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Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Sun Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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The Sun conjunct Mars in synastry is a complicated aspect. The nature of this aspect will vary based on the sign involved and the other aspects in the chart.

Although Mars is named for the Roman god of war, it plays an important role when it comes to relationships. It governs our ability to assert ourselves and go after what we want.

Also, as its name implies, it shows how we deal with conflict. It can also generate physical chemistry between people.

The Sun represents our identity and our desire and ability to shine in the world.

When planets are conjunct in synastry, they impact each other directly for good or for ill.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Synastry

Depending on the sign and type of relationship involved, when the Sun is conjunct Mars in synastry, it can be energizing, produce chemistry, generate conflict, or all of the above.

One particular pitfall of the Sun conjunct Mars involves ego clashes and power struggles.

This is because the Sun of one person, which represents ego and pride, is in direct contact with the Mars of the other, which represents the ability to fight for one’s desires.

Regardless of the sign and the type of relationship, at some level, there will be at least a hint of competition between the two.

Yet, this competition can inspire both of them to grow and to improve.

This aspect works best in a friendship, but it is also can bring excitement to a romantic relationship. This aspect is at its most difficult when it occurs between siblings. It can also create a lot of conflict in parent-child relations, particularly when the parent and child are of the same gender.

The nature of this aspect will be colored by the sign involved, but there are four signs that need special consideration. Two of them improve this aspect, and two of them make it worse.


Mars rules Aries, and the Sun is exalted in this sign. This turns this aspect from potential negative to mostly positive.

Both people are strong and confident when it comes to their interactions.

While it is almost certain that there will be a great deal of conflict and competition between them, both of them will be fine with that. Indeed, they will like it.

Their competition will spur each of them on to become better and stronger, and they will greatly enjoy each other’s company.


Mars is not great in Leo. As one of the malefic planets, Mars does better in signs that moderate it somewhat, and Leo does not. Mars in Leo can have quite a fiery and dramatic temper.

The Sun, however, rules Leo, and thus, is very strong in this sign. Someone whose Sun is in Leo can do a lot to help absorb the temper of Mars in Leo and harness this energy so it does not burn out of control.


Neither the Sun nor Mars likes being in Libra. Both of these planets have a difficult time expressing their nature in this sign.

Sun conjunct Mars in Libra can be quite challenging when it comes to relationships, particularly romantic ones, because it will make it hard for them to communicate properly with each other.

This relationship runs the risk of being marred by manipulation or passive-aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, there is a good chance that the person whose Sun is in Libra has Mercury or Venus in Libra as well. If this is the case, the more positive aspects of Libra will prevail, and they will be able to find a way to communicate with each other.


Cancer is a very challenging placement for Mars. Mars in Cancer tends to hold anger and negative feelings inside, where they can easily turn into grudges and resentments.

When these grudges and resentments come out, Mars in Cancer can explode and become quite hurtful.

The Sun does not have any special debilities in Cancer, but it does not have any special dignities there either.

On a practical level, though, the Sun in Cancer tends to be quite sensitive. It will be hard for this person to endure the temper of Mars in Cancer.

House Position of the Sun and Mars

As with all synastry aspects, it is important to look at the house position of the planets involved in each other’s charts.

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Man’s Sun Conjunct Woman’s Mars Relationship

The Sun conjunct Mars will inevitably introduce conflict in any type of romantic relationship.

When it is a man’s Sun conjunct a woman’s Mars, he will tend to see the problem as her aggressiveness, and he will tend to see the problem as his ego. The reality is that both are creating difficulty.

Some people enjoy a rather spicy relationship, and this aspect can produce a great deal of sexual chemistry.

If the conflict becomes too intense, it will be important to look at the more harmonious aspects between them to find things that will help ease the tension.

Woman’s Sun Conjunct Man’s Mars Relationship

In this case, the man will be the more aggressive partner. The woman may see this as exciting, or she may find it annoying. In most situations, it will be a little of both.

Just as when the genders are reversed, there is likely to be conflict in the relationship. There could be a bit more tolerance for his aggressiveness, though, because he is a man.

A lot will depend on their overall nature and the other aspects that are between them.

Sun Conjunct Mars in Friendship

In general, the Sun conjunct Mars does not cause as many problems in a friendship as it does in other relationships.

The nature of a friendship relationship is such that the two will be manage the conflict by adjusting the amount of time they spend together and the activities they do when they are together.

There will likely be competition between them, but that does not tend to be as big of a problem for friendships as it is for other relationships.

On the other hand, unless there are more harmonious aspects between them, it is not recommended that they become roommates or business partners.

How to Tell if the Sun is Conjunct Mars in Synastry

On the most basic level if someone’s Sun is in the same sign as another person’s Mars, the influence of this aspect will be there to some degree.

The aspect will be fully effective if the planets are within twelve degrees of each other from the same sign. The closer the planets are by degree, the stronger the conjunction will be.

The planets may be within twelve degrees of each other from adjacent signs. In this case, the aspect will become more negative and will be a potential indicator of incompatibility between the two.

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The Sun conjunct Mars in synastry has both positive and negative sides. It can produce excitement and chemistry, but it can also produce conflict and competition.

This aspect is at its best in a friendship relationship.