The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

Temperance Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Control, Harmony, Balance, Moderation, Self-Confidence, Serenity, Tolerance, Patience, Practicality, Happiness, Flexibility to adapt to the circumstances.

Inverted: Lack of balance, bad behavior, mistakes, reflect, need for cooperation, lack of communication, reestablish ties, consider others ideas.

The Temperance Tarot Card is an optimistic card that encourages you to find a balance in your life and approach problems with a calm attitude. This Angel has appeared before you to give you a message of harmony and balance that we’ve deciphered for you in the following lines.

In this analysis, you will find everything you need to know about the Temperance Tarot Card, an angel whose message is defining and very positive in a reading. With the number XIV, the Temperance is numerologically related, by reduction, to the number 5, which speaks of harmony and spirituality.

In the image we find a spiritually elevated being, an angel, but is still in contact with the earth (the material world) and water (the unconscious) and stands before our eyes without the grandiosity of the other tarot central images. Instead, he engages in a direct dialogue with his interlocutor to show him the process in which he delicately manages to balance the water contained in two glasses as a symbol of balance. Would you like to try?

Description of Temperance Tarot Card

In the Rider-Waite tarot, Temperance is represented by an angelic figure of undetermined sex, since in Marseille’s tarot it was a woman. The angel stands with its crimson wings unfolded, mixing the contents of two vessels, and combining different energies.

His spiritual message is learning to trust in higher guidance. Temperance symbolizes continuity between the past, the present, and the future and corresponds to the idea of reincarnation or the continuous creation of life. We must find the right combination to flow with life.

In the search to find our equilibrium and reach spiritual awareness, Temperance manifests the hidden potentialities, and the faculties that develop and solidify the process, as well as the confidence to make decisions, and the results achieved from these decisions.

It is a card that always means good health, both physical, and spiritual. The Temperance Tarot Card encourages us to develop our conscience about the truths posed by philosophy and religion. It does not tell us to accept them blindly, but, looking at life from that perspective, we may find a significant and unexpected source of happiness.

Finally, the card represents one of the four cardinal virtues: Temperance, Justice, and Force. The missing virtue, Prudence, was the name with which formerly Major arcana XII: The hanged man, was known.

Temperance Tarot Card and its Astrological Compatibility:

This arcane is presented as an angel pouring liquid from one glass to another. Symbolically these vessels represent the material and the spiritual world, interconnected in equilibrium. It describes a process of reconstruction and harmonization. “Temperance” means to modify something to strengthen it, it is the process usually used to work and harden metals into swords or even ships.

Astrologically, this balance between the divine and the profane is personified by the Sagittarius star sign whose lower part is that of a horse and its upper part that of a human being. Sometimes they are considered selfish because of their need for freedom and fun. However, Sagittarius is a very noble, generous and kind sign.

While some become eccentric party-animals, most stand out for their good humor and affability. Flirty, attractive and enthusiastic, they print their energy to the herd that welcomes them temporarily, as they are not usually prone to commit.

Its vitality promotes labor understanding, family harmony and peace in their relationships, so in the company of Temperance, the centaur will only become stronger.

The eternal flow of life: Becoming one with the universe

On the previous card we were faced with Death, now we are faced with the constant flow of life. Everything that is born will die, even the sun is a star whose energy will stop radiating heat towards the earth.

Being human’s, capable of reasoning, we want to impose logic on everything that surrounds us, but things happen for no particular reason. Circumstances change, tragedies and joys occur merely because, without us being able to understand the divine plan that triggered them.

To find certainty in the guidance of a higher power, to find harmony within ourselves, is a need that comes up, mainly when we reflect on life and death. When we reflect on the transformations that we must submit to continue every day on this plane of existence, to adapt to changes, to understand that not everything is as it should be, but its how it is … This is the message balance brings to us by an angel considered hermaphrodite for many.

To temper, the character is to know how to cope with the ups and downs of human existence. Thus the angel of Temperance gives us harmony between our inner and outer being, reason and emotion, Death and Temperance remind us that energy is not created or lost, it is transformed.

Perhaps this is the time to meditate in silence, in contact with nature and with your own heart to figure what is the best you can do now. Only by hearing our inner voice we can connect with our spiritual guides, teachers, and protectors.

It’s vital to understand that we’ll receive from life what it offers us, as it comes. Demanding or waiting for things to change by themselves is not only helpless and unrealistic, but it’s also a waste of time. So, moment by moment, flow with your life and experience the contact with the particular reality that you live in the here and now, without discriminating the experience as “good” or “bad.” All those experiences allow you to learn and grow.

In our universe, everything flows in a harmonious and synchronized way. Our life – our little world – also flows with a perfect rhythm coupled with that of the universe, although at times we cannot see it. Something goes, something comes; something dies, something is born; something goes up, something goes down. Yin and yang alternate, combine and complement each other.

There is no such thing as failure, seek within yourself the necessary serenity to overcome the difficulties and assess your progress. Weigh both, and you will see that you have come a long way towards self-improvement.

Abandon all struggle and extremist tendencies; they will only lead you to feel pain. Seek your inner harmony with sincerity, through a deeply felt peace, but without denying reality. See the world as it is and look for balance. Serene your mind to compensate for the burdens, this angel of Supreme Love will guide you and protect you all the way.

How to interpret the symbolic world of Temperance Trump

We find ourselves in front of one of the most profoundly spiritual tarot cards, which ultimately links earthly and spiritual life.

In it we can see an angel dressed in white with crimson wings; this earthy color seems to indicate that his spirituality is deeply rooted in all that is created. On his forehead is a sign representing the sun, which suggests its illumination and inspiration.

A supernatural aura surrounds his head; but in his chest the square that encloses a triangle, stands for the theosophical symbol of the man seven principles, indicating to us that this figure is both divine and human. Almost imperceptible on top of the square, there’s the Tetragrammaton, God’s name.

Written in Hebrew, Yahveh, mark Gods presence and his superiority over a human being. In his hands, he holds two vessels from which he pours water from one to the other. That water, the essence of life according to Waite, seems to pass in an almost magical way and represents how the real wisdom lies in moving from one kingdom to another, from the material to the spiritual, without losing its essence in the process.

Something similar happens with the feet of the angel; one is on earth and the other on water, that is, one foot on the conscious and the other on the unconscious. In the green shore where the angel is, starts a path that ends in two mountains and between them the sunlight, resembling a crown; These Mountains are the two columns of previous cards, the columns of wisdom that had become mountains as a symbol of their material aspects.

The sunlight transformed into a crown indicates the triumph of those who care for their spirituality without forgetting the material. The fact that it is at the end of a road insists on the fact that the inner journey is a round trip and that interiorizing oneself always has to end with a return to the here and now.

The Temperance Tarot Card teaches us to flee from extremes, not to be pure rationalists or ascetics disconnected from the real; As Waite says, only by tempering our two natures can we get a glimpse of who we are and where we are going.

The upright position of Temperance Tarot Card:

Upright Temperance Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Temperance Tarot Card

The Temperance Tarot card indicates that you are learning to bring balance, patience, and moderation to your life. Until now you’ve been able to take the middle path between the extremes and have remained calm when making difficult decisions.

It means we’ve learned not to lose our nerves in situations of high stress or anxiety. Don’t let the problems affect you, and find inner peace in the midst of all the world chaos. It stands for having a well-balanced temperament, demonstrating emotional development.

The Temperance card reflects that you have a clear long-term vision of what you want to achieve: you’re taking your time to make sure you do the best job you can. This card also reflects greater learning in what you are doing and shows that you are learning a lot on the trip.

It tells that you are at peace with what you are doing and everything is coming together. On many occasions, this Arcanum indicates the need to operate in a harmonious, balanced, moderate way. To not get carried away by the most rational thoughts or actions in a purely emotional way. Know how to find the balance between two poles.

The meaning of Temperance in a tarot spread announces positive things, it means that we’ll have success regarding the start new projects with a condition… we must keep it together, maintain emotional balance.

Temperance represents control, the capacity for moderation, and balance. It also symbolizes the need to ‘taste the waters’ before jumping headfirst in unknown circumstances.

The meaning of the Upright Temperance Trump when it comes to:


Pleasant and stable moments. Need to value yourself so that others appreciate you too. Support each other.


Health, stability, tranquility, a resurgence of vital energy.


Stable and positive situation, signing contracts, new partnerships, good labor relations.


Good luck knocking on your door, time for new investments.

The meaning of the Inverted position of Temperance Tarot Card:

Inverted Temperance Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Temperance Tarot Card (Reversed)

The card of Temperance in the Inverted Position (reversed), as happens in the majority of the Arcana, changes its meaning. It announces that we lack balance and character in our lives. We must act with moderation in our decisions and actions; we must recover the balance we lost.

Something is getting out of balance in your life. It might be a conflict, abusive drinking, investing too much time in infertile hobbies, and stressing out too much for little things. Consult with the following cards the aspect of your life that’s getting out of balance.

The Inverted Temperance also warns you about continuing to follow a path which will lead you to negative results. Seek for balance and advice before making any risky decisions that might compromise your future, breathe and stay calm and everything will follow its course.

The meaning of the Inverted Temperance Trump when it comes to:


Warns about bad times or couple disagreements, need for dialogue.


Slight problems in the digestive system.


Work problems due to a woman who will influence negatively in your work. If you have to sign a contract, wait for a better time. Look for advice before making any decision.


That salary increase that you’ve been expecting will come.

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The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Temperance Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The Temperance Tarot card indicates that you are learning to bring balance, patience and moderation to your life. Meanings for love, health, work and money.
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