Spiritual Love

Relationships are built on a connection between physicality, personality, and typically shared interests. This bond can be taken a step further in a partnership through creating a spiritual love connection through sex and relating. This can come naturally to a couple or be developed over time. When people get together in a relationship there is more happening on an energetic level than may initially meet the eye. We all give off certain vibes and have a particular energy about us, this is part of our spirituality. This is sometimes referred to as one’s energetic field and it is composed of a person’s emotions, desires, memories, and thoughts.

When individuals get together they inevitability share their energetic fields with each other. This spiritual energy will pass between both people thus creates a unique metaphysical vibration. Have you ever felt that someone had a wall up and you were unable to access their emotions? It was as if you were always trying to figure out what their intentions were or how they felt about you. This would imply they had spiritual blocks up keeping the spiritual love and energy from being able to flow freely between you. There are a number of reasons one may have emotional blocks in place, typically due to a past interaction or experience with someone else.

Building a spiritual connection in your relationship is like building bridges between two souls on the spiritual plane. When you open yourself up to vulnerability and trust in love this automatically takes down some of the spiritual roadblocks. Through meditation together you can tune into each other’s heart-centred energy in order to deepen the spirituality experienced between you. When you are open and understanding with you partner of their desires, hopes, and dreams this creates a bond on the spiritual plane. Having sex with your partner can also link you together spiritually. When you take the step to connect with your partner through spiritual sex you are opening yourself up to sharing your souls with each other.

This deep relationship connection can be felt through making eye contact and spiritually demonstrating your love for your partner. The spirituality you create between you and your partner will be undeniable when you are in love on a soul level. You will know you have built these spiritual bridges when you feel your honest emotions, feelings, and energy passing between you and your partner through spirituality and sex.