed. Maternal love, romantic love, filial love…each one of these has its characteristics and limits. Remember that even children grow, and at some point, they must spread their wings and leave their mother.

How to Interpret The Empress Tarot Card in a Reading

The Empress Tarot card indicates overwhelming feminine power and energy, subtle, mysterious, fertile, and sexual. When she appears reversed in a spread it is possible that you are putting too much emphasis on your masculine energy, therefore neglecting your feminine side. It could also mean that you are living with an excess of feminine energy.

The Upright Position of The Empress Tarot Card:

Upright Empress Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Empress Tarot Card

The Empress Tarot card urges you to create beauty in your life. Reconcile with your feminine side and get in touch with your sensuality. Dancing, music, cooking for others, giving love, and waiting to receive love are all ways to connect with your five senses. These things allow you to experience pleasure and deep satisfaction.

It is time to strengthen your love relationships by doing things together, such as taking a vacation or enjoying a good movie. Let yourself love and be loved. You deserve it. This may be the perfect time to try a new hobby that helps you to connect with this side of yourself.

In a Tarot reading, The Empress can also indicate pregnancy or a successful birth. However, it can also mean a metaphorical birth such as conceiving ideas or starting new fertile and prosperous projects. It may even be the birth of a new life perspective.

You may find yourself in a creative job with many ideas and new projects coming your way. It is a moment of fertility in every sense. It’s time to rest, to meditate, to be with nature, and to enjoy the simple things of life. Bake a pie, grow flowers on your front yard, or redecorate your room. All these actions attract love energy to your home.

If you are a mother, this card advises you to share more quality time with your children. Motherly love is the foundation of the lives of children. Fertility goes beyond bringing children into the world. Loving them helps them to build a world for themselves in the future.


  • You are in a balanced relationship, full of sincere appreciation in which you find harmony and affection
  • You could be considering having children or are already pregnant
  • If you are single, this is a time of great sex appeal and attractiveness
  • A new relationship around the corner


  • Time of great fertility
  • An excellent omen for couples trying to conceive


  • You are being considered for a raise or a promotion
  • You are in a stable position with many future possibilities


  • You will have unexpected monetary benefits and income
  • Perfect time for making new investments

The Reversed Position of The Empress Tarot Card:

Inverted Empress Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Empress Tarot Card

Reversed, The Empress Tarot card suggests that you are putting too much emphasis on the emotional or material needs of another person, and thus, you are neglecting your own needs.

You are getting carried away by loving without limits, and this just isn’t healthy for the relationship to grow. Everything in nature has limits. Plants need sunlight but also shade, and the cycle of the seasons reveals that life and death are connected.

For those who are parents, The Empress Tarot card reveals that you are giving your children everything they ask for, but that this is not an appropriate way to show them love. Teach them the value of work and effort and that their actions have positive and negative consequences. Also, teach them that mistakes are an essential part of learning. While seeking excellence is creative, perfectionism can be destructive.

If you are going through a break-up, it is time to take refuge in friends and loved ones. Express your pain and begin to heal. Better times will come, but it is essential to grieve.

If you are trying to get pregnant, this may not be the best time. Rest, visit your doctor, and stop putting so much pressure on yourself.

In work and relationships, it’s time to rethink the roles that you play. You have let maternal energy consume you and have become everyone’s mother. Don’t sacrifice yourself so much! You also need to rest and receive love.


  • Infidelity
  • Unwanted pregnancies
  • Bigamy
  • The truth comes to light
  • Pay more attention to your partner because he feels neglected
  • Trust your instincts, and you can reconnect with love


  • Small problems
  • Need to recover
  • Get a checkup
  • Take good care of yourself


  • Disagreements in business and the need to hire good advisors
  • Your work is appreciated and well received, but you haven’t been given enough credit
  • It is time to make yourself known and prove your value as a professional


  • Changing your attitude will bring you significant benefits because your pessimism is attracting negative energy with respect to your finances
The Empress Tarot Card Meaning Infographic

Rider-Waite images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT c. 1971 by U.S. Games Systems.

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