12 Ways to Create a Spiritual Connection with Someone

Spiritual Connection with Someone - Soul Mates

Did you know it is possible to create a deep spiritual connection with your romantic partner? We have all heard the saying; “and they lived happily ever after…” but what exactly happens during the “ever after” part?

A fairytale love story often only touches upon the beginning thrills of a relationship such as what brings people together and the drama and excitement surrounding the initial romantic connection. After you have been with someone for a while it is often necessary to keep the romance alive by deepening your spiritual and soul connection. 

At the beginning of a relationship there is a honeymoon phase and physical attraction is often the driving force keeping two people together. These beginning flirtations help lay a strong foundation for a solid relationship but in order to go deeper with someone and really get to know your partner you will have to open up spiritually!

Vulnerability in love is a driving force behind deepening your spiritual connection with someone. Spiritual love is discovering the depth of a person. Every individual is like a deep well filled with hopes, dreams, desires, urges, and aspirations. Getting to know your partner on these levels will help strengthen your bond creating a spiritual love like you have never experienced before. 

Being in love can be a profound experience but when you are spiritually linked with someone the experience is really somewhat indescribable. When you are operating through your empathic and emotional pathways this means you are more in tune with your feelings and thinking less rationally about a situation.

Spiritually connecting with your romantic partner is an ethereal experience. Meeting your spiritual soul mate can be a life altering event. Knowing there is someone who sees you beyond your surface and physical self is both validating and deeply fulfilling.

What is a Spiritual Soul Mate?

You may be wondering what a spiritual soul mate is and can you have more than one? You can have multiple spiritual soul mates throughout your life. As we are complex and exceedingly deep beings there are countless people it is possible to create a spiritual love connection with throughout your lifetime. You will know when you meet you spiritual soul mate. There will be an instant connection with this person both physically and emotionally. The emotional connection will be flavored by destiny. There will be a haunting urge or longing to join with this person and share your true self with them. 

A spiritual soul mate is someone you can be honest, empathic, and authentic with. Your connection will feel intimate and take courage as true love requires vulnerability and openness. You may feel unsure of yourself when you first make a spiritual soul connection with someone as you are sharing your deepest self. On a soul level you are connecting the most perfect parts of yourself without judgement. 

The timing of meeting your spiritual soul mate can be tricky! You may meet your spiritual soul mate at just the right time in life when you are spiritually open and ready to create that deep connection. Sometimes a spiritual soulmate will enter your life for a brief period of time and just as quickly move out of your life. This most likely can imply you had a spiritual agreement to get each other through a certain point or teach each other valuable lessons about love and relating. Once you learned and received what you needed from each other you both knew on a subtle or unseen level it was time to move on.

Spiritual Connection Sharing

Twin Flame Soul Mates

A twin flame is taking the idea of a spiritual soul mate even deeper. When you meet a twin flame you have a recognition of each other on a soul level. It is as if you are from the same soul family. In new age thought twin flames are created prior to this life on Earth. The soul splits up into two or more souls and takes on the human life experience.

If you meet someone you share this intense passionate connection with you may be with a twin flame! You have decided to go on this journey together and feel a magnetic pull to be together in this life. People often report finding their twin flame as one of the most intense spiritual experiences of their life. Often times the connection is deeply spiritual first and physical second unlike other relationships.

Spiritual Connection Ring

Spiritual Psychic Connection

It is also possible for you to have a psychic connection with your spiritual soul mate. This means you are bonded on an unseen level. The word psychic just means the information, images, or ideas traveling from one person to another by seemingly magical means. A highly sensitive person or imaginative person is more likely to pick up on psychic information in the environment or the feelings of another person.

When you are in love with someone and your spiritual pathways are open it is as if you two create a psychic bond. When you are physically and romantically with someone there are unseen ties being created between you two. You will be better able to have a deep knowing about your significant other and hiding your raw authentic feelings will not be as easy once this psychic connection is established!

Spiritual Connection Psychic

How To Create a Deeper Spiritual Connection With Someone

It is possible to build a stronger spiritual connection between you and your partner whether you have been together for years or are just getting to know each other. All relationships will have ups and downs and periods of time where you feel more or less aligned with your partner. 

Being in tune with the person you love is a wonderful feeling and even if you go through a phase that feels slightly more stagnant it in no way means you are not spiritual soul mates! This just means you are human like everyone else and experience the highs and lows of love. If you are ready to evolve spiritually with your partner and open up to spiritual love try out some of these 12 ways you can create a spiritual connection with your romantic partner.

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1) Trust Each Other 

When you first start dating someone it can be extremely difficult to form trust. You may have fear that the other person will not accept you or that they will judge you for who you truly are. When you are trying to create a stronger spiritual conation with someone though, it is essential that you trust each other. This can strengthen your connection immensely. 

Knowing that your partner will love and understand who you are no matter what will bridge any insecurities that may be present. This will help create a layer of stability that allows you both to build trust on a deeper level. Your feelings of love can increase knowing there is trust between you. Having faith in your romantic relationship is a foundation for so many other spiritual experiences. If you don’t have trust you will not feel comfortable reaching the deep soul connection you may be looking for.

Spiritual Connection Trust

2) Remember You are Both Human

When you initially get together with someone there is a tendency to venerate the person. They can do no wrong in your eyes, their quirks are adorable, and you rarely notice any of the overtly “human” aspects to your new love interest. Fast forward a couple or more years down the road and you will notice every little thing about a person from the good to the bad to the ugly. 

When you desire to create a deeper spiritual connection with someone it is imperative that you use graciousness. Your special someone will want you to cut them some slack! They are human and so are you. Leave room for understanding and forgiveness. Try to remember that most people have good intentions even if they do not always come across as we would hope!

Everything will not always go perfect and the leeway you provide to your partner will go a long way. Your spiritual connection will deepen when you and your partner can relax and be yourself with your wide and wonderful range of human habits, behaviors, and emotions.

Spiritual Connection Human

3) Practice Empathy

Empathy is when you vicariously experience the emotions, thoughts, or experiences of someone else. When you practice empathy with your romantic partner you are putting yourself in their shoes and they in yours. You are attuning emotionally to each other and gaining a greater understanding of what your partner is truly going through. Your body can act as an emphatic vehicle just as much as your emotions. 

When you take the time to truly understand your partners hopes, fears, attitudes, and sorrows your spiritual connection with grow deeper. Using empathy allows you to be more patient with your partner. It also opens up psychic pathways so you can discuss less and feel more. You can anticipate better what your partner’s soul or spirit needs to be fulfilled and will be able to honor their authentic experience. There is also an opportunity for you to reap the benefits of being more spiritually connected through this psychological pathway.

Spiritual Connection Empathy

4) Be Sexually Intimate

On the surface it may not seem that sex between you and your partner can be a spiritual experience, however, being sexually intimate with someone is one of the best ways you can create a spiritual connection with someone! Due to the fact that sexual intimacy requires trust this will inherently deepen your emotional connection. Truly being intimate with someone creates a psychic bond that links you together on a spiritual level. 

In many new age circles and other spiritual traditions it is believed that each person has an energy field around them sometimes called an aura. When you connect physically with someone especially through sex you establish a metaphysical connection with each other’s soul or spirit as you blend your energy fields blend together.

Spiritual Connection Intimacy

5) Allow the Free Expression of Emotion

Everyone gives off certain vibes whether positive or negative the energy someone is emitting can be called the person’s “vibe.” When you are with a romantic partner and have created a physical connection there is a much greater chance that you will pick up on the emotional energy in your partnership. For example you will be highly in tune with how your partner is feeling much like empathy and there may be an unspoken exchange of emotions. 

To create a deeper spiritual connection with someone it is important to allow space for the expression of your passions, sentiments, and concerns. If one of you feel stifled or you cannot properly let your emotions be free this can create a spiritual block in your partnership. Relationships need time to process the entire gambit of human emotions. Holding space for someone to work through their own spiritual self expression is a vital part of expanding your connection.

Spiritual Connection Twin Flame

6) Listen Intently 

One of the best ways you can expand your spiritual connection with someone is by listening. So often we are caught up in our heads. We are thinking about what we are going to say next or over analyzing what the other person is doing that we forget to truly listen to someone. If you want to deepen your spiritual bond with your romantic partner then it is essential that you learn to listen intently. 

Most relationships rely on having excellent communication in order for everything to run smoothly from the daily schedule to getting each other’s needs met. The same goes in the spiritual realm. If you set aside time to hear your partner out listen to their thoughts then you will create a stronger spiritual connection. When your partner listens to you as well you will feel your experiences are being validated. The act of listening will also confirm that you have respect for each other as individuals!

Spiritual Connection Listen Intently

7) Share Your Deepest Thoughts

When you share your deepest thoughts with the person you love there is an opportunity to take your relationship to another level. Everyone has aspects to themselves that they may be apprehensive to share with others. You may have ideas and thoughts about life that you would like to tell your partner but have not figured out how just yet. 

Sharing the inner workings of your psyche with your significant other can increase your love connection. Asking questions about what your partner is thinking is a good way to open up to these conversations. You are with this person for a reason and if you have built a strong foundation of trust then you should feel free enough to share your deepest thoughts and desires!

Spiritual Connection Candle

8) Practice Mindfulness Together

Be in the moment together. When you practice mindfulness you are highly aware of the present moment. The past or future do not hold as much weight as right now. If you and your partner are mindful when together you have a better chance of creating a spiritual connection. You are more open to experience the authentic and honest emotions happening in the present moment. 

Love is easier to feel when you are wholly focused on the person in front of you. Your spirituality is deepened by the awareness you are bringing to each other. Your partner will be more in tune with your needs and actual desires when you practice mindfulness together. This form of meditation can allow you more enjoyment of the time you spend with your partner as you will be fully present emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

Spiritual Connection Practice Mindfulness

9) Discuss Your Hopes and Dreams

Being future oriented with your partner can be an inspiring way to create a spiritual connection. Everyone has aspirations, beliefs, and values. Discussing these topics with your partner not only creates a better spiritual connection but also aligns you to the same vibrational wavelength. If you both find you have similar hopes and dreams you can partner to see these ideas realized.

If you both have very different hopes and dreams you can help each other to achieve your individual goals. Demonstrating you care that your partner is able to work towards their spiritual dreams even when they differ from yours shows you have honor and respect in your relationship! Having deep conversations about your relationship is essential to a lasting connection. Discussing your spiritual thoughts can you bring you closer together as a couple.

Spiritual Connection Hopes and Dreams

10) Make Eye Contact for Spiritual Love

Research has shown that making eye contact can create an instant connection between you and someone else. If you are feeling that you and your partner have grown distant then make an effort to make some eye contact! Looking into each other’s eyes brings a deep sense of knowing. There is an opportunity for an awareness of each other’s soul when you take action in this way. 

Your perception of your partner can deepen as you honor their spirit within their physical body. The eyes of a person are a look into the private life of someone. Intense eye contact can provide you non-verbal cues into how your partner is feeling, thinking, or perceiving a situation. This can also develop sensitivity between you both as prolonged eye contact can be an intensely vulnerable experience. This step to a deeper spiritual love connection will require fearlessness and bravery!

Spiritual Connection Eye Contact

11) Learn from Each Other 

As individuals we all have our own personal experiences of the divine or spirituality. When you choose to grow alongside your partner in this way you have the opportunity to learn from each other. In sharing your perspective and in turn your partner sharing theirs you have a chance to take your spiritual connection even deeper. 

Practicing spirituality together can open doors to a greater sense of intimacy. Some things you can do together are read each other’s tarot cards, practice spiritual rituals together, or discuss your astrology or numerology! If you each bring something of your own spirituality to the table you will have an opportunity to evolve beside each other. 

Taken a step further you even have the opportunity to learn how to react to certain situations. If you desire to have greater control over particular emotions or feelings work with your partner to practice this. You can do the same for them thus strengthening your trust and connection. 

Spiritual Connection Tarot Cards

12) Validate Each Other’s Experiences 

Validation is one of the most important aspects we humans desire when it comes to spirituality. This can be even greater within a relationship. In truth we want to feel that our experiences have happened, hold weight, and are legitimate. When you are trying to form a spiritual connection with someone it is crucial that you validate your partner’s experiences. Even if you do not agree at times or think something is impossible your partner will be better able to trust you when you believe them. 

You each have your own rich interior life and are excavating your inner psyches together on this spiritual journey. It is imperative that neither of you feel shut down when sharing your experiences. This creates an open flow of communication. On a psychic level this will establish an energetic pathway to move freely between you. Reduce your judgement and ask your partner to do the same. Validating each other’s hopes, aspirations, and desires can create a profound spiritual connection in your relationship!

Spiritual Connection Learn from Each Other

Spiritual Guidance for your Relationship 

Ultimately your relationship holds potential for creating a more intense spiritual connection. Both partners need to be open and ready to experience their partner on this heart-centered vibrational level. The energy you give off is important as your partner will pick up the vibe you are expressing. If you are searching and hoping for a deeper spiritual bond to be created in your partnership start by talking with your significant other. 

Getting in touch with your own spirit and soul will be important as well. When you know yourself better and have a great understanding of your personal desires, beliefs, dreams, and values you will better be able to open up to your partner. If you have confidence in yourself and have validated your own spiritual experiences as authentic you will better be able to approach your partnership on this level. 

Finding spiritual alignment within your partnership is possible and a valuable way of expressing spiritual love. Creating a spiritual connection contributes to long lasting relationships and life long bonds between people. Have you tried some of these ideas to create a spiritual connection with someone? How do you feel about your spiritual soul mate? Let us know in the comments below.


12 Ways to Create a Spiritual Connection with Someone
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12 Ways to Create a Spiritual Connection with Someone
Did you know it is possible to create a deep spiritual connection with someone? If you are ready to evolve spiritually with your partner and open up to spiritual love try out some of these 12 ways you can create a spiritual connection with your romantic partner.
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