The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Tower Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Tower tarot card represents the purifying power of fire. It comes with a strike of lightning that will destroy old habits and ideas, our ego will also crumble into its foundations, everything we hope to save will be destroyed and everything we once thought was indestructible will be irrevocably shaken.

The Tower Major Arcana card invites us to understand that every life-changing experience comes with opportunities to learn. It is time to recognize that painful losses and disappointments also bring valuable gifts of wisdom.

It symbolizes a relentless destruction that comes as a “gift” from heaven, a healing energy. In other decks, this card was called ‘the Maison Dieu’ or ‘the hospital’. It has an energy of destruction, yes, but also regenerative energy. Sometimes we need a great shake to abandon painful relationships, situations or jobs that stop our progress. Nevertheless, change can be tough to manage, but keep in mind that relief will come automatically after.

That lightning will make crystal clear that there are other ideas as valid as ours. It shows the way out of this tower to escape from the chaos we’ve created during confinement, and that although apparently there’s no door to escape, you can always find a window. It is time for the masks to fall. The tower itself represents ambitions built on false premises that haven’t allowed us to move onto enlightenment.

What crown weighs on your life? During the French Revolution, they abolished the nobility crown, and instead they crowned reason. Science, logic, knowledge passed to rule the Western civilization as never before. Is Skepticism controlling your life? Love? Your professional goals? When we focus too much on a single objective, leaving everything else aside, we risk losing balance.

Of course, we could rebuild the tower, but perhaps in the next attempt, it would be better to make a more extensive base and a big wide door.

The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Destruction, problems, rethinking, situations that must change, time of reflection, change, new stages, profound transformations, discovering new realities, emerging truths, surprises, warnings.

Inverted: accidents, take precautions, robbery, delicate health, confusion, stormy weather, errors, ruin, living only of illusions, rigid, egocentrism, great transformations, fights, collapse, losses, painful changes.

Description of the Tower of Destruction Tarot Card

The Tower tarot card shows a high Tower located on the top of a mountain. The tower has three windows and at its peak a crown that got struck by lightning, causing the two tower inhabitants to fall into the surrounding abyss. The tower ignites in flames, and 22 fireballs fly into a dark sky full of gray clouds.

Returning to the earth: A time of drastic change

The Tower of Destruction major trump is among the most frightening tarot cards, and it is indeed. Along with death, the Moon and the Devil, the Tower of Destruction is one of those cards on which many prejudices weigh because it emanates mysterious and destabilizing energy. From the first glance, it’s clear that the change is imminent, unexpected and unpleasant, but necessary.

Without a doubt, it is an impacting image. In the darkest night, a lightning strike hits the top of a tower that burns into flames. Their two inhabitants fell into the abyss without a possibility to stop the fall. This card will mean problems for those who don’t like changes. Usually we look for changes to be gradual, but in this case, there’s no time to adapt, it’s an unexpected, fast and explosive situation that takes us out of the comfort zone and brings us back to the starting point.

Suddenly, an event breaks the material, psychological and moral structures that imprison us, leaving only the essential foundations on which we can rebuild our lives.

Looking back into human history, towers were built mainly for two reasons: to have a broader perspective on what’s happening in the distance, and to imprison the most threatening criminals in the kingdom. Therefore they were structures of isolation. The Babel Tower brought us closer to God and distanced us from our own humanity.

Also, height was traditionally related to the connection with the divine. We built large churches with vaulted ceilings and great towers that served as lightning rods to establish a direct relationship with God. Catholic monks shave specific areas of their hair to develop better communication with the apostles and saints.

In this sense, the tower height supposes that we have moved away from the concrete reality, far from our earthly humanity to isolate ourselves in that ivory tower that the poet Rubén Darío spoke about. According to the poet, a writer isolates to run away from the everyday life and voluntarily disconnects from everything to attend only to the perfection of creating art, indifferent to reality and problems.

This attitude brings consequences that can be as enriching as they are disastrous, the writer, the artist, also loses the ability to communicate with the outside world and to perceive the needs of the society that surrounds them. Therefore, they only attend to themselves and their creative capacity.

Recognizing our ignorance and animal nature is an excellent source of knowledge. When we cling to “the truth” we become blind to reality and create parallel scenarios in which everything fits according to our facts misperception. The reasoning capacity is essential, there’s no doubt. The human ability to go further, to build, gives us the opportunity to overcome the most challenging conditions of life: hunger, disease, even loneliness, but we shouldn’t forget that millions of phenomena escape our perception and reason.

Think about it! The Greeks had the first notions of matter and knowledge about physics without being able to see through a microscope or having discovered relativity. The experience we have today is only the basis of the knowledge we could have tomorrow, to stop learning is to connect with stagnation, with immobility, with death. There’s nothing worse than believing we are in possession of the truth. And to top it all, the bigger the ignorance of the human being, the more convinced “their truth is the only one.”

Fortunately, life alone, at its proper moment, is responsible for getting us out of that critical error and ignorance. The Tower tarot card is that structure in which we take refuge to protect and defend ourselves from that hypothetical threat, from those imaginary enemies we’ve created due to experiences that have made us suffer. At a certain point, this protection could have been necessary but the time has come to leave our refuge, to recover from our spiritual blindness and receive a “lightning of clear vision,” “a ray of spiritual understanding” capable of destroying The Tower of isolation.

It is time to leave heaven, the realm of ideas and illusions. The time has come to get back on the ground and resume the path towards the world conquest.

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Tower of Destruction Trump

The fact that the lightning destroys only the upper part of the crown represents the head. Knowledge and values are represented by the two people who fall from the heights. The tower of destruction tarot card appearing in a spread means that we must rethink our ideas, material resources, and investments.

Dark and threatening, this card is the embodiment of complication and conflict. Not only change but learning how to cope with unexpected and unpleasant moments, or with unforeseen and traumatic events is also a part of life.

Those 22 flames represent the 22 Major Arcana, 22 lessons that we must complete to build our own path. That sky full of gray clouds speaks of misfortune. Sorrow as well as death, are equalitarian experiences: we all bump into them at some moment.

In a spread, The Tower tarot card is always a threat, but life inevitably implies tragedy, and you can decide how to face it. It is no accident that the ruling planet of this card is Mars, the planet of fire that bears the name of the God of war, are you ready to fight your next battle?

The upright position of The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card:

Upright Tower Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The appearance of the Tower of Destruction tarot card in its upright position warns us about those experiences that give your life a 180-degree turn: whether it’s at work, in love, even in your beliefs, that lightning will bring sudden changes that are going to be abrupt and transformative.

In that sense The Tower tarot card gives us a humble lesson reminding us that everything we believe is safe, tomorrow may not exist anymore. Everything can change, and we must maintain the fluidity necessary to adapt, working to let go and receive with optimism the challenges that life brings.

The tower walls provide security, but also isolation, stopping us from seeing the outside world. That collapse can lead us to try new things and find happiness outside of our comfort zone. Possibly you’ll have to pick up the pieces and restructure certain situations, it won’t be a pleasant process, but it’s necessary for your growth.

In the same way, the tower can represent your ego and egocentric’s delusions. When the tower of ego and illusion is destroyed, you become free to face truth and reality without blinders. Are you experiencing a consciousness change? Are you starting to find a new perspective? Enjoy the opportunity to accept change and move towards a more positive mindset; you’re free now.

The meaning of the Upright Tower of Destruction Trump when it comes to:


Your family disapproves your relationship, it is essential to let them see the importance it has for you. Rethinking friendships and love relationships. Unexpected news from your partner can shake the relationship. For singles it is a time of surprising events, a new energy comes to sweep the past. Maybe Cupid is about to knock on your door.


Possible health problems, relapses, accidents, focus on prevention. Beware of excesses and imprudence that could cause an accident.


It’s time to avoid making mistakes; rethink your career, a change of opinion or job, scholarships.


It’s not a good time for investments or to start a business. Time to collect debts or pay them. A change in business policy is urgent. Avoid risk in commercial ventures.

The meaning of the Inverted position of The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card:

Inverted Tower Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana

In the inverted position, The Tower of Destruction tarot card indicates all kinds of losses, suffering, and diseases that could have been avoided. It is a problematic card that urges us to take great precautionary measures.

It is not exaggerated to say that, in general traits, this card is associated with significant changes, risks, and transformations. When appearing inverted that power is enhanced and tells us that not only unexpected changes are coming, they will also be painful and it is essential to be prepared.

In another sense, it could indicate that the transformation, the destruction, the change of paradigms and circumstances that you need in your life to move forward is stopped because you don’t give way to new things happening in your life. But this is not a necessary pause to change perspectives as we found with the Hanged Man, no. This stagnation involves clinging, resisting to change.

It can be challenging to adapt to changes but those problematic moments also bring us spiritual lessons and growth. Sometimes, the best thing is to let go.

The meaning of the Inverted Tower of Destruction Trump when it comes to:


Breakups, this is not the best time to start a new love relationship. Divorce or possible couple fights. A disillusion, a problematic love. Losing your spouse, permanent separation, ending a friendship. Pathological jealousy.


Health problems, relapse, accidents, broken arms or legs. A tough period, in which it’s advisable to undergo a checkup. The effects of a messy life are reflected in a state of fatigue, stress, weakness, alteration, lack of energy, psychophysical collapse, injuries, and traumatisms. Problems related to the heart and pregnancy, it is time to take great precautions and rest.


Rethinking your work, depressions, problems at work, abrupt interruption of professional relationships, forced early retirement, dismissal, and contract termination. A serious disappointment in the office, failure.


Many excessive and unforeseen expenses at home, poverty, business closure, bankruptcy, collapse.

The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Tower of Destruction Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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