The Magician Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Magician Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Magician Tarot Card is usually associated to intelligent and skillful communicators, with the capacity of building connections attributed to the god Hermes, god’s messenger and great seductive. When the Magician Tarot card shows up in a spread, it tells us that you have a level of self-confidence and determination that allows you to easily transform ideas into actions.

The Magician major trump is a practical card whose revelations match perfectly with pragmatic and physical aspects of life, but tend to become a bit tricky when it comes to the world of projects or ideas. In this case we may bump into the the Magician’s scammer aspect. Yes, this magician has more than one ace up his sleeve. That’s the Magician Tarot card, a sorcerer with hidden intentions and powers.

With masculine energy, the Magician won’t hesitate to raise his wand to get what he wants. He’ll stir up all the universe energies if it’s necessary to achieve his goals, whether in politics, communications or business enterprises this fellow will always get you out of trouble, if and only if it’s in the upright position.

When the Magician Tarot Card appears in the inverted position: close the door. It’s time to do some thinking. Someone in your environment may be about to put you in danger, cheat you or play a bad joke on you.

The Magician major trump is definitely a powerful card that occupies the first step of the Hero’s journey to show us the power and wisdom you can achieve through conquering your inner world: You can develop magical powers.

The Magician Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Transformation, Alchemist, Originality, Initiative, Sorcerer, Intelligence, Spontaneity, Autonomy, Eloquence, Dexterity, Skill, Finesse, Diplomacy. Lawyer, Speaker, Diplomat or Politician. Absolute Power, Everything Is In Your Hands, Multiple Choices.

Inverted: Lack of Scruples, Intriguing, Deceitful, Swindler, Ineptitude, Lack Of Will, Delay, Insecurity, Bad Intentions.

Description of the Magician Tarot Card

The card presents the figure of a mysterious man standing in front of a table, he’s about to give a magic show. On the table lies a cup, a wand, a sword, and a pentacle. These elements represents that he has at his disposal the 4 energies of the 4 deck suits. The wands represent fire and mental power, the pentacles represent the earth and its treasures, the swords stand for the air and the power of transformation, and the cups represent water and wisdom.

In his left hand the magician holds a wooden wand which he points to the sky. His right hand is free and pointing to the ground. Above his head is the symbol of infinity. In his surroundings a fertile land full of flowers frame the scene but the flowers also hide details of the table. His belt divides the world into two realms: superior and inferior, earthly and spiritual.

Two sides of the coin: deception and transformation

When we start the Tarot path, the fool’s invitation to accompany him on his journey contains an erratic and variable energy. Such randomness is transmuted by the magician, the road opener. It’s possible to say that his magic show is located in the middle of a crossroads and their implements serve as an instrument for selling you a tourist package: do you want to travel towards spiritual growth? Well, I can show you the route, but you must learn the lessons of courage, feelings, hard work and knowledge.

Oddly enough, the one who shows us the way is a showman, a charming actor who can deceive you into believing in illusions. But, he also can perform the miracle you’ve been waiting for so long. It is he, the magician, the alchemist who transforms matter into gold, the one who welcomed you to meet the twenty-two Tarot major arcana.

Also, the magician tarot card represents one of the most interesting archetypes of the Jungian symbolic universe: the trickster. This archetype is a personification of divine or supernatural nature, most of the times embodied by a human male. He’s dedicated to deceive, disobey the rules and norms either for fun or for his own benefit.

Sometimes he’s presented as a smart person, lucky, and able to turn things around for his own good. You can never know if he’s one of the good guys or the bad guys. All cultures have a god or entity with similar characteristics, but the Nordic god Loki is the quintessential trickster.

However, the vision of good and bad falls short when we refer to this archetype. In the middle we can find infinite shades of grey useful to study our own humanity, our inner trickster.

The jokes, the traps and the accidents caused by our internal swindler, are almost always coupled with repression.

The greater the number of restrictions, rules, prohibitions and restrictions that prevent us from being who we really are, the more we will meet with this creative, ingenious and audacious aspect to go together against the imposed order.

That’s why there’s so much to say about yo-yo diets. Decreasing the caloric intake to a minimum without having first delved into the psychological reasons for having unbalanced eating habits is a clear invitation for a famished Loki to appear at midnight disguised as a chocolate cheesecake…topped with ice cream.

Why do I need a trickster in my life? Because he’s the one that can get you out of trouble, he’s the one that has the tools to go beyond the structures and help you transform them if necessary. He’s a trickster, but he also sees the joyful side of life. There are always two sides of a coin, do you dare to flip it?

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Magician Trump

When we find ourselves face to face with the Magician tarot card he seems to tell us: hold on a second, the function is about to begin. A man in a white robe with a red cape appears before us holding a magic wand he uses to contact superior forces but, at the same time, distracts us with his left hand pointing to the ground, the material world.

His upraised wand is a symbol of his ability to direct the natural forces, his left hand completes the Hermetic axiom: “As above so below.” This card symbolizes man’s ability to connect with the spiritual world, which is made evident by the infinite sign floating above his head.

His black hair appeased by a white ribbon symbolizes how knowledge will win the battle over ignorance and his white garment is a symbol of wisdom. He also wears a snake-like belt, symbol of eternity and also honoring the paradise first traitor.

Surrounded by an abundant garden, harmony and prosperity protects the magician to such an extent that we can’t tell what he’s hiding under his table. Symbol of passion and desire, the red rose floods the scene in the company of a few white lilies. Revealing forces of the subconscious, the garden is representative of the growth we achieve when we cultivate our knowledge about the desires until they finally become conscious. The lilies, with their six white petals, represent the abstract perception of the truth, as well as the cosmic laws and principles by which the universe works.

Cartomancy associates the Magician major trump with the planet Mercury because his skill, logic and charm resemble the homonymous god. Numerologically, this sorcerer is presented as the beginning of all activity, the first step of the path and the origin of every adventure: the number 1 is the bridge between the spiritual and the human world.

Also, the number 1 is commonly related to concentration. The Magician invites us to focus on learning, otherwise we can never integrate our consciousness, reach enlightenment or conquer the world. This path indicated by the elements of the four suits show us that knowledge will be obtained lesson by lesson so that progressively we expand our horizons and decipher our personal truth.

The upright position of The Magician Tarot Card:

Upright Magician Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Magician Tarot Card

When the Magician tarot card appears in a spread it’s an indicator that we are facing a person of great ability to communicate, creative and eloquent, capable of influencing his work colleagues, conquer any desire and succeed in the most diverse scenarios.

The Magician is the great miracle worker of the deck, he won’t come to judge you as justice does, nor to teach you a great lesson about self-control like the strength lady or teach you about accepting your lower instincts like the Devil. The Wizard is here to show you the huge inner potential you have yet to be discovered! Go ahead! He’s the source of all inspiration and direct contact with the gods, highly captivating he possesses all the tools to help you find the way the fool is still looking for.

He embodies the Renaissance ideal of the man architect and master of his own destiny, capable to control his circumstances thanks to the intelligent use of psychic force. When appearing upright in company of positive arcana, he announces the beginning of a new activity or successful company.

The meaning of the Upright The Magician Trump when it comes to:


The solution for your romantic and family problems is in your hands. New relationships of love and friendship. Creation of strong emotional ties, crush destined to lead to a sincere and constructive love. Magnetism, great power of attraction, numerous conquests, popularity, sex appeal.


Energy, strength, good health. Rapid recovery, great sexual satisfaction, enhanced vitality, virility, fertility.


Ease to plan and start projects. Initiative, intelligence and willpower. Good relationship with your colleagues. Start of a new highly profitable activity with a certain risk margin. Research, study, communication, mobility.


Economic success, good time to create a partnership, maybe a raise. Financial companies carried out quickly and skillfully. An attractive investment opportunity you should take.

The meaning of the Inverted position of The Magician Tarot Card:

Inverted Magician Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Magician Tarot Card (Reversed)

When the Magician tarot card is inverted, usually its meaning takes opposite or complementary connotations. The inverted card itself denotes a lack of originality, indecision and insecurity. We aren’t in front of a good-natured seducer who comes to sweep us off our feet. Instead we are confronted with a Don Juan who looks for a casual fling and if it is possible also looks to date your girlfriends and sisters.

He’s the typical trickster gifted to seduce and used to take advantage of innocent people. He’ll put you in a situation whose uncertainty can bring great risks. If the card appears next to The Devil, Death or The Tower, it may mean you’re under the influence of black magic spells, but if it appears reversed accompany by The Lovers, it indicates possible infidelities.

If the spread talks about business initiatives the Magician tarot card represents a manipulative person: a swindler, a liar. It also indicates a moment of inertia, passivity or lack of confidence in your work team.

The defects of a person whose card turns out to be the inverted Magician are: lack of will, self-deception, shyness and difficulties of expression or learning.

As we say before, the card can go in two different and opposed directions. On one hand intelligence is transformed into cunning, courage into recklessness, self-confidence into bragging. Frauds, deceptions and robberies are a day to day aspect of this fascinating rogue life.

On the other hand, it could mean none of these characteristics are present; On the contrary, we are faced with a shy and passive individual, insecure, and distrustful: a person with a terrible self-image which contributes to accentuate his frustration and sense of uselessness.

The meaning of the Inverted the Magician Trump when it comes to:


Changes, infidelities, ending the relationship. Lack of attraction. One of you have a strong temper that’s causing tremendous tensions. Flirting outside marriage, infidelity.


Problems with the digestive system, stress. Dangers derived from weapons, animals and machines. Wounds, fevers, migraines.


It’s time to take advice before making investments and, if possible, postpone them for another future moment. Stagnation or career setback, losing time and energy, difficulty to communicate ideas and applying new strategies, serious obstacles in your professional career.


It is recommendable to be cautious about investments. Theft, loss, fraud. Beware of risky projects.

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The Magician Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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