The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Lovers Tarot Card is one of the most complex cards because it speaks of opposites that complement each other. This card highlights the idea that the original sin was the realization of a secret plan of Providence, not the result of an error.

Thanks to this plan, individuals will once again occupy the Garden of Eden, but now they will endow it with a consciousness that they would otherwise never have achieved, learning to love one another. Adam and Eve represent the lost innocence due to the fatal contamination induced by physical desire deceived by that devil snake coiled in the apple tree next to Eve.

That lost innocence that we see in their maximum expression in the major Arcana XV, The Devil, is an adventure glimpsed in the lovers by the union between the conscious and unconscious desire. These most rational aspects of our mind working together to achieve happiness through personal evolution.

Lovers Tarot Card Description

In the Rider-Waite Tarot, the card of the Lovers presents a man and a woman, naked. A tree on fire is behind the man, while a fruit tree, with a snake around it, stands behind the woman. The ground is a bright lawn and a mountain rises in the distance between them under a blue sky.

In the center of the card, appears a cloud on which rests the upper half of an angel with crimson wings. The angel wears a purple cape and raises his hands in the air. His hair is formed by flames lighting his face with golden rays making it almost part of the sun that protects and fills with divine energy.

The Lovers Tarot Card and its Astrological Compatibility:

Their abilities for rational thinking characterize Gemini and The Lovers Tarot Card. The mind of Gemini is analytical, reflective and insightful, while the Lovers card is a call to reflection on the path we want to follow in our lives, the decisions we must make, and the sacrifices we must endure.

This duality is what characterizes the most communicative symbol of the Zodiac and is evident in the Adam and Eve relationship, getting together as they rebelled against their creator to know every secret and become owners of themselves.

Both Gemini and The Lovers Card symbolize duality: movement and stagnation, light and darkness, salvation and damnation teaching us to spiritually and emotionally reunite the different aspects of existence.

Also, the sign of Gemini and the Tarot Card the Lovers, make a call to our most rational and elevated self, inviting us to the exchange of ideas through dialogue, understanding that we are changing essences in constant learning.

Every decision we make brings us closer to our spiritual awareness or takes us away from it. Likewise, Gemini is in constant search, and The Lovers barely discover themselves naked before the immensity of creation.

Cupid’s error: A decision to be made

On the Lovers Tarot card, we find the whole dimension of love, attraction, desire, and sexuality. This card takes us to reflect on the people we feel attracted to and the people we attract. This major arcana is the expression of two opposing beings who desire and attract each other and helps us observe our problems in the field of love and sexuality.

When we encounter an obstacle, do we let it stop us or concentrate on the intensity of our desire for satisfaction and overcome the obstacle with all our willpower? Many people live dissatisfied because they ignore the sacrifices that are necessary to find love. We usually don’t want to take too many risks or fear to hurt another person’s feelings. To experience what this card offers we have to be willing to pay the price.

The duality of human anatomy: feminine and masculine, is also found in all aspects of life. To achieve the development of a personality, the first thing Eve did was to feel capable of handling everything that had been denied to her. Then Adam trusted her and decided to accompany her on the adventure of discovering themselves without any tools to understand the world.

This finding cost them their stay in paradise, but it opened them the doors of the world. Everything we experience in our lives requires some level of sacrifice. We cannot take a vacation and fill our minds with pleasurable sensation while, at the same time, work from 9 to 5 and build a Retirement Trust Fund.

Even when we separate, the search for reconciliation is an effort of communication and love to re-consolidate the union we once built. Further, it is an effort to reconcile ourselves with those sharp aspects of our personality that at first we find reflected in the other, like a mirror, attracting us like Narcissus to the pond’s bottom.

Attracted even by the aspects that we like the least about our personality and we would like to deny, we’ll find the perfect match for our emotional baggage. Our partners are expressions of our angels … and demons. Each breakup, each new beginning is also an opportunity to embark on an inward journey.

This trip will help us to unravel our nature, achieve enlightenment and be creators of our reality.

How to interpret the symbolic world of Lovers Trump

The couple pictured here is Adam and Eve. It is a biblical moment that you will remember; In Eden, God created them and with them planted the Tree of knowledge, the one that would help them to understand the universe, to separate good from evil, but they were forbidden to eat the fruit of that tree. They could do what they wanted BUT to taste that fruit – that many depicted as an Apple – another way their punishment would be tremendous: the expulsion from paradise, feel pain, and to propagate the human race.

However, curiosity won. The great maker of God’s plans: for everyone known as The Devil, seduced Eve to take a bite of this powerful fruit and she convinced her half to suffer God’s punishment together. Adam and Eve are the metaphor of each couple: the relationship begins pure, hesitates and then the best must be brought out after the initial happiness is gone.

Is that physical attraction becoming an obsession, weakening your power in making decisions and unbalancing your day today? If so, the Lovers Tarot card may be telling you something related to one of these scenarios.

The lovers are closely related to three other cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot: The Hierophant, The Devil and The Tower of destruction since, like the Lovers Card, two people are present in the lower half under a powerful archetype in the upper center of the letter. On the Hierophant card, two monks with shaved heads appear, bowing to the leader of the cause to which they have dedicated themselves.

On the Devil card, the winged satyr replaces the angel on the Lovers card, and the nude couple is unashamedly chained to that thing that gives them so much pleasure, that has become a destructive addiction. When the letters of the Hierophant and the Devil are combined with The Lovers, the intense and transforming commitment can take a relationship to a deeper place, although it could also be a darker one.

Finally, The Tower shows people expelled to an abyss from a tower that is being destroyed by lightning. This is similar to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

What kind of couple do you want in your life? One that takes you to the deepest abyss, or one that elevates you to the heavens? The change in the relationship is inevitable, but the direction is in our hands. The apple was already bitten.

The upright position of The Lovers Tarot Card:

Upright Lovers Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Lovers Tarot Card

Especially for love, this a very positive card. For singles, it announces the encounter with a soul mate, the beginning of an essential and definitive relationship, destined to lead to coexistence and marriage.

When the card comes out in a spread, the person is experiencing a phase of falling in love or at least infatuation, marked by decisions and projects that involve other. But it can also be a decision as difficult as it is necessary to put an end to a state of emotional disorder, a dilemma, a choice between two or more equally sympathetic and fascinating people.

The arcane reminds us this person needs to renew daily the emotional commitment contracted or stop neglecting the beloved person so that the union can remain stable and harmonious in time.

The lovers also represent large-scale options. When this arcane appears in a reading, it is essential to think about the decisions and choices that are faced. There may be an easy option available, but you will have to ask yourself if this is the right path for you in the long term. Often, it is the hardest path that will bring you the most benefit, especially on a deeper and more emotional level.

On a more personal level, the lovers’ card represents the establishment of a personal belief system and the increasingly clear awareness of values. This is a time when we think about what they represent and what our own philosophy is.

The spiritual message of the card is: If you are at a moral crossroads where you have to choose between having the moral authority and surrendering to temptation, you must consider all the consequences before acting.

The proximity of a loved one, interest in the problems of a friend or a relative. Marriage or courtship ahead is some of the big surprises. The lovers brings to your doorstep.

The meaning of the Upright Lovers Trump when it comes to:


Love, healthy relationships. Wedding announcements, children, for singles it indicates the appearance of a new relationship full of love and passion.


Moment to take vitamins and eat healthily.


Indicates the time to create partnerships or businesses with family members or spouse.


Good time for business or small investments.

The meaning of the Inverted position of Lovers Tarot Card:

Inverted Lovers Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Lovers Tarot Card

The Inverted Lovers Tarot Card indicates that you have trouble identifying your responsibility in your current situation. Face your actions and stop making decisions only following the immediate reward and pleasure, it is time to pay attention to your results without blaming others for them.

Do everything possible to repair the damage you’ve caused, learn the lesson and make better decisions in the future. This arcane in the inverted position can also indicate internal conflicts. It suggests the lack of harmony and the difficulty in being able to balance your spiritual union. Maybe you are punishing yourself for something that you have done or feel responsible.

To overcome this situation, focus on clearly articulating your belief systems and personal values. By doing this, you will develop new strategies and tools to address problems in a healthier, productive way.

The meaning of the Inverted Lovers Trump when it comes to:


Its influence is still confident in love, it merely speaks of a small crisis or a misunderstanding, but the relationship goes on; in the worst case it indicates couple stagnation.


Need to make a healthier diet.


Business problems when working with your spouse or special someone.


The possibility of losing money at home, advise is to control expenses, unforeseen expenses may arise.

The Lovers Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Love, exchanges, good understanding, intense relationship, intimacy, proximity, considerate lover, fidelity, companionship, emotional security, union, enjoyment, friendship, relationships, wedding proposal, consolidation, pregnancy.

Reverse: Promiscuity, affairs, obsessive relationship, aversion to the opposite sex, disillusionment, emotional dependence, tension, excessive flirting, critical love, blind love, lack of trust, secret lover, imaginary lover, lack of commitment, manipulation.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The Lovers Tarot Card is one of the most complex cards as it speaks of opposites that complement each other. Find meanings for love, money, work and health.
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