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Taurus Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

Do you want to know if Taurus is interested in you – or perhaps in love with you? It’s not always easy to tell if he’s falling for you – the Taurus Astrology Sign is well-known for being cautious! However, there are a few clear signs that his heart is all yours!

Here’s a secret about the Taurus man: he takes a long time to fall in love, but when he finally makes up his mind, he seldom goes back on his word!

Once he’s committed, the Taurus man is solid, reliable and ever so romantic! You’ll never have reason to doubt his feelings for you, and he will be your rock to lean on forever and ever!

But, how can you actually tell if he’s really in love? How do you know for sure when he’s serious about you?

How a Taurus Man Acts When He’s Secretly In Love

The easiest way to tell if a Taurus man is secretly in love with you is when he’s starting to mention a future with you in it.

Being a sign that’s quite scared of change, he approaches all new relationships with a little bit of fear. He doesn’t like his world going upside down!

You know that you’re a big deal to him when he’s talking this way. It means he’s finally become comfortable with the changes that a new love brings, and that he’s ready to take the journey with you!

Make no mistake – when a Taurus man falls in love, it’s for life. These men take nothing less, and they want a woman at their side for the long-term!

After all, this is the sign ruled by Venus, the planet of love – what else would you expect!

Also – if he’s spoiling you and spending both his time and money with you, you can be sure he’s a keeper! When he behaves in a way that spoils you, then love is definitely growing!

8 Clear Signs An Taurus Man Is In Love With You

1. He Commits To You

This should be a no-brainer, but it’s a very big deal in the world of a Taurus man.

Commitment doesn’t come as quickly to him as it does with other signs, and commonly, he takes a great deal of time to finally “come around”.

What does commitment mean? Well, it can mean agreeing to an exclusive relationship at first, followed by moving in together, or sharing other responsibilities like a dog, for example.

It may mean getting married, or a simple promise of loving you forever. Either way, commitment from a Taurus man is something you can completely trust to last a lifetime!

2. He Buys You Gifts

One of the “love languages” for a Taurus is the giving of gifts.

It doesn’t matter if they’re big or small – they can be a pebble from his favorite beach, to a full-blown new coat from some expensive store that he knows you love.

Notice when he’s bringing you things, and be sure to be appreciative! This is his way of telling you that he truly loves and cares for you and has a deep interest in being your long-term love.

After all, Taurus is not a sign that likes to water money!

3. He Wants To Move in With You

Here’s a huge sign that he’s in love with you: he wants to share his home with you (or yours with him).

For a Typical Taurus man, his home really is his castle, and has the King! He will see you as his Queen when he opens up that castle for you.

Another way he shows his love in the home environment is by letting you decorate, or going home shopping together.

Maybe you haven’t quite moved in yet, but he could be starting the process by taking you along on his homeware shopping days!

4. He Spends His Money On You

Taurus men can be stingy, that’s for sure! They like to sit on their hard-earned money and keep it all to themselves!

However, when he starts spending his dollars on you, his girl, you may be very certain of his feelings for you.

Taurus men absolutely hate wasting money, and he won’t spend on someone that he doesn’t see a future with.

Put it this way: a Taurus man spends money where he sees a good investment – and a good return!

5. He Opens Up To You

Taurus men tend to be more physically-orientated than feeling-focused.

He’s not the most emotional of astrology signs, in short.

He’s also not always that comfortable with opening up about his true feelings, as he has a secret fear of being hurt or rejected.

Is he starts behaving in a more vulnerable, open way, it means that he’s really starting to trust you enough with his deepest emotions.

Maybe he’s sharing his past with you, or dreaming about the future. He could even simply be telling you of how he feels, which is a huge step for him.

6. He’s Possessive Over You

Taurus men are very possessive indeed! Whether it’s their house, their cars, their special couch or their cash, they do tend to have that streak.

When he starts acting in a way that seems a tiny bit possessive, it shows that you are now one of the things in his life that he considers precious, and would hate to lose.

This can be shown by a strong arm around you when you’re out, a glare at a flirty man, or a check-in to see what you’re up to on a Friday night.

Many Taurus men try to cement their “possession” (i.e., you), by buying you gifts (see point 2 above!).

7. He Provides For You

The most wonderful thing about a Taurus man being in love with you is his willingness to be the classic provider.

He wants to be that man who caters of your needs, martial and physical. A roof over your head, a lovely bed, food in the fridge and a lovely date are all ways that he shows his care.

You can totally relax into a more feminine way of being when you’re with the Taurus man – he likes to do these things for the woman he loves, so enjoy it!

8. He’s Your Anchor

A Taurus man truly loves you when he’s the anchor in your life – your safe place. He’s a rock, always solid, reliable, showing up on time and committed to putting you first.

He’s patient and calm, even when you’re in an emotional storm. He is there for you when you need him, and is unchanging.

There’s nothing quite like having this man in your life that you know you can count on, 100%!

These are the clearest ways to tell if a Taurus man is in love with you!

Love for this sign is always a serious matter, and being the most romantic, sensual sign in the zodiac makes this a relationship to remember!

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When An Taurus Man Says “I Love You”

Does a Taurus man really mean it when he says “I Love You”? Without a doubt! This is a guy that doesn’t say the L word lightly and without real intent and meaning behind it.

When a Taurus man admits his love for you, he has opened up the part of himself that’s the most vulnerable. He would never, ever say it unless he wants to commit what Love means!

So, when the Taurus man drops the Love bomb, be sure to show him that his love is well-received.

Love means that he’s going to stand by your side through thick and thin, provide for you, buy you gifts, support you, romance you and probably marry you!

Yes, it’s that serious!

You can count yourself truly blessed the day that a Taurus man declares his love, because from that day on, you’ll never have any reason to doubt him.

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