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Taurus Woman

Taurus Woman

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Taurus women tend to be house proud and prioritize a stable, happy and traditional existence. Some people call them stubborn…

  • Dates: April 20-May 20
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Symbol: The Bull
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Fixed

Taurus Woman Personality, Traits & Characteristics

A typical Taurus trait mostly keenly seen in women is thorough organisation and planning. They have a vision for their perfect wedding, have decided the perfect age for them to have their children, and have already picked out the right schools. But these aren’t just dreams for Taurus, she is willing to put in the work, over the long-term, to make this vision into a reality. She has a work ethic of slow and steady wins the race.

While Taurus women would love to be stay-at-home parents with time to support the charities that they are passionate about, these women don’t like to be overly dependent on others and prefer to have their own independent income. This is useful because they also appreciate good quality, and believe in paying a little bit more to get quality that lasts.

Taurus women are often very traditional in their thinking, and very fixed in their ideas. They do not change their opinions easily, and can be downright stubborn.

Personality Traits:

  • Traditional
  • Charitable
  • Independent
  • Materialistic
  • Fixed

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Likes & Dislikes

Taurus women respect quality over quantity, this is true when it comes to the material things in life, but also when it comes to good friends. They tend to be highly organized, and like a minimalist approach in which everything has a purpose and a place.

She likes classic things that last a lifetime and never goes for the latest trends. She is highly empathetic and finds injustice difficult to deal with. While she doesn’t like to argue, her stubborn nature means that she often finds herself disagreeing with others.


  • Quality
  • Minimalism
  • Classic Designs


  • Trendiness
  • Unjustness
  • Arguments

Home Life & Family

Taurus women value a stable and happy home. They tend to be very house proud and will pass quite a bit of time cleaning and working on DIY projects. They often have a beautiful garden as these nature lovers have green thumbs.

She likes to manage her home life down to the last detail, and will put everyone on a schedule. Taurus women like to experiment in the kitchen, and are generally very health-conscious when it comes to choosing what to eat.

Career & Money

Taurus women flourish in nurturing roles such as school teachers and medical professionals. They like to take care of other people, and cope better with the day to day routines of these types of organizations than other people.

While she is probably a perfectionist at work, dotting every i and crossing every t, she is good at maintaining a work-life balance and can leave work at the office and focus on other things in her spare time. While Taurus women always invest a bit more to ensure good quality, they aren’t frivolous and know the value of saving for the future.

Taurus Women in Love & Relationships

Taurus women aren’t looking for a pretty face, they are looking for a partner that they can build a life with. As such, she is the type of woman likely to try online dating or speed dating in order to find people that share her interests and with whom she is truly compatible.

Taurus women build their relationships on love, but also a contract of mutual trust and support. She will bend over backward to support her partner in all their endeavors, and expects the same.

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Sexuality & in Bed

Taurus women like to do it right in the bedroom. There are no quickies here, they want to take the time to enjoy their time together. She is a generous lover and likes to be guided, but is less open when it comes to speaking up about what she prefers.

Attracting a Taurus Woman

For a Taurus woman, attraction starts with interesting conversation rather than a look across the bar. They want someone who is their intellectual equal, shares their values and makes them laugh. A good laugh on the first date is the best way to guarantee a second one.


Taurus women tend to be highly compatible with Scorpio and Cancer. Scorpio is also searching for a stable and secure life, and their strength and firmness are very attractive to Taurus. Cancer is honest and clear in all their dealings, which appeals to Taurus, who doesn’t have time to be playing games.

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Famous Taurus Women

These successful Taurus women stand out from the crowd as seeming to have it all together on both the career and the home fronts.

  • Dianna Agron, American Actress known for Glee
  • Jessica Alba, Actress and Entrepreneur known for her brand Honest
  • Cate Blanchett, Australia Actress known for Elizabeth
  • Megan Fox, American Actress known for Transformers
  • Audrey Hepburn, British Actress known for Breakfast at Tiffany’s

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