The Justice Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Justice Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Justice Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Balance, equity, rigor, justice, equality, impartiality, legality, distance, coldness, objectivity, criticism, intelligence, honesty, morality, reason.

Reverse: Indecision, injustice, evil intentions, illness, crime, disadvantage, chaos, inequality, corruption, suffering, debt, imprisonment, and lack of judgment, lack of compassion, vices, and disorder.

The Justice Tarot Card represents the fascinating image of justice, a concept easy to interpret because it’s widely disseminated in all cultures. Is truth lacking in your life? We have compiled all the information you need so that in your next spread you can interpret precisely why this lady has come to visit you.

Spiritual balance is the deepest equilibrium achieved only through a maximum concentration and the cessation of all “noise” makes it possible to accomplish this state of perfection; any disturbing thought, even a tiny breeze, would cause everything to wobble, altering the harmony of our center, our universe.

The Justice Tarot Card symbolizes reason at the service of men and heaven. For humans, it is an instrument of revenge and protection. The search for this levelling marks a way forward, but it is the reality that moves this energy, never the feelings. This is an energy that wields times in which karma must adjust, either positive or negative aspects because our inner scale must always return to stability.

Description of Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot card represents the figure of a woman, touched with a crown, who carries a sword in her right hand and holds a scale in her left hand. Sometimes she’s a winged figure, which indicates divine power. She’s also depicted with a veil covering her eyes to show that justice doesn’t make distinctions.

However, in the Rider-Waite deck, Justice isn’t blind. But still, she doesn’t allow herself to be diverted by temptations or envy. When this card appears we must bear in mind that we won’t get everything we asked for, but only what we sincerely deserve in a fair and balanced way.

The sword symbolizes the implacable force of justice, balanced on a scale according to our deeds. The crown symbolizes power, though her face expresses serenity and balance. The only negative thing about this card is the lack of dynamism and speed, cause for justice everything is possible… in the long term. The Justice Tarot Card has a sign of fatality since it says: “You’ll get what you deserve, when it’s time.”

To come across with justice in a spread it’s a positive sign if you’ve acted with kindness and fairness towards others, especially in situations in which you’ve been victimized. It is an essential indicator of a positive outcome, although its nature will depend on your own experiences. However, if you’ve been unfair, abusive and immoral in your actions, the time has come to make a profound change in your life, or else…

At best, this card represents a warning to the unjust to change their ways before justices go against them to make them pay with the deserved punishment. In the worst case, the message for it is simple: it’s too late now. In neutral instances Justice might be there to tell you that’s it’s time to look for balance in your spiritual and economic life.

The Justice Tarot Card and its Astrological Compatibility:

The Tarot Justice card is associated with the astrological sign of Libra. It is a symbol of balance, harmony and equality. Its general message suggests the need to put things in balance or order, similar to the Libra characteristically patient, intuitive, fair and impartial.

Libra’s traits include an intuitive understanding of others are endowed with an uncanny ability to see beyond the intentions of others. In spite of being quite flexible, their morale is indisputable; they will always remain true to their values and succeed in imposing justice wherever they go, otherwise, they will leave making clear for everyone they disagree with any given situation.

Justice shows herself to achieve the same effect, if you aren’t carrying your actions with balance and morality, the edge of her sword will separate the sinners from the righteous, giving each one what they deserve. Therefore the character of Libra and the Tarot Card Justice is inflexible, dogmatic and intransigent in the face of evilness.

Time to re-evaluate: you’ll receive what you give

Finding ourselves in the courtroom is always an intimidating experience. Perhaps as much as it is to meet death inevitably. However, we must remember that Justice not only condemns guilty criminals and thieves, it also protects the innocents.

Justice for good, punishment for the wicked, Justice is a double-edged Arcanum: every person will harvest what he has sown, each one has what it deserves. Whatever the outcome of the game is, it will be fair.

That compassion and protection for the innocent reflect Justice in its absolute neutrality facet. This can be understood in multiple ways because the punishments and rewards in Justice’s balance are determined for each person actions, and they can be interpreted differently depending on the case.

For the unrepentant criminal, the one who hasn’t yet understood, and may never understand, the damage they have made. For the criminal able to take the life of one a peer, those who have sowed only hatred and evil in their path, the slightest punishment will make him feel the worst of the frustrations: there is a power over me that forces me to stop hurting others.

For the repentant criminal, the one who by mistake or fatality bears the guilt of having hurt, outraged or finished with the life of another, all the punishments in the world, the darkest prison cell, the strongest sentence, will pale before the punishment that his own conscience will impose.

Everything related to justice is a social fact: its understanding, its application, and its prosecution. Our vision of justice is not only given by social norms that we progressively understand in childhood but by the reference, we have of our lives respect to others. If I’m an honorable, hardworking person, why am I always in trouble? Why is this situation so unfair? Why does everyone seem to thrive but me?

Justice refers to all of those things that we’ve taken for granted. Justice is only possible if we give what we expected to receive. Justice represents the law of exchange: to make something you must give it in return.

In this way, Justice supposes several answers to our questions. If you manage to balance both dishes of the scale, you will have reached justice, if you have made enough effort to achieve your goals, be sure that the prize for all of your hard work will come, but only when the time is right.

How to interpret the symbolic world of Justice Trump

Justice in Tarot is represented by the figure of a woman sitting on a chair, wrapped in a red cloak, holding a sword in her right hand, and a balance on her left. She wears a crown with a small square ornament that represents her capacity to organize events and distribute equally what each one deserves, all sides of a painting are equal.

Also, there’s a square as an ornament that buttoned the cape on her chest. It represents that reason must preponderate over feelings to be fair. The double-edged sword cuts in both directions and will cross all deception; justice must be impartial. Also, the sword in her right hand demonstrates thinking and logic are needed to impart justice without bias.

The balance on her left hand, the intuition side, shows that justice doesn’t depend solely on logic, we must also go further to understand what’s right in the outside world and what is right in our inner world.

Her white shoe teaches us that justice is pure. Justice doesn’t appear only to punish us; her presence is somewhat neutral instead. Justice will give each one what they deserve, neither more nor less.

However, the purple fabric in the background indicates compassion and royalty; Justice is beyond nobility because sooner or later everyone must kneel before her. Her white shoe also represents the spiritual consequences of our actions, and the gray pillars represent the limitations of the physical world.

The upright position of The Justice Tarot Card:

Upright Justice Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Justice Tarot Card

In short, Justice in the tarot represents justice, truth, and law. As a result, the card indicates that the fairest decision was made. You have been called to account for your actions, and you will be judged accordingly. Keep in mind that the scale of justice is in balance. Therefore its appearance indicates that events have occurred because they were destined to happen and what’s happening to you in this moment of your life comes from the decisions you’ve made in the past.

Justice represents awareness about your life decisions and their consequences not only in short but in long-term. According to her, taking responsibility for your actions will help you realize everything in your life is a consequence of your own decisions.

In some cases, the justice Tarot Card is a call for the person to take actions: Is it your boss harassing you, or is it your employee stealing from you, it’s your husband cheating? Maybe is time to clear things out, seek help, call reinforcements. Perhaps justice isn’t present in your life because you’ve been too afraid to stand up for yourself and demand the respect you deserve.

Your current and future circumstances are probably the results of these decisions and actions; it also advises us that by changing our ways we could also improve our outcomes. Justice is cold, but it’s also compassionate with those who show their true remorse, with those who start being honest to others and themselves.

Tarot Justice reflects the search for truth, kindness, and honesty. Fairness is a virtue that can lead you to understand universal laws and get in contact with your inner light. Don’t rely on a books cover, don’t live in a clouds castle, the reality is here and now, and the facts are the facts is her spiritual message for those who are still wondering about their life calling.

There is a need to be fair because we’ve come to understand that by “playing fair” a positive result can be achieved. However, it is necessary that everyone be in the same harmony for this to happen. Justice also indicates a time when decision-making is required. Something in your life needs attention, mediation or a solution.

It is also likely that if you are demanding for justice in any legal contracts, such as marriage license, divorces, commercial lease, financial agreement or litigation, she’ll be by your side. Of course, if you’ve acted deceptively, or the truth hasn’t come out yet, be aware that justice will prevail and you will still have to take responsibility for your actions.

Take into consideration this Judge sits between 2 cards we must pay attention: The Hanged Man and the Wheel of fortune, meaning that both for a change of perspective or by a stroke of luck something in your life needs, and it’s going, changing.

The meaning of the Upright Justice Trump when it comes to:


Good time to stabilize or seriously rethink a relationship.


No problems ahead.


Good time to look for new partners or collaborators, creative moment.


Good fortune in investments, gambling, and long-term projects.

The meaning of the Inverted position of Justice Tarot Card:

Inverted Justice Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Justice Tarot Card (Reversed)

Even though the Arcanum is inverted (reversed) law continues to be the protagonist. But, in this case, the results won’t be too comforting. Legal complications are anticipated, controversies, confrontations, serious disputes, iniquities committed against others and, in the company of particularly negative cards, even prison.

The consultant suffers, in short, the consequences of wrong action or excessive submission; Therefore, the judgements that affect you may be completely wrong, the accusations may be false, the conviction unfair or only partially deserved.

Lack of willingness to understand the deeper meaning of why an event has occurred to us is one of the possible messages of the inverted Justice. You need to submerge in comprehending your participation in the reality you’ve created for yourself. Stop blaming others for your mistakes.

As we can see, the meaning of this card is short but very precise. Justice forces us to reflect to understand which facet of our life requires justice, judgment, and truth.

The meaning of the Inverted Justice Trump when it comes to:


Unsafe relationship, family members who mess up with your relationship. Rethinking the couple constructively, need to clarify ideas. Intention to return to order, either by separating from a worn relationship or by formalizing a new one. Divorce or legal marriage.


Moment of taking care and rest.


Moment of stability and stagnation, problems with hierarchy with either your boss or to relate with subordinates.


Increased home expenses, rethinking savings methods, debts will be claimed.

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The Justice Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Justice Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The Justice Tarot Card represents the fascinating image of justice, a concept easy to interpret because it’s widely disseminated in all cultures.
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