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Taurus Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

Taurus Man Texting Style: Signs He Likes You Through Text

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All zodiac signs have a specific texting style that suits their personality – and the Taurus guy is no different!

It helps to know what this style is when you’re dating, as his texting style can be rather hard to read at times.

A Taurus man’s texting style is slow, so he’s not the fastest to reply! Knowing this alleviates so much anxiety, right?

However, when he does (finally!) reply, he can be very romantic, sweet and attentive. Be patient – this will go a long way to creating a strong connection!

7 Signs a Taurus Man Likes You Through Text

Usually, a Taurus man will show that he likes you through text when he’s a little mushy and extra-sweet in his messages; sending hearts, sweet GIFS, flowers or compliments for you.

He does this because his zodiac sign is one of the “love signs”, so he knows how to woo you when he wants to!

Taurus men can be sensual and sexy via text, as well as loving and affectionate.

If he likes you, his texts will reflect this style, as well as follow a routine, focussed on the future and engaging.

He wouldn’t text you at all if he didn’t like you – Taurus is far too lazy to text women that are just a casual fling!

You’re definitely something special if his text style follows one or more of these styles below:

1. He Sends Loads Of Hearts And Kisses (X’s)

Did you know that Taurus is the sign of romantic love? He’s ruled by the planet Venus, the planet of romance, beauty and harmony.

This is a man who just loves mushy, sweet emoticons and icons, who’s never afraid of a cliché!

If he’s sending you lots of hearts and x’s, you can be pretty sure he likes you – a lot! This also includes sweet pictures, smooches and anything else that screams affection!

2. His Timing For Texting You Follows A Routine

Taurus men just love, love, love their routines! It makes them feel safe and secure. His routine is King in his world.

So, if his texts to you follow some sort of time or regular pattern, you know you hold an important place in his day!

Including you in his routine means he’s absorbed you into his daily life, and sees you in his future.

Those good morning texts? That afternoon heart? It’s a really big deal, for him.

3. He’s Texting Every Day

Here’s the thing: Taurus men are known to be really lazy. They would rather lie around all day than work, whether in their profession or their relationships.

He wouldn’t lift a finger to text someone every day unless he really, really likes you.

Reaching out in this way each day means that you’re very much on his mind and that he wants you in his life.

It also means he’s eager to see you, to talk to you and to learn about you!

4. His Texts Include Plans For Dates

This is a sign that knows how to do a date, and loves to woo and spoil the woman in his life!

If his texting style includes plans for the future, then you know that he’s all yours for the taking!

And, if he’s sending regular date night ideas, well, you’re practically married now!

There’s no declaration of love on text quite like “Shall we do Netflix ‘n chill again this Friday babe?”.

This, for a Taurus man, is the truest sign that he wants you in his life – all the time, on the regular!

5. He Sends Sexy Texts – And Asks For Them Back

Let’s face it – most guys are visual. However your Taurus guy is more so than most.

This is because his ruler, Venus, also rules beauty. Yes, she’s a bit superficial like that, and so, looks really do matter.

Hence, his text style might be a little steamy, and he’ll just love pictures being exchanged.

This isn’t him being creepy, it’s his particulate style. He’s more of a visual man than a man of words, you’ll come to learn.

You can always set the rules to how far you’ll go, and he will respect that.

He does love a woman who’s still a bit of a lady, anyway. Stay classy, but be sexy, too! Don’t be scared to play a little.

6. His Texts Are Flattering And Compliment Your Looks

Because he’s such a visual creature, the Taurus man is very good at giving compliments.

He loves it when you look good, when you’re groomed and presenting yourself in a gorgeous way.

If he really likes you, you’ll find him complementing you loads on your texts.

Telling you, for example, how lovely your eyes are or how he adores your new haircut is not just empty flattery. He really means it, and it means a lot.

Enjoy feeling so adored!

7. His Messages Are Conversational

Taurus is not a zodiac sign that’s very conversational.

If he does talk to you in a chatty way on text, you know he’s making a serious effort for you, which means he absolutely adores you!

He would never waste his time and energy talking if he wasn’t quite serious about you!

As we’ve mentioned, Taurus is a lazy man, so the extra effort does mean a lot.

What If A Taurus Man Stops Texting You?

Wondering why a Taurus man would stop texting you? Is it you? Or is it him?

Not texting you doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s lost interest, even if it’s easy to think he’s ignoring you.

If a Taurus man has stopped texting you, it could mean that he’s just being lazy. He’s really not the type to take well to texts, and much prefers real-life contact.

It could also mean that his work has suddenly ramped up, and that he’s stressed.

Taurus men tend to work very hard, and struggle with not having enough time to relax.

The time he does have may be spent sleeping or doing something else he finds calming.

Give him some time and space. Just a few days, never pushing or forcing him. He doesn’t like confrontation, and may get rather stubborn when you come across in a way that seems accusatory.

Be as patient as he is – he’s never in rush to text – and maybe drop him a heart on day three to say you are thinking of him.

He’ll appreciate that and will likely respond in the way that you’re looking for!

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Wednesday 10th of March 2021

What if a tarsus man won't initiate the conversation?


Friday 2nd of April 2021

@Rose, I know this is late. But I noticed my Taurus doesn’t like to initiate conversation either. Yet he has brought it up a few times that I’ve never initiated conversation over text either. He actually likes it if I text him first. I did this ONCE, and now he’s texting me all the time.