The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Fool Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana

The Fool Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: primary instincts, movement, spiritual transformation, total emotional and instinctive freedom, versatile, quick reaction, enthusiastic, spontaneous, innocent unpredictable, atypical, different, inventive, experiment, take risks, revolutionary, innovative, cheerful, drastic, lucky, playful, unexpected, illusion, going against rules, new ideas, extrovert.

Inverted: Irregular, chaotic, irresponsible, naive, lack of responsibility, eccentric, elusive, out of control, madness, rebellious, maturity crisis, marginal, disabled, illusory, invisibility, disorganization, recklessness, lack of focus, lack of commitment.

The Fool life is an adventure, he challenges us to explore new terrains, to take action, to seek our truth and to live in the now. We need to do new things in life, recreate ourselves with new experiences that defy our old beliefs, and the Fool extends you an invitation to wander to a nonspecific place, with no date of return, he’s a guide towards the hero necessary transformation.

The Fool is a compelling Tarot card that usually represents a new beginning, and therefore the end of something in your life. He announces that soon you’ll be faced with some crucial decisions that can be difficult to make, or that can entail significant risks, but through changing your approach about these upcoming changes, you’ll be able to obtain the most favorable results from it.

The Fool Tarot Card challenges us to explore new territories and ideas. Our life is full of situations that replace true living adventures: There’s always an excuse or a justification for stagnation, for sedentarism, while we stay there laying in the hope of something miraculous to happen.

According to The Fool, life is a game, and the purpose of every game is to have fun… But we can also learn during playing. We need to do new things in life. We need to expand our limits. If we are happy with our current life, we wouldn’t be so interested in discovering new frontiers. This “Foolish” behavior needs to be directed, not repressed, as so often happens in modern society.

The Fool Tarot Card reminds us that we must promote our individuality rather than putting it on hold. The Fool feels an instinctive dislike for authority and hates receiving someone else’s orders. He needs a place to grow, and mix things up! He hates the routine and needs to be continuously challenged by new emotions.

His favorite tool is laughter. The Fool relies entirely on the universe’s kindness. He doesn’t regret what he could have done or been, because he doesn’t live in the past. Enjoy the present, live the here and now, the past and the future are an unnecessary burden, he might say. The Fool travels light on luggage because he carries what he needs: hope.

Description of The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card is represented by a man who walks towards the future, leaning on a cane. He also carries a bag hanging from a stick on his shoulder. Walking straight to the void, a dog tries to bite him to stop his imminent fall.

The most significant thing is that the Fool card goes by the number zero, which means that it doesn’t belong to this world, he doesn’t follow any order, and he lives outside of it. In the bale he carries only the summary of his experiences.

He’s that crazy adventurer, the one who leaves everything to go towards the unknown. For some, he represents those who pretend to be mad as a strategy to fool others and knows perfectly where he’s going and what he wants, and he will get it breaking every convention and rule he needs.

Following your foolish side: A leap of faith?

The Fool is a free, innocent, but wise individual. The fool born, grows, and dies with us. It is an erratic personality aspect that’s always waiting and willing to be called, to be invoked.

When that invocation, comes from the heart, the Fool immediately makes an appearance and guides us along the paths of adventure, action, joy, and unknown ideas with the innocence of a child and the wisdom of an old man that has learned from his experiences.

Would you dare to live your life fully? Do you recognize the existence of your foolish side? Do you feed your fantasies, your ideas, your illusions? Have you followed your dreams? No? Then it’s time to go on a trip. Burying your desires in the unconscious is not the way to achieve a happy life.

It’s time to integrate, to return to the origin, detaching ourselves from all our self-imposed bonds and start having faith in ourselves. It’s time to call for our foolish side and sit together, laugh out loud and begin with innocence a journey within ourselves. Discovering our ability to fail is also discovering our ability to create, all these messages come from the hand of the bravest Tarot card, the one who opens the tarot path to the unknown.

The Fool is “at the beginning,” but the Fool guides us to meet each of the Major Trumps, because his absence of number, devoid of all order and reason, is going to put your world upside down by teaching you one by one the 21 lessons required to conquer the world, the self.

Even so, the fools contains a valuable lesson. There is a dangerous outcome of becoming absorbed in your ideas, in your thoughts. The risk can be real or metaphorical; you need to pay attention to your present situation.

In occult arithmetic, the O represents absolute unity. That reality is something that we can feel, but we can’t learn. We cannot define it; we cannot prove existence beyond our logic and all possible reasoning as well as beyond any other conceivable limitation.

So the first lesson of the Tarot is this: Don’t project yourself so far into the future that you lose sight of where you are now. Dreams, visions, and ideas have their proper place, but whoever loses himself in the contemplation of unrealities loses the ability to face the practical issues of life.

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Fool Trump

The Fool Major Trump talks about those changes that perhaps happen without us waiting or looking for them, but he also invites us to remain optimistic about the unknown. Maybe, if you are careful, you can find what you have been looking for.

The Fool Tarot Card is shown at the beginning of his trip with unlimited potential. The high sun that rises behind him represents the beginning of his journey. The looking up, towards the sky, or also towards the divinity, the Spirit, is about to fall from the heights, from the world of meditation to a material world, but is he ready?

Although devoid of all recourse, the Fool has all the tools he needs in that little bag he carries over his shoulder. He has renounced life in the city, he no longer needs anything once seemed so necessary, and he’s preparing to become a better version of himself.

In the left-hand he carries a white rose that represents purity and innocence. The little white dog is his guide, his tutor, who will protect him on the trip but also urges him to learn the lessons that the Fool needs to survive. That dog represents the intuition with which we have all have come to the world to begin our path to maturity.

The mountains behind the Fool represent the realm he just left and will spend his life trying to return. He’s shown at the beginning of his trip with considerable potential. The sun that rises behind him represents the beginning of his journey. It faces the direction to the unknown. He is looking up, towards heaven, the spiritual realm. He is one step away from a cliff that represents the material world.

The Fool card is still the most controversial card in the tarot. It is the only card that has a zero in it; the other cards follow the Roman numeral system. One of the original cards of the first Tarot deck keeps a tremendous symbolic value. In fact, it is the only card that, Transformed into The Joker, managed to survive in the newer decks versions used for play and betting purposes.

The smiling adventurer Fool seems to tell us: adapting to changes is the secret to survive! Undoubtedly a powerful card.

The upright position of The Fool Tarot Card:

Upright Fool Tarot Card Meaning – Major Arcana
Upright Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card is a representation of possibilities, of new beginnings and the innocence with which every project is born. It represents the creativity and desire to achieve new goals and the process towards new objectives. It indicates that anything can happen, that everything is possible because of the existence of many opportunities waiting to be discovered.

In a tarot cards spread, the Fool represents a change needed, to start on a new journey, a trip that is entirely unknown and will take us to unexplored territories. The Fool always represents new experiences, personal growth, development, and adventure.

The Fool major trump urges us to make a “leap of faith” learning to trust the Universe to find the success we long for. Don’t worry so much, free yourself of anxieties, for this trip you don’t need to carry any extra luggage.

Although he doesn’t seem to mind his trip destination, he perfectly knows where he’s heading: over the cliff. There’s a decision that must be taken, whether you like it or not.

Possibly there is a moment of doubt, to make vital decisions, and the Fool is encouraging you to go for it and follow your heart no matter how risky it might be. If you dare things will come out as you wish.

We can never know what lies in the future, but like the Fool, we must go ahead blindly. You have to trust.

The meaning of the Upright Fool Trump when it comes to:


Small affairs. Impossibility to enjoy a lasting love due to external circumstances.


Bad circulation, time to rest and recover energy.


Dispersion at work, lack concentration, failing at objectives pursuit, lack of leadership.


Good time to put your investments in order and start saving for the future.

The meaning of the Inverted position of The Fool Tarot Card:

Inverted Fool Tarot Card Meaning (Reversed) – Major Arcana
Inverted Fool Tarot Card (Reversed)

When the Fool Tarot Card appears Inverted in a spread, his negative aspects are maximized and warns us we may be ignoring the consequences of our actions.

Even if you are focused on the here and now, that doesn’t mean you disconnect from your future. We are all connected, and all our actions have consequences. Recover your instinctual connection, with innocence, or this imprudence could cost you big time.

Although rebellion against the imposed order is part of a Fool’s character, breaking the routine permanently won’t allow you to harvest what you sow. No tree grows adrift; perhaps it is time to grow roots and accept that your crazy side has played a fundamental role in our life, until now. It’s time to end the nonsense and walk towards maturity.

On the other hand, the inverted Fool warns you that others can abuse your good faith. It is time to protect you and secure your well-being for years to come. Maybe you don’t understand it today, but not everything you wish for will be beneficial for you in the future.

Sometimes “too good to be true” opportunities show up, but the inverted fool indicates that you must rethink things well, look realistically, read the small print.

The meaning of the Inverted The Fool Trump when it comes to:


Distancing and couple discontent because of the eccentricities and consultant’s immaturity. Also there’s a person that can influence or affect the relationship between you and your partner.


Risk of accidents, be prudent in sports and outdoors activities.


Negative, inability to carry out a job, delay to deliver work results.


Losses of money for making bad investments. Squandering money.

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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
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The Fool Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed
The Fool Tarot Card usually represents a new beginning, and therefore the end of something in your life. Find the meaning for love, money, health and work.
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