The Strength Tarot Card Meaning Upright & Reversed

The Strength Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana XI

The Strength Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: physical and psychic strength, intelligence, health, vitality, joy, leadership.

Reverse: Anger, cruelty, loss of control, impatience, cowardice, fear, violence.

The Strength Tarot Card has great significance in the Major Arcana Trumps set. When appearing in its upright position it has a very encouraging meaning that brings together the heroic virtues of the mind over matter and of the matter against adversity. Courage, resistance, control over the instincts, compassion, and tolerance, are some of the possible interpretations that this card introduces in a spread.

On the other hand, when The Strength card appears reversed, we’re facing an episode of excesses in which we have let ourselves be overwhelmed by our passions. As a result, our instinct has taken control of the situation: ferocity, lack of self-discipline, laziness and insecurity are some of the interpretations that this reversed Strength Tarot card provides in a spread.

Read on to discover the Strength Tarot card meanings in the upright and reversed positions in terms of love, health, work and money.

Description of the Strength Tarot Card

This trump symbolizes the inner impulse that moves the spirit; the confidence in reason and the optimism of those who know are protected by God. In the Strength Tarot card, pleasure is more than mere vital force, it includes both passion and joy, as well as experiencing victory over our instincts.

This card represents different aspects and attitudes of our personality that when well balanced help us to achieve harmony. Its feminine energy manages to subjugate the unbridled force of the king of the jungle. With delicacy, without even breaking a nail, this delicate damsel, dressed in an elegant tunic and protected by the gods, tames the lion all by herself.

Understanding that our inner animal isn’t tamed, nor can be integrated by force and repression, leads us to accept our own strength to do good and evil. This is the spiritual realization, the consciousness of enjoying every moment and accepting every aspect of life without overlooking it. The road to transcendence is also to recognize our human, earthly, aspect.

The Strength Tarot Card and its astrological compatibility:

This card is compatible with the sign Leo. The lion’s physical strength is subjected to a small ladies’ tender touch. Because these two forces are connected, the Strength Tarot card represents the instinctive awareness of one’s power. Like Leo, the strength Tarot Card refers to the order of its internal value and vitality. Its importance in tarot reading often reflects courage in the face of adversity.

The virtues of Leo Zodiac Sign include determination and diligence. Leo is presented in the Strength Tarot card as a call to action using your primary instincts as a form of energy. While the Tarot card represents our inner driving force, it is also attenuated by an element of higher consciousness.

Reflected in its master, the maiden, which refers to our higher order thinking ability, compassion, and patience.

The Tarot cards essential message is that through an elevated consciousness we can tame our primary instincts. This symbolism refers to our deepest desires, to a brute force, which is kept under control by achieving greater awareness of self-nature.

The negative aspects of the association of Leo’s with the Strength Card are the susceptibility to unleashed destructive behavior. When this happens, the primitive instincts have taken over. There is a hunger for control and power. Leo can be stubborn and arrogant. Intolerance can lead to destructive behaviors and a general insensitivity for anyone who can stand in your way. Leo may have a predisposition to anger and may tend to have emotional outbursts or temper tantrums.

An important detail about the Strength’s card is that its number is the XI in classic decks, such as the Tarot de Marseille, while in those that follow the tradition of the Golden Down order, such as the Rider-Waite deck, the Number XI corresponds to Justice. The objective of this change is to maintain the same order between the cards in correspondence with Zodiac signs.

Feminine energy: The power of love

Right between the ambivalence and uncertainty portrayed in the Wheel of Fortune and before the mandatory inactivity period we must take along the hanged man. The Strength tarot card shows us a young blonde woman wearing a white robe, the color of purity, dressed virginally with flowers and carrying an infinity symbol as Divine protection for her passage through the world.

In a bright landscape of apparent solitude, using nothing more than her hands to keep a lion’s jaws open that, surprisingly, overcoming his fierce nature, licks the palm of his mistress. The force in the card doesn’t reside on the lion’s brute force but in the strength of wisdom and cunning. As Cleopatra could confirm, subtlety seduction power is feminine, and feline, force much more irresistible than a thousand armies.

There’s no point in hurting the lion, cage him or killing it; you have to use your wit and energy to understand its nature and approach to it with caution but on a steady pace. The vile in us must not be destroyed, but ennobled by transmutation.

This symbolism is evident on the psychological level where our will must tame and use the forces of the unconscious to achieve the best of ourselves, identifying in this infinite union the strength of morality and courage.

The damsel appears as a self-confident person, with a bright personality who knows exactly what to do when bumping into the wildest creature on earth. Likewise, the arcane represents the triumph of intelligence over muscle.

How to interpret the symbolic world of the Strength Trump

“Everything will be fine, but you have to learn to control your instincts”, that’s the fundamental message that The Strength Tarot card brings. Sacrificing some aspects of our nature gives us enormous benefits, even the process of education and socialization pursued that the child becomes a valuable, and adapted, member of society.

In fact, for Jungian psychology half of our lives are devoted to the understanding of our nature and the other half to understanding culture. This painting of the lady and the lion becomes a personal matter, in which both are united becoming part of the self and fight subtly to take control of the other. However, it is she who seems to have the advantage, but why?

Because through the power of communication, love and interpersonal relationships, much more can be achieved than through the magician’s deceit or even lions powerful jaws. Faith moves mountains; it also seems to be part of the hidden message.

However, this is not a faith free of cunning, but one that confronts the lion face to face, pointing out that it is essential to stay awake and alert to our impulses. Otherwise they could betray us. Keeping in touch with the animal forces within us is one of the fundamental steps to achieve inner peace. Likewise, patience, tolerance, and understanding must be developed to “domesticate” those aspects that, whether we like it or not, live inside all of us.

There’s no point in suffocating the energy of our own animal aspects when they can be properly channeled and sublimated to use its immense potential. This is what all alchemist pursued, which, far from destroying gross matter, purify it and calcinates it until it turns into gold. In the same way, the lion’s instincts can be destructive if left to its free will but adequately captured and tamed, becomes a valuable evolution instrument.

Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning:

Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana XI
Upright Strength Tarot Card Meaning

In a Tarot reading, The Strength Tarot card offers you the hope of connecting with your internal and external forces. It urges you to find the confidence within yourself to become a stronger, assertive and persevering individual.

The protagonist of the situation is a well-constructed self, capable of controlling uncertainty and change. It represents the determination to overcome any obstacle, the courage to face all dangers, the perseverance to keep moving forward.

The opposition between the lion, the image of endless force, and the virgin, the image of spiritual strength, is transformed into a victory of the spirit over matter and signifies, not a destruction, but an instincts sublimation. The Strength Tarot card also symbolizes the ability of a person to transform stressful situations into profitable ones and maintain control over her/his environment.

Indicates that you feel confident in yourself and control. The most important thing is that you’ve finally achieved self-knowledge and no longer hide your true desires or passions, now you understand your fantasies and instead of repressing them, fight to sublimate them and transform them into strengths.

It is the card of discernment and self-control. A call for morality, a triumph of science over nature. Defending the just cause and helping others with difficulties is imperative to be followed, adhering to generosity, fidelity to principles and sincerity. The results will be guaranteed for those who don’t give up the fight and carry out their projects with sincerity and conviction.

When we are asking for a particular person, we are talking about someone intrepid, disciplined and fair, young and influential, willing to help others. Usually a celebrity, a politician, a well-known person.

The meaning of the Upright Strength Trump when it comes to:


Passion and tenacity, love, courtship, wedding, family bliss. The love of your partner is honest and faithful, accompanied by an intense and satisfying sexual activity. The situation and expectations of the relationship are entirely under your control now.


Excellent health, good circulation, vitality, robust immune system. This is a very positive card if you’re fighting against illness or recovering from an injury.


New professional relationships are foreseen in the future; group activities, projects related to entertainment or tourism. You need to improve your game to achieve better results.


Commercial success, successful negotiations, gambling profits. It is advisable to persevere in investments, preferring those related to tourism and entertainment. Decisions must be taken without unnecessary hesitation.

Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning:

Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Inverted) – Major Arcana XI
Reversed Strength Tarot Card Meaning (Inverted)

When The Strength trump appears inverted or occupies a negative position in the spread, it expresses its negative potential according to two different and opposed ways: weakness, insecurity, inconstancy, indifference, or on the contrary, excess, violence, abuses of power in which maximum prudence is recommended to succeed.

In the attempt to skip rules, there is a risk of losing control, revealing all the pride, intransigence and aggressiveness you are capable of. The untamable instinct leads to egocentric and tyrannical attitudes: impulsiveness, irrationality, violence, cruelty, anger, arrogance, and ignorance to the limits of vulgarity.

If we are asking about a specific person, it is someone with an angry and boastful personality, a narcissistic despot, a cruel and authoritarian superior, a fearsome adversary.

The spiritual message of the Inverted position of the Strength Tarot Card is a clear warning: control your instincts, or they will control you.

The meaning of the Inverted Strength Trump when it comes to:


Possessive relationships, based on selfishness, sexual experimentation and desire without a sincere affection. Extra limitations in the couple relationship, injustice, stubbornness, excessive pride that can endanger a reconciliation.


A generalized state of weakness, anemia, impotence, sterility. Glandular diseases. Nose, eyes, spine, femur, or knee problems. Wounds, haemorrhages, inflammations, sudden and violent illnesses due to stress.


Positions loss, the possibility of getting fired, excessive and frustrated ambitions, unfair and overreaching attitudes with colleagues and subordinates. Serious concerns about a job that involves sacrifice and efforts superior to one’s possibilities.


Conflicts of interest, failed investments, litigation, and problems motivated by money.

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