The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

We have come to meet the number XX major trump, The Judgement. A clear allusion to the Rapture, the moment in which the dead will be raised from their graves to meet the creator. The time to separate the material from the spiritual world. The time has come to harvest the fruit of our efforts, change our path, reconcile with our past, and put an end to situations that have been stopping our progress for years.

We are already on the road to transcendence, working to achieve the liberation of everything that prevents us from growing. Now you’ve reached the level of maturity needed to walk into the enlighten. It is time to be reborn and start again in a more promising direction.

The Judgement Tarot Card announces the arrival of a definitive moment in which you need to become aware of what you have learned and reaffirm your personality. Now, when finding yourself in the face of adversity, you’ll have the opportunity to test all the tools acquired during your journey and prove to yourself what you’re made of.

The Judgement Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Improvement, reasoning, reunions, second chances, an awakening of consciousness. Inspiration, changes in situations and appreciation. Change of perspective. End of a difficult time, fruitful results, forgiveness, conflict resolution, healing.

Inverted: Subjected to trial, oppression, asphyxiating environments, lack of restraint, need to receive advice. You are not acting with intelligence, excesses, lack of judgement.

Description of The Judgement Tarot Card

Starring in this card we find the archangel San Gabriel playing the trumpet to announce the judgement day. His hair is golden and orange, his wings are of a beautiful crimson color. Wrapped in a gray cloud, he’s radiating solar energy from the sky to the earth. At the base of the card two families composed of a man, a woman, and a child, pay homage to the archangel who brings a message from heaven.

The human figures of the card seems to be rising from the dead, coming out of their urns with an attitude of awe, ecstasy, and adoration to receive the godly message of the archangel. It is the resurrection day and we must all be accountable. They pose naked and raise their arms towards the sky to show gratitude.

It is notorious that the sarcophagi doesn’t seem to have been buried in the earth but rather sunk in water since they resuscitate in the middle of the sea, surrounded by distant islands and what seems to be icebergs. The scene is preponderantly blue and gray.

Burying the hatchet: awaking to a new life

The judgement tarot Card is traditionally associated with the planet Saturn, the sixth planet of the solar system, named after a Greek God. Saturn was a deity associated with agriculture and time. In one way he’s the representation of the necessary processes to achieve the harvest of the fruit of our work, but also that the final change, death, is inevitable.

Represented in Goya’s painting, “Saturn devouring his son,” the artist captures this little piece of mythology portraying the king of earth devouring his children to avoid losing his great reign. In the end, defeated by his surviving children: Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto, Saturn becomes mortal and retires to a secluded village where he’s King until the end of his life.

About to reach the end of his trip, the hero has already discovered great lessons and overcome more significant challenges. We find ourselves, nothing more and nothing less than with the Biblical moment of the Last Judgement, the day of resurrection. The time to harvest what we have sown or be forever devoured by the earth. It is the rebirth of the ego Vs. eternal unconscious repression.

Rebirth is obtained by listening to the voice of God, the inner voice that we can only hear by raising our consciousness through meditation to achieve inner peace, silencing all the noise of our insecurities, problems, and attachments that have crippled us in the past. We can become one with the collective Consciousness, to which we have resurfaced from the symbolic coffin of our poor judgements. The rumble of a golden trumpet calls us to face our creator without any remorse or shame.

This card tells us that only through making a deep connection with the spiritual forces that emanate from the heavens and from within, each one of us will reach eternal life, the enjoyment of all that has been given to us to enjoy on earth.

With the judgement tarot Card, we’ll always find that the answer is a resounding yes! The two figures that have accompanied us through our journey, succumbing to love in the major trump The lovers, and sin in The Devil tarot card, are now rejoicing over the good news. They have already abandoned, or have been forced to leave the Tower, they have already faced all their internal demons and can recognize themselves as resurrected souls.

Everything that was devastated by death has come back to life with a greater knowledge and a new perspective. We can move on as new souls and conquer everything we have ever longed for. For example, with a newly found self-love, you could go on and eat the whole world if you wanted to.

How to interpret the symbolic world of Judgement Trump

The Archangel Gabriel plays his trumpet to announce that the moment of accountability and godly rewards has come. The blessed ones had won an eternal life next to the father, the resurrection of the dead and the forgiveness of all repentant sinners.

The preponderant blue color on the card is the color of the occult forces, the psychological depth and soul lessons. The golden hair of the resurrected characters indicates that they have achieved the necessary knowledge to rise towards the truth, towards heaven and receive good news: the reward for the development completed during this arduous and hard journey that is life itself.

It’s at this stage that the human conscience is on the verge of mixing with the Collective Consciousness, hence the idea of resurrection, or new birth, in which the limiting factors of this earthly world, represented by the coffins, will be overpass. As the prophet John writes in the Apocalypse, everyone will confront the creator, and indeed, the family represented here, the triad that rises from the tomb symbolizes regenerated humanity.

The cross on the rectangular banner symbolizes measure, reasoned conclusions. It refers directly to the title of the card because the correct judgement depends on reasoning and the ability to weigh and measure all the factors involved. The Angel is surrounded by clouds to represent the ego transformation, such as water that once was liquid and turned into clouds and into the icebergs in the background of the major trump.

The upright position of Judgement Tarot Card:

Upright Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Judgement Tarot Card

The Judgement Tarot Card announces a time of changes that will bring new situations and changes to our life philosophy, as well as the evolution of circumstances that have been stagnating for a long time. It represents an enthusiastic and inspired person that could bring positive energy into our lives.

The Judgement talks about a transition, but unlike the Death or the Tower, the change is not sudden, neither comes from luck or a changing perspectives, but it is a change that comes from experience and hard work. It means that the plans, which have often taken time to be carried out, will bear fruit.

When asking about a problematic situation, the way to overcome it is letting your logic take charge since intuition can be less useful at this particular moment. Through learning from past experiences your ability to reason has become a helpful guide.

This card, The Judgement major trump, indicates a radical change, showing us the opportunity to initiate something new, only if we correct our mistakes, we must forgive or ask for forgiveness and repent of evil deeds so that we will reach success in the face of difficulties.

With this card, we can see ourselves with authorities in our favor during judicial resolutions. You can also favorably resolve old concerns, get general improvements in your life, at work, love, housing or spiritually and resurge by using creative and productive methods. Don’t ever forget to be honest with yourself it is the only way to achieve real success.

It also symbolizes the unexpected, the unforeseen, which, like divine judgement, chose you. When appearing on a spread it shows that pleasant surprises and positive events lie ahead, especially when the card appears upright or accompanied by benevolent arcana.

Something that had been expected for a long time, a change, a transformation, an improvement, its imminent. A success, a victory, a conquest, or a complete renovation after a crisis; In short, a decisive turning point in life is outlined on the horizon concerning love, work, and money.

Future well-being and joy will depend on a decisive period of reflection. Significant opportunities and rewards will come on your way. You will overcome any adversity.

The meaning of the Upright Judgement Trump when it comes to:


Moment of prosperity, new relationships for singles. Reconciliations, new beginnings. Holidays together, you’ll contact friends again, and there may be a transformation in the relationship.


A rapid health recovery. Favorable and unexpected news. Suffering ends. Trying alternative therapies can be of great help to recover from an illness.


Try not to judge others in the workplace, because it could have negative consequences for the office harmony. Resume projects that you considered failures. The time has come to get the recognition you had expected so much. Definitive change of position, promotion, success in studies and work. Business travels.


Good fortune in investments and ventures. Favorable time to try a new business, overcoming savings problems.

The meaning of the Inverted position of Judgement Tarot Card:

Inverted Judgement Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Inverted Judgement Tarot Card (Reversed)

When the Judgement Tarot card appears in an inverted position, it warns that you are going through a period of regret because you cling to the opportunities you’ve lost in the past. It also indicates that we are harvesting the fruits of our lack of judgement. The judgement tarot card speaks of fanaticism and hesitation. It talks about very difficult work or family environments. It can also represent obfuscation, doubts, arguments and sterile discussions.

The judgement tarot card inverted represents poor judgements and decisions, confrontations with friends, divorce or separation announcements. A weakness of character that has gotten you into significant problems that you now have to face.

The sudden and unexpected transformation announced by the Judgement Tarot card in its Upright position, when inverted, turns into a difficulty of accepting and dealing with an evident truth. Things that were considered completed must be retaken; it’s necessary to face up to past commitments and assume our responsibilities.

The meaning of the Inverted Judgement Trump when it comes to:


Bad fortune when it comes to love. Moments of closure or stagnation, loneliness. It is possible that you are getting attached to a person that won’t exert a good influence in your life, your values and lifestyles are so different that you’ll get into constant fights. Moment of rethinking relationships. Couple crisis, separation possibility, divorce. Beware of false friendships.


It’s time to pay a visit to your doctor. Take rest and try to improve your sleep habits, drink more water, and practice outdoorsy activities. You are living a life of excess, lacking balance. When we exceed at work and don’t place limits on our dedication, illness reminds us that life is a lot more than making money. Risk of an accident during travel.


It’s not good news. We can only try to diminish the negative consequences of what this inverted tarot card predicts in the work field. Dismissal, lack of recognition, labor disappointments. Another person will get the promotion you were expecting, gossips and work problems.


Hard times will come, so it’s important to save. It’s not a good time to make investments, possibly a scammer or a thief has their eye on you.

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The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Judgement Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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