The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The wheel of fortune tarot card is the tenth Major Arcana trump. It appears in a spread to announce a change, an episode of uncertainty that can be highly positive when surrounded by rejoicing cards. Unexpected changes, lucky coincidences, and successful projects are some of the good meanings associated with this card.

When it appears inverted, we find that these changes and unexpected situations put us in a position of high uncertainty and transitory bad luck, which may bring instability to our goals and project achievements. The wheel of fortune tarot card is a synthesis of all those symbols that show that we cannot tell what fate has in store for us.

Just as life is cyclical and everything obeys a greater good, the most likely scenario will be positive if you find the wheel of fortune tarot card in your spread. But all circles return to their starting point. Sometimes the “bad luck” of the inverted Wheel of Fortune tarot card only means that all those circumstances that were positively influencing your life will disappear and you will have to continue on your own to achieve your goals.

There are those who attribute these changes to Karma, spiritual evolution and development. In any case, on the way to adulthood, we can confirm that the saying “you get what you give” cannot be more accurate. Failed relationships, successful marriages and job success depend to a large extent on our ability to work tirelessly towards our goals.

The ups and downs of life is the central meaning of the wheel of fortune tarot card. It brings us the opportunity to reinvent ourselves, to prove what we are made of and show that we can move forward, a process that will undoubtedly impose great sacrifices. In this card the influences of good and evil forces are evident. It is unlike previous cards in which we will find the maternal and indisputable love of The Empress to protect us, or The Emperor protection to escape unharmed, here we are alone in the cosmos trying to conquer our goals.

Maintaining faith and optimism are the tools that will help you along the way. Work on your self-esteem, spiritual growth, your spiritual development and especially don’t neglect your relationships, remember that love is what makes the world go round.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Cycles, new opportunities, changes, presents, movement, surprises, destiny, development, inflection point, possibilities, superior forces, unforeseen events.

Inverted: Resistance to change, excessive optimism, ups, and downs, setback, excesses, repetitive events, irresponsible, lack of commitment, losses.

Description of The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card:

In a blue sky with gray clouds, we find a wheel with six spokes. The wheel has 3 concentric circles inside containing Gods name symbols and the word Tora, Rota or Taro depending on whether you read in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction. This is the wheel of eternity, the wheel of destiny. On the left side there is a yellow snake exerting its influence on each spin. Under the wheel is Hermanubis, the positive messenger of good news.

In the card corners, we find four golden figures: an angel, an eagle, a bull and a lion. All of them have wings and are focusing on reading a book. On top of the wheel, a blue sphinx carrying a sword looks directly towards us.

One moment you’re up … You can’t control everything

To stumble upon The wheel of fortune tarot card can be nerve-wracking, whether Upright or Inverted. The tenth best trump is a “fasten your seatbelts” sign urging you to prepare yourself for significant changes to come.

The central message of this card is to remind us we aren’t alone in the cosmos. We are part of a larger system, of a myriad of coincidences, or random facts, making us understand that we cannot control everything.

The wheel of fortune tarot card also points out the active role we should play in our lives. Although we cannot control everything, surrendering to chance or fortune is a defeatist attitude. We can also make the wheel spin, making things change, but the changes are sometimes feared by those who love routine. For better or for worse, we need to embrace change to continue moving forward.

Losing, failing, making mistakes are the most useful experiences in life. You hardly learn anything when celebrating success. Instead, when you lose you can strengthen in the face of adversity, becoming capable of reflecting and constantly growing. Also, you can always make an effort to see the glass as half full and stay on the positive side of the wheel.

Staying positive and encouraged in the face of adversity is an act of bravery. We know that life has its ups and downs. The wheel of fortune indicates that just as everything that goes up has to come down, we can also recover as long as we work to achieve it. It is not about accepting fortune as it is, it is about building your path.

No matter how excruciating a loss may be, no matter how difficult it is to move forward, in every closure there’s the opportunity for a new beginning. No matter how dark the night, we will know that in the morning the sun will shine. Some call it faith; others call it inner peace, some simply call it motivation, but every day of your life deserves to be enjoyed to the fullest:

Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Do you have hobbies? Do you take care of your physical and mental health?

How are you taking care of your interpersonal relationships?

Have you planned for your retirement?

All of these answers will help you clarify the picture and determine if you are living in the present, in the future or the past. Although sometimes we think otherwise, there are no correct answers.

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Wheel of Fortune Trump:

The Wheel of Fortune tarot card tells us about the unforeseen events and the unstoppable cycles of life. We are born, we live, we die, time passes, and there’s nothing we can do to prevent it. On the way, we will find joys and sorrows. We will discover virtues and sins, vices and enlightenment, it is in our hands to build the path to happiness or doom.

The Sphinx, who knows all the secrets and owns the mysteries of life and death, is on the wheel of fortune representing spiritual superiority. The wheel with its unstoppable movement propels us towards the future. It is essential to learn from mistakes, but it is necessary to move forward. The wheel turns in only one direction, you cannot change the past, time is priceless, and as such you must live your life. The sword in the hands of the Sphinx warns us that always at the end of the road the sinners will be separated from the righteous.

Hermanubis, the reddish figure at the wheel’s base represents the union between Egyptian and Roman beliefs that occurred through the fusion of cultures. It presents us with a syncretism of the missions of both deities: Communication, messages and the passage between the world of the living and the dead.

The four figures that appear in the card corners represent the four elements and the four evangelists, the Angel is Mathew, the bull is Luke, the Lion is Mark, and the Eagle is John. All are reading the Torah, the book of wisdom.

Inside the wheel are the letters: T-A-R-O. As they are arranged in a circle, these cards can compose the following words: Tarot, Tora, and Rota (spin in Spanish). Among the cards are the symbols of the unpronounceable name of God which is the primary force in mobilizing our destiny.

However, to the sinister, we find the serpent, the same one that tricked Eve to commit the original sin and emanates its undulating energy into the wheel’s movement.

The upright position of The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Upright Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

When the Wheel of fortune tarot card appears Upright in a spread it implies that particularly positive changes will occur if the card is surrounded by trump cards such as the Sun or the World. However, the energy of change in this card invites us to consider “what easily comes, easily goes.” Cyclic movements imply destruction and renewal.

In the same way that fruit falls and dies to give life to a new tree, in life, there are good and bad times. It’s time to accept that you are not in control of everything that can happen, but also begin to prepare to give 110% when the time comes.

It is a lesson of humility and gratitude, of recognizing ourselves as subject to change and destiny, that we are all susceptible to continue growing and improving. Thank for your gifts, your family, your health, not everyone can enjoy what you neglect sometimes. If you are living a great time then enjoy it, remember, that could change any moment.

The meaning of the Upright Wheel of Fortune Trump when it comes to:


Progress, sudden changes, and advances in the relationship, marriages, proposals, moving together. New and very passionate romances full of energy.


Time of great vitality, energy, and health. Fast recovery.


Good time to reconsider your career path. Changes, new sources of inspiration.


Good luck with investments.

The meaning of the Inverted position of The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card:

The Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings (Inverted) – Major Arcana
Reversed Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card

The wheel of destiny will rotate until the end of our days, that is a reality we need to deal with. In each turn, we will find happiness and obstacles, joys and sorrows. Are you in control of your destiny? The answer is no. The only thing we can do is prepare ourselves to face risks.

If you have taken too many chances, the inverted wheel of fortune tarot card warns you that it is time to slow down, there’s no need to accelerate the spinning process. Accept responsibility for your current situation, accept that you are the main protagonist of your life.

On the other hand, there’s no case in resisting change. Learning to flow is as important as learning to accept it. It is time to be cautious, think twice, and postpone substantial investments or decisions.

The meaning of the Inverted Wheel of Fortune Trump when it comes to:


Jealousy, adverse changes, separations, seek professional advice.


Sensation of nausea, accidents, stomach problems.


Unexpected changes or news at work. To better understand these changes it will be necessary to observe the positive or negative influence of the other cards in the spread.


Try to avoid unnecessary expenses. Money doesn’t grow on trees; if you want to improve your income, you will have to work harder and smarter.

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Wheel of Fortune Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The Wheel of Fortune tarot card appears in a spread to announce a change, an episode of uncertainty that can be highly positive when surrounded by rejoicing cards.
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