Spirituality is an immense topic that can be approached from many divergent viewpoints and perspectives. One way to describe spirituality is a belief in an unseen framework operating beyond oneself connecting all living, non-living, or sentient beings. Depending on your background, culture, and beliefs this idea can mean something very different to you as an individual. Many traditional religious and new age belief systems have some concept of spirituality. Ultimately spirituality is of a very expansive nature and each person can choose how they want to approach their connection to spirit.

Tapping into your spirituality can be a life changing and profound journey to finding depth, meaning, growth, inspiration and relation between yourself and the universe. Some people view spirituality as a strictly religious experience while others view the concept as a malleable idea able to change and morph as one goes through life.

Often times people interested in spirituality are looking to grow and evolve on their sacred path through an exploration of meditation, mindfulness, spiritual love or through other spiritual means. There is typically a devotional quality when someone is delving into their spirituality. For example, one may choose to have a daily practice of meditation or engage in rituals during the new and full cycles of the Moon. There are countless ways you can explore your connection to the divine depending on what you are inspired by most but a good place to start is with daily meditation or mindfulness. If you are interested in numerology, tarot, or astrology you have can also incorporate spirituality within these systems if you so choose.

Spirituality is like diving into a deep well of unknown water where the journey is the destination. Discovering and embracing your spirituality is recognizing that there is more to you then just your surface qualities, the mundane, or your everyday existence. There is so much more to your experience here on Earth and spirituality is a recognition of the uncharted territory of your psyche and yourself. Above all spirituality is your web of connection between you and the sacred mysteries of life.

Topics in Spirituality