The Star Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Star Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Star Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: youth, beauty, luck, radiance, communication, creativity, sentimental values, intellectual connection, an affinity of ideas, moment of great mental strength and clarity of ideas, inspiration, crystallization, clarity of vision, self-confidence.

Reverse: Loss of will, disconnection, disinterest, lack of empathy, repression, waste of time in endless discussions, miscommunication.

There is nothing impossible for The Star! The time has come for your dreams to come true. If in a Tarot spread you trip over with the star in its Upright Position: make a wish. A shooting star appeared before you to let you know that everything will be fine.

The Star represents a new perception, consciousness, symbol of light and divine energy, from which emerges a new hope connected to our Spirit, and intuition.

The Star Tarot Card comes with the desire to find inner peace, its a Tarot Card that reminds the consultant that even when our heart gets filled with resentments and doubts, one must always bear in mind that a fallen star could appear in the sky for us. The Star brings the perfect solution for any problem, but the action will always be in the consultants’ hands.

This card brings a sense of hope and expresses, on the spiritual plane, immortality, eternal life not of the physical but somewhat related to the intellectual plane, the inner light that enlightens the spirit. In this article, you will find all the information needed to deepen your knowledge and divinatory ability by consulting the power of the Rider-Waite tarot cards.

Description of The Star Tarot Card

The Star presents a naked young woman, kneeling in front of a stream and holding two jars, one in each hand. She’s pouring water from the two pots, one goes back to the river, and another is poured over the shore representing fertility and communication. In the sky, there are eight stars with 8 points, surrounding her in a green landscape rich in flowers, plants and in the background a Bird sitting in a tree.

The Star Tarot Card and its Astrological Compatibility:

This Tarot Card shows the process of receiving the highest cosmic inspirations and the impulses to generate ideas in the material life. It matches with the Aquarius star sign, the water carrier, means for crystallization, fertility growth.

Aquarius symbolizes a person open to the enlightenment of the spirit. By inspiring others, it serves a higher cause. It is also a channel used by the divine powers to manifest on earth. Its association with the Star emphasizes the aquarium’s natural inclination towards higher levels of consciousness and a developed sense of perception. In Tarot readings, the Star Tarot Card is the classic symbol of hope and healing. As an Aquarian, it’s independent, open-minded, and cares for others welfare.

As an Aquarius, the star is a thinker and carries the message of truth and spiritual principles. In Tarot readings, it can also be a symbol of our hopes and aspirations, often indicating that your talents or abilities are met successfully. Like the water carrier, it can be a symbol of courage and move others to be willing to take certain risks to follow their dreams.

In Astrology, the association of the star for the sign of Aquarius can represent the characteristics of sensitivity, creativity and the use of the imagination. The star of Aquarius can also appreciate the time for meditation and contemplation. It can be ingenious, energetic and fiercely independent. In the Tarot, it represents philosophical thought and spiritual awakening.

Free at last! Let’s go deeper

No crown on the head or wings on the back, no gold chain on the neck, no scepter on the hand, no clothes or shoes, here is the Queen of Heaven. As the only attribute, her hair wavy and loose falling down her back. She is completely naked, as God created her, kneeling on her left knee by a river with a beautiful landscape as a background.

A naked woman seeks to immerse herself in the unconscious without losing contact with reality. A message of hope and change for the future, with the protection of Hermes that has sent one of its bird messengers to protect the flow of communication between what is hidden and what must come to light to achieve healing.

The star is the prelude to the melancholic Tarot Card par excellence, the moon. Its protagonist in each hand holds a cup from which pour torrents of energy forming spirals. Her hair, a receptive antenna for a more acute perception, is long and falls on her back transmitting ideas to the earth.

What’s in the past was only a vague impression, now takes shape, crystallizing in a mission, as a result of an entirely clear vision. Now we understand the unlimited possibilities of your development. The force of inspiration encourages it and, amazingly, allows what seemed impossible to be achieved to become a reality.

It is a Tarot Card that speaks of liberation, masks, clothing or symbols of power that are no longer necessary. Only facing the harsh reality, she will be able to go further until she submerges cautiously in the depth of her reflections.

The spiritual message of the Star is “Let your star rise in the sky and remain in contact with the earth.” Trust your inspirations and find ways to share what you have discovered with other people, don’t be afraid to go further because you’re in touch with reality and reality is in touch with you.

This beautiful naked woman symbolizes the soul. After the collapse of the personality, we’ve discarded our last veils and take off our masks. The only remaining is the absolute reality, the way God created us, as a living spirit and a supreme Self. The flowers, symbolizing the soul, the conscience, has bloomed. She has learned to understand and forgive herself and shows all the talents that God has given her.

From the amphora’s, she pours the two positive and negative energies into the high current of life, the source of all humankind. She doesn’t keep anything; she’s no longer necessary in need of balancing the two forces as the Temperance Angel did. She delivers all the treasures accumulated in her long path on earth and transmits to her relatives the truth about the two life streams, helping them to achieve spiritual enlightenment quickly.

According to the need, it gives masculine-positive forces: it stimulates the desperate and helps them to continue in the fight until the victory; or offers feminine-negative forces: it distributes tenderness and comfort, understanding and love. The sources are inexhaustible. The more you pour out courage and strength, knowledge and love, the more abundant is the flow of your energies. The amphorae’s symbolize your heart.

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Star Trump

A beautiful woman shows the authenticity of her power by wearing no jewelry or piece of clothing to protect herself. She almost miraculously balances her feet between 2 worlds: water and earth, the real and the unreal, the conscious and the unconscious. She carefully uses amphorae to pour water over the shore and back to the sea.

The stars show the consciousness that the human being has of belonging to a world more magnificent and more distant than Earth. It is also known that the stars were the first guides man used to approach discoveries about the world he inhabits, astronomy, and about himself, astrology.

This arcane represents destiny, a moment of truth, the time to get what you deserve… if you are willing to fight for it. It symbolizes the light, certainty on what to do is the opportunity you have in this existence to be happy. This Tarot Card shows the process of receiving the highest cosmic inspirations and the appearance of impulses to generate ideas in the material world.

This arcane with its floral landscape, its two vessels, and its eight stars with eight points symbolizes the creation, not finished nor perfect, but in the process of realization; it indicates the continuous movement of conformation of the world itself, a return to earth and celestial energy centers.

Likewise, the water poured on the earth and returned to the sea, together with the position of the naked damsel feet, emulates the forces balance. They also demonstrate the balance between the elements, the subconscious, and the reality. What wasn’t clear in the past, now takes shape, crystallizing in a design as a result of an entirely clear vision.

Also, closely linked to the sky on which it depends, the star evokes all the mysteries and fantasies of dreams, the quiet night and the soothing lullabies of our ancestors. Shining with its brightness, every one of us must take its place in the universe, becoming one with the great cosmic rhythm and harmonize with it.

The upright position of The Star Tarot Card:

Upright Star Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Star Tarot Card

The Star Major Trump speaks of situations that come to bring new airs and spiritual peace. It symbolizes the person in harmony with the laws of nature and, on the same plane, the Universe integration, and its creative power.

Likewise, it augurs the appearance of new hopes, projects, and bright future expectations. It represents the satisfaction of human love, in its highest concept, and favors everything related to art. It provides the perception of higher consciousness, rebirth, healing, mental widening and clarity of ideas.

The presence of the Star in a spread means a period of rest and personal renewal. This renewal can be spiritual, physical or both. It is a mainly positive sign when you or someone close to you is recovering from an illness or injury. The Star Trump is a light in the darkness illuminating your future and your past.

The Star Tarot Card marks a new era, with new ideas, new concepts and new points of view. Other thoughts related to this tarot card are the future, the revaluation of the human being, innovation, unpredictable issues and mental development. It can also refer to the search for truth and new knowledge, as well as the need to value sincere friendship.

The meaning of the Upright Star Trump when it comes to:


Receptive, excellent communication, attentive, inspired, creative, sentimental exchange. Romantic and tender moments. It is the ideal time for great passion appearing in your life. You attract many by shinning with your light. Announces the birth of a child.


Good health, strength, and vigor. Mental health, intellectual and spiritual successes, in harmony with its environment


Trust in your future possibilities. A happy and calm moment, the creation of new projects. The predominance of intellectual values to sentimental ones, mental agility. Good time to be fully employed in work or studies, a moment of great creativity, professional growth, with possible promotions.


Salary increases, luck in the game, good luck at gambling.

The meaning of the Inverted position of Star Tarot Card:

Inverted Star Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Star Tarot Card (Reversed)

Before the inverted Star it is essential to ponder if we are on the right path towards achieving our life goals. Is this really what you want for your life? Well, the inverted Star Tarot card alerts us that we may not get what we want yet.

It is not so much that we cannot aspire to it, but that we have embarked on a wrong path, which will waste our time and energy. It also indicates mental rigidity and disharmony, lack of confidence in oneself and others and a feeling of frustration. Lack of spontaneity, false hopes and challenging to overcome psychological problems.

A simple and frequent meaning for the inverted card is that a negative streak will come in our way.

The meaning of the Inverted Star Trump when it comes to:


Maximize your relationship as a couple, you must be romantic and tender to live this moment as it should be. Show the other how brilliant you are in all aspects.


Worries, a sudden and transient depression, overeating. It is not the ideal time for surgery.


Time to strengthen work and connections.


Don’t invest, control your expenses.


The Star Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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