The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

Silent and mysterious, the High Priestess tarot card takes us back to a time in which women had a preeminent place on religious and political aspects. Associated with ancient deities such as Isis, Diana or Ishtar, the High Priestess represents knowledge through intuition and feelings, rather than “masculine” functions like logic or reason.

The High Priestess Tarot card is symbolically linked to the Moon, which regulates emotionality and clairvoyance, deepening in the seas of the unconscious and the nocturnal forces that can sometimes mislead us.

The presence of The High Priestess in a tarot spread can also point to an unknown change in your life. Things that once seemed real and safe can no longer be taken for granted. Some of the past mysteries become clearer, but they haven’t been fully revealed at this point; now you can see how your intuitive powers are developing and your inspiration and creativity increases. As a result, the High Priestess Tarot card is a particularly good augury for artists.

This card evoked reflection, the inner world becomes a maternal and creative power. It predicts tender and romantic relationships that may lack expressiveness, but are still profound and sincere. Though intense, this a more mature and discreet relation. Emotionally, the High Priestess Major Trump calls for a time of solitude in which the consultant will voluntarily decide to work on their personal development.

With all that said, references to fertility are numerous and evident. The High Priestess is an excellent card for women who are looking to become pregnant. The High Priestess indicates success in work and investments, objective achievements, with the mandatory condition of planning and adequately reflecting before taking any step.

This tarot card can also represent repressed feelings, excessive trust in others opinions and a desperate need for approval and validation. It advises working on developing greater confidence, through self-love instead of external sources.

The secret nature of the High Priestess can become very unpleasant when it’s in the reversed position because it shows the possibility that gossiping, hidden intentions, and deceptions are affecting your progress.

High Priestess Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Telepathy, Maternity, Motherhood, Common sense, good memory, reproduction, premonition, intuition, Prudence, intimacy, observation, information, sight, energy, neutral, wisdom, flow, insight, sanctuary, Deja vu , memories, discretion, matriarchal, subjective, repetition, clairvoyance, legends, history, impressions, mysticism.

Inverted: Superstition, enchantment, doubts, contradictions, and fear of the unknown, nostalgia, depression, emotional repression, emotional coldness, and uncontrollable fantasies, sensation of physical or mental impurity, sacrifices, passivity, sexual manipulation, deceptions, shyness, mystery, secrets, hypocrisy, secret intentions, laziness, spite, disposition, indifference, and fanaticism.

Description of High Priestess Tarot Card

In the High Priestess card, we find a reserved woman of great wisdom, dressed in a priestly robe, sitting on a throne placed between two columns. Her calm attitude gives us a scene of impenetrable and majestic feelings. She is the great High Priestess of the temple and keeps the secrets of the sanctuary hidden behind a veil.

The black and white columns, Boaz and Jachin, are the columns of the Temple of Solomon. They symbolize the active and passive principles of knowledge. Between the two columns, hangs a veil embroidered with green leaves and pomegranate fruits. Behind the curtain, we can catch a glimpse of a vast blue sea.

Her head is covered by a double crown where the moon rests between two horns in a representation of the material and the spiritual world. She wears a white dress and a blue veil covering her head and shoulders, symbolizing spirituality and sensitivity. On her lap, she holds a Torah rol that contains the knowledge about the laws of nature. Her gaze remains fixed in the distance.

The intuitive power: getting in touch with the unconscious

Already initiated on the road to self-discovery The High Priestess welcomes us to remind us of the feminine principle of creation, the hidden forces, and mysteries that are interwoven beyond appearances, beyond the Magician wiles and tricks, beyond the Fool’s apparent chaos.

The unconscious gatekeeper, this woman keeps hidden lessons and superior knowledge associated with the world of emotions, intuition and feelings, represented by the moon lying at her feet and above her head, in the form of a crown.

Remember that the Moon shines reflecting sunlight, because the moon lacks a light of its own. But even if the moon is married to the sun, orbiting around the earth, she never lets us behold all its beauty. The moon has a hidden darker side.

That hidden side is only accessible through imagination. There are many songs, legends, and poems that have been written about it. This is the High Priestess’ invitation; you must go beyond what you see at first glance to learn the truth about the unconscious, those that will allow you to understand your current situation, repressed desires… all are kept behind that veil. Everything you need is in your heart; you only have to dare to take a step towards the truth.

To lift her veil, it’s necessary to make long and arduous travel. It’s essential to learn lessons that don’t come from any book or rational approaches but direct contact with the unconscious secret forces.

The book that she has on her knees is not, therefore, a book you can read using your intellect, but it will be exclusively assimilated with the heart. In that mysterious world of feelings, we find above all that sadness, is a loyal companion.

To understand life and its mysteries, we must first understand who we are and what we want, know where we are going and why we want to go there. To fully understand such things, mental tools become useless. We need to get in touch with the emotional side, the unconscious, the intuitive, and the emotional aspects of our personality.

In a personal sense it is essential to ask ourselves: do you trust in your capacity to connect with your feelings? Is it time for you to isolate and reconnect with yourself? Have you chosen a very passive attitude? Or on the contrary, all your actions are moved by what you believe is logical therefore neglecting your real emotions?

How to interpret the symbolic world of High Priestess Trump

It represents the figure of a mature woman full of mysteries. Dressed as a papal figure, the High Priestess represents spiritual and material power. The parchment on her lap, the Torah, represents the book of secrets, hidden laws, and wisdom. The High Priestess possesses knowledge about the spiritual and earthly world, about the past, the present and the future that will be shared only with some chosen ones.

The background veil adorned with green leaves and pomegranate fruits allude to feminine mysteries, evolution, and the power of knowledge, the occult. She’s a woman of mystery, the gatekeeper of the secret temple, the sanctuary of Isis, her white and vaporous dress symbolizes innocence and purity. Dressed in a long blue tunic, this color means that the High Priestess is dominated entirely by pure faith in God, by altruism and love towards humanity.

Her horn diadem means that her work is guided by the moon, the queen of hidden emotions, connected with the world of the unconscious, revealing that there are more things yet to be discovered. Likewise, the crescent moon at her feet talks about fertility and creation, a world of secrets that have come to light and our capacity to meditate. The cross on her chest symbolizes the four cardinal points.

The two columns are Yakin and Boaz on which King Solomon built his temple. The columns are opposing forces in eternal equilibrium: Rigor and mercy, eternally fighting. The duality between man and women, black representing guilt, penance, and evil, and white representing forgiveness, absolution and good.

The upright position of High Priestess Tarot Card:

Upright High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright High Priestess Tarot Card

The High Priestess tarot card symbolizes purity and virtue. She’s considered a mother with the ability to see the future, owner of all the knowledge on earth. The association with the High Priestess suggests that you have good judgment and keen intuition.

She may be indicating that at this time, reason must take second place to favor instinct. Your head must rely on your hearts wisdom. The role of intuition is preponderant to reveal what’s hidden from your senses. Therefore, the High Priestess tarot card can also symbolize a warning of secrets coming to light at the perfect time.

It is a very positive card for students during exams or for those who are going through a judicial process because it indicates that truth will be known.

The High Priestess is a woman who knows how to keep confidences and secrets; she teaches us the importance of prudence and discretion. Look for support and advice in a maternal. The High Priestess is also a lonely woman. If you are single, this card urges you to go through a season of personal rediscovery for which you need to stay out of new relationships.

The meaning of the Upright High Priestess Trump when it comes to:


Tender, romantic and sincere, maternal and creative relationships, carried with a certain modesty. Possible lack of expressiveness in the relation. You look for perfect love. There may be a potential relationship that you haven’t wanted to accept in your life.


Changes in metabolism, time of check-ups related to the reproductive system. The references to fertility are numerous, and it is an excellent omen for those women seeking to become pregnant.


Reflect and seek advice before acting, you will succeed if you follow your intuition and meditate on the possible outcomes of your actions.


Represents the possibility of getting anything we want if we face our fears. Investments with good returns.

The meaning of the Inverted position of High Priestess Tarot Card:

Inverted High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted High Priestess Tarot Card (Reversed)

The inverted High Priestess card could mean that you are ignoring the messages of your intuition and that you have gone through a time of high exposure to dangers and gossip. It is time to retreat, reflect and contact your inner voice.

On the other hand, if this card appears inverted in a tarot spread, it may indicate that it’s time to look for more profound spiritual knowledge. It can also suggest that you have been trying to ignore something that deep down you know is true.

In the inverted High Priestess, all the negative counterparts of reserve and silence are condensed. Guessing other people’s thoughts is difficult. It’s important to open yourself for you to express your intentions and feelings.

The depth of the High Priestess is transformed into superficiality, patience into lazy and a useless waste of time. Passivity, advisable in certain occasions, is a danger in this case because it comes from misinterpreted intuition.

The meaning of the Inverted High Priestess Trump when it comes to:


It is time to take action and move the energies towards a new relationship. Although being prudent sometimes has excellent value, excessive discretion can have a severe impact on relationships. Crisis for lack of communication. Express your feelings, be more romantic. Small discussions with loved ones, friends and family.


If you’re looking to get pregnant this may not the best time. Problems in the digestive system due to repressed feelings and excessive stress. Be careful with what you eat and what you keep to yourself; it’s time to learn how to communicate. Disorders related to the organs and maternal functions, gynecological problems.


Distrust your colleagues and bosses, there are hidden projects that you might not be aware of. In this position, she warned us to put the maximum discretion in the office and new projects.


In this position, we recommend saving, especially on unnecessary expenses. Research in detail any budget before investing. It is better not to be tempted by “once in a lifetime” opportunities.

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The High Priestess Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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