The World Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The World Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

We’ve come across the final lesson, on the verge of starting a new adventure, the world tarot card, Major Arcane XXI. This card represents a significant change in your life, one for which you have been preparing for a long time. The implications of this change will surpass your expectations. This card means that your world is going to make a 180 degrees turn.

Once we are here, the world predicts that you can leave behind all the resentments and past disappointments. A whole world will open before your eyes. This card indicates maturity, new beginnings, novelty, and a greater understanding of the world around us. You will be able to comprehend and solve your problems in a more straightforward way, without the complications and stagnation that you had to suffer in the past.

This card also represents the discovery of new ways of seeing life, of new perspectives and emotions, the barriers and prejudices that didn’t let you see the rainbow previously have now fallen. This happy naked woman looks victorious and empowered with two magic rods and the protection of the instincts, the elements, and the evangelists. She has come to tell us that we have achieved multidimensional growth on an emotional, spiritual, intellectual and material level. We have successfully overcome the four suits and major trumps tests.

For this reason, it is known as the perfect card, our soul’s messenger. Finally, through all your hard work you have reached an equilibrium and the deserved reward. If the spread question has to do with love, don’t despair the love you have longed for, the proposal you have been patiently waiting for will arrive sooner than you expected.

Should the spread involve money or work-related matters, the doors to great investments and opportunities will open before your eyes. If it has to do with health, you’ll enjoy a very healthy period of great physical strength.

However, when the world tarot card appears inverted the meanings are not the same as with the other cards. Usually an inverted card changes the meaning negatively and influences its most unpleasant traits into the rest of the spread. In the case of the Inverted world tarot card, we find that the positive and generous influence of the card diminishes without entirely disappearing.

The success, significant achievements, and rewards will come, but later. Your world won’t change as quickly as you wish and you will have to keep up the hard work to solidify that process. Perhaps you will go through a period of stagnation in which things won’t get worse, but they won’t improve either, you might feel trapped, but you’ll be able to get ahead.

The World Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: You have the world at your feet, success, triumph, luck, victory, reward, fulfilment, certainty, happy marriage, happiness, health, strength, intelligence, good fortune, satisfaction, travel, and discovery.

Inverted: Suffering, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, you carry the world on your shoulders, personal baggage, lack of conscience, unable to see the bigger picture, lack of experience, scam, cannot fulfil commitments.

Description of The World Tarot Card:

The world Tarot Card is a circle resembling a garland of laurels. It frames the silhouette of a naked woman with long hair and reddish / yellow curls. She carries two magic wands similar to those carried by the Magician. Barely covered with a purple veil, she floats in the sky guarded by 4 clouds that frame 4 heads: in the upper left corner the head of a man, in the upper right corner the head of an eagle, in the lower right corner the head of a bull, and in the lower right corner the head of a lion.

A weight off your shoulders: The world is your oyster

Throughout the tour of the 22 Tarot Major Trumps, we have found great lessons for personal growth. Experiences that have made us cry with joy and that have also plunged us into the deepest sorrows. We have entered the depths of the unconscious, and through adaptation and the overcoming of obstacles imposed to a large extent by ourselves, we have reached a higher level of personal development allowing us to say: I understand myself a little better.

Closing circles, seeing the bigger picture and knowing that we aren’t the center of the universe, are some of the maturity lessons we all come across at some point. It is the moment we can accept that there’s always a new opportunity to start fresh, that earth will keep spinning and transformation is an unstoppable process to which we are all subjected on this planet.

For some, the garland doesn’t represent a victorious crown of laurel leaves but is an Ouroboros, a mythological snake eating its tail, an alchemical symbol of cyclicality. Achieving a better understanding of yourself, of your weaknesses, strengths, sins, and virtues, is only an invitation to accept again the Fool’s request to start the journey all over again.

Also, it is essential to go through the proper closure and mourning processes concerning past experiences that have marked us. In life, things can come and go, but we must treasure the great moments and learn from the negative things we’ve lived without clinging to the past. Those who live in the past forget that the present is a gift.

How to interpret the symbolical aspects of The World Trump:

A beautiful woman floats at the center of a laurel wreath, the leaf of triumph used since ancient Rome to distinguish kings, conquerors, and gladiators who defeated all their opponents in the Coliseum.

The young woman carries two magic wands as a sign of power and is performing the same pose as the Hanged Man while floating carelessly; she’s weightlessly wrapped in a purple veil. The garland is held by two red ribbons describing an oval, very similar to the number 0.

In each of the card corners, we find a head floating on a cloud in a bright blue sky. A human head, an eagle’s head, a bull’s head and a lion’s head. These heads represent the four elements: fire, air, water, earth. They also represent the four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. On the other hand, the bull has been commonly associated with masculinity, while the lion was introduced in the major trump the strength, the arcane number XI.

Her purple veil indicates royalty, the color that condenses the wisdom of the blue color and red’s passion and braveness. This card synthesizes the elements we have found along the path that we once started with the Fool, which was designed by the Magician. That’s why in The World tarot card we find a return to the beginning.

This allusion to the number 0 also tells us that energy can’t be destroyed but transformed. The process by which we have just passed to achieve knowledge and success is only the prelude to start our way back to deepen those results because the learning process never ends.

The upright position of The World Tarot Card:

The Upright World Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright World Tarot Card

When the tarot card The World appears upright in a spread it means that we are irradiated with good fortune and that we will harvest the fruits of our learning. Along with The Sun Tarot Card, The World is considered to be the best omen in the whole deck because it means you’ll enjoy everything you’ve ever wanted.

When The World Tarot Card appears Upright, you can be sure that the evolution and success of your projects are assured. You are on the right track and at a good pace.

Now, the energy of The World tarot card is slow energy. The success, the grand prizes, the recognition that you deserve, the marriage proposal or the health recovery, all will come after an extended period of effort. This happens not by chance of fate, as happens with The Fool or The Wheel of Fortune. In The world’s case it’s about success achieved through hard work and learning all the tools necessary to conquer things on your own merits.

The world tarot card alludes to the culmination of a process that will be entirely satisfactory because every step has been taken to reach that climate of perfect harmony and happiness.

In your next investments or decisions, you will have an aura of protection and fortune that will seem to be sent from heaven. To thank this beautiful moment of your life, you must continue to act with integrity and justice in each of your actions. For singles, they will feel more attractive and sure of themselves and after a period of having reconciled with loneliness, of learning to love and accept themselves, the time has come to give oneself an opportunity in love, to dare to let that person enter your life. You deserve the world and more; you deserve someone that will knock down the moon and the stars for you.

On the other hand, The world Tarot card also invites us to think globally, reflect if there’s a detail you might be missing, about the processes you need to go through to achieve our goals. The world reminds you that the earth is still spinning with or without you.

In a sense, it complements The Hermit’s message. That wise old man represents the spiritual elevation achieved through meditation and loneliness. The world stands for that moment in which the Hermit leaves the cave and can return to society as a philosopher or as a Saint. You have already understood essential lessons about self-control, about love, about order, about instincts and reason, the world is your oyster now.

The meaning of the Upright World Trump when it comes to:


Wedding, fertility, you will receive lots of love and affection, you will have the world at your feet. A fortuitous encounter will mark the beginning of a prosperous and passionate intellectual encounter. Marriage proposal. You will live a love dream. Courtship, wedding. Happy and lasting union, protected by fate, with a perfectly complementary person. Fertility, desired pregnancy.


Good health omens. If you’re feeling any discomfort pay a visit to an internist for a global checkup.


You will have great professional success. Your ability to communicate ideas and projects will make you achieve that promotion. Salary raise.


Excellent investment results. Acquisition, profit, success, a stroke of luck, commercial enterprise carried out successfully. Fruitful investments. You will get the necessary funds to carry out a project.

The meaning of the Inverted position of The World Tarot Card:

Inverted World Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted World Tarot Card

All the good qualities and energy of The world Tarot card doesn’t disappear when it appears inverted in a spread, somewhat its positive influence diminishes and announces that you will undoubtedly achieve your goals, but you won’t be thoroughly pleased with the results.

Perhaps you are setting disproportionate goals or you haven’t tried hard enough to achieve that objective. Possibly your fears may have limited your path to success, but the world keeps turning, and perhaps this episode of certain dissatisfaction will change your perspective to help you reach your dreams.

Obstacles will appear in your path, and although success is sure, it won’t come when you expect it, but you should keep believing working hard will achieve your goals. There may be family arguments, pr transitory conflicts at work. Control your appetite, passion outbursts, lust, and temper because these instinctual forces are taking away your ability to see clearly what’s happening around you.

The meaning of the Inverted World Trump when it comes to:


It’s time to work on your relationship because that distance you have subjected your partner can be dangerous. You have concentrated so much on your professional goals or family problems that you have lost connection. Communicate, bring romance back to the relationship.


Respiratory and digestive small and transitory illnesses, allergies.


You won’t be able to expose your ideas clearly or effectively to sell your projects. It is not a good time for changes. You are not receiving proper advice. Failure, hostility in the work environment.


Set limits when it comes to spending and investing, as they won’t be productive expenses. Losses, budget reductions.

The World Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The World Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The world tarot card represents a significant change in your life, one which you have been preparing for a long time. See the upright and reversed meanings.
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