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12 Obvious Signs an Aries Man Likes You

An Aries man likes to have a good time and put himself out there in love. With his outgoing personality and myriad of friends, you can find your Aries man playing the field when it comes to dating and relationships.

This star sign may seem like all fun and games, but he does have a serious romantic side. 

An Aries man is known for being flirty, so it may be hard to distinguish a sign an Aries man likes you form him just having fun and being his normal flirty self.

12 Signs an Aries Man Likes You

1. He will want you by his side everywhere he goes

A sign an Aries man likes you is when will invites you to be by his side for every affair. The Aries man can hold his own in a social situation, rarely shy, he is often the center of the drama at parties and events.

He likes to stay really busy and active so there will be a lot of fun and exciting adventures when you are the object of this man’s affection. 

Even when a shy Aries man likes you, he will come out of his shell very quickly and become quite confident over time. Expect a lot of wild parties, sporting events, and to be invited to his family gatherings.

An Aries man believes that life is about spending time with others and will want to spend a lot of time with you. He will ask will want to have fun and get to know you in these social environments. 

The Aries man in love will be proud of his mate and want to show you off to all of his friends and colleagues. This zodiac sign of independence secretly wants someone who will be there to share life’s moments with him every step of the way.

A man showing he's interested in a woman - Signs an Aries man likes you

2. He will try to show off around you

If an Aries man likes you, he will try to show off around you. He will be super animated with his hands when talking and will speak louder to draw your attention. 

At any age, he can be seen showing off his strength. Appearing strong is of high importance to this sign, and therefore he will want to make sure you feel safe in the knowledge that he can protect and take care of you.

Also, showing him your passions and achievements is a great way to keep an Aries man interested in you.

3. He will invite you on playful dates 

The Aries man will want to show you what a rebel he can be by creating fun and adventurous dates for you to do together. The sign of the forever child will want to play in the dirt so to speak when he wants you!

He will invite you on daring mountain hikes, skiing, and other extreme adventures. 

An Aries man will have a love of the outdoors and will often push his physical limits. He wants his physical body to be in the best shape, and it usually will be!

He loves sports and the thrill of competition. Date night with this man may include tickets to a soccer match, basketball game, or other sporting events. 

Watching a competitive sport with his lady is a real turn on for this sign. The excitement of the game, cheering, and risk is all part of an Aries man’s ideal date night. He will find it very sexy and will reward you for being a good sport! 

4. He will be spontaneous with you

If an Aries man likes you, he will do completely random and spontaneous things around you.

He may show up at your place unexpectedly with a six-pack ready to hang out. An Aries man in love is known for his eagerness.

He loves to be fun and loop the person he likes in on his antics. This zodiac sign loves humor and keeping things light when he can. 

When he fancies someone, he will be looking for a mate that can play and relax with him. He wants to be with someone who will not take life too seriously as the zodiac sign of Aries can put a lot of pressure on himself and he needs a way to release and relax.

5. He will not play hard to get

An Aries man will not be shy about how he feels about you when he likes you. He will be more than happy to be obvious and not play hard to get. 

Aries men will say it like it is almost every time. If he likes you, you can expect him to spare you the tortures of dating mind games.

This zodiac sign is not into cryptic messages or confusing relationship drama and will not risk losing ruining it with you by messing around.

This determined sign will be available to you when you need him and more than willing to discuss his relationship intentions with you.

He will be open to your questions and even likes direct confrontation so he can get straight to the point!

Ask him how he feels about you and he will do the same. There are rarely communication issues when this zodiac sign is trying to win your heart.

6. He will give you plenty of compliments on your appearance

If an Aries man likes you, you’ll hear him give you a lot of compliments on your appearance. He will search for the deeper meaning down the road but typically starts with what is in front of him first. 

He will be attracted to your appearance and let you know how beautiful he thinks you are! An Aries man is typically gorgeous himself and known to work on his physique.

This zodiac sign will also notice all the little details about you when he has feelings for you.

For example, he will take note of your eye color and other facial features when you first meet.

He is the most likely sign to give you the “eyes are the window to the soul” speech as a way into your heart. The Aries man is being genuine when he gives you compliments and truly wants to make you feel special.

7. He will be extremely flirty with you

Another sign Aries man has a crush on you is he will want to touch and flirt with you constantly. He will not be able to keep his hands off of you as he expresses himself with his fiery personality.

This passionate sign has so much energy it will be overflowing when he is around the person he likes. 

Think funny pranks and cute teasing with this star sign. Laughter and a lot of touching will be his style. He will try to kiss, hug, and touch you when he can.

This affectionate sign is not afraid to cuddle and typically a macho man, he will also want to show you his sensitive side when he likes you. 

As a form of flirting the Aries man may be somewhat confrontational and try to push your buttons to some extent.

Known for being somewhat combative this zodiac sign likes the thrill of a good debate. He will want to connect with you through healthy and playful arguing as a form of flirting.

With a mischievous sense of humor this zodiac sign will get a rush out of seeing you get a little flustered and find you absolutely adorable when he flirts with you in this way.

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Aries Man Flirting

8. He will want to meet your friends

One sign he is interested in you is when he wants to meet your friends. It will be of high importance to him that you know he is interested in what you are up to in your social life. 

He will be super nice to your friends and may even offer to drive everyone around for a night out so you can relax and enjoy yourself.

This star sign is somewhat of a show off so being your knight in shining armour in front of your friends is a win for him as well! 

An Aries man in love can be a real charmer, so he will gain your friend’s trust in him no problem.

When the Aries man wants to start sharing in each other’s social life this is a definite sign that he likes you!

Expect this outgoing sign to seamlessly fit in with your posse as if he has been there all along. You get the best of both worlds with this sign; having fun with your crew and your man.

9. He will want to move quickly in the relationship

Entirely assertive in love, an Aries man is not a time waster and will want to move quickly into a relationship. Once he has locked in on you as his love interest he will put extra effort towards being number one in your life. 

He will work on his commitment phobia and really try to step it up as a relationship man when he likes you.

This fire sign is known to change his mind frequently and make decisions swiftly. So the additional effort he puts into making a promise to you is a genuine sign that he likes you.

This self-assured star sign will go after you with gusto. His more decisive side will come out when he is pursuing a love interest.

Motivation to beat out any other suitors vying for your attention will push him harder to win your heart. The intense and competitive nature of Aries really shows when he is trying to get the gal.

He is thrilled by the chase, but will be happy to win the prize as well!

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10 He will put you first in everything 

A sign an Aries man is in love with you is that he will put you first in everything! Associated with the symbol of the ram, this zodiac sign is known for always taking the lead and being first.

However, when he likes someone it is an entirely different story and we see a different side to him.

His needs become second to yours and this is one of the obvious signs an Aries man likes you! Your Aries man will be concerned with your comfort, your safety, and your happiness.

He wants to see you smile and truly feels a rush when he sees you are enjoying yourself because of him. 

When he is falling for you he will take into consideration what you need and make sure to take steps to fulfill them.

He will make sure he is present for all of your important events. He will be willing to support you through family dinners and gatherings.

Your Aries man will make sure you are protected and safe everywhere you go. This star sign wants to make sure you get the first choice on everything.

First dibs on leftovers, your pick of where to eat out, and your choice of movie to see at the theatres when he likes you.

11. He will show you his romantic side

Surprisingly traditional at times, the Aries man has a classic romantic side.

He will supply you with all of the trimmings of a typical romance when he likes you. Complete with dinner and desert the Aries man will want to spend money on the person he likes. 

The Aries man in love likes to take the initiative and lead the way is his pleasure. He will make sure you feel extra special and well taken care of on date night.

This star sign will surprise you with flowers and other romantic gestures. He will make sure to open doors for you and may even pull your chair out for you at dinner.

A sign an Aries man likes you is when shows you his romantic side. He wants to impress and prove to you that he is not all fun and games, but has a deeper sensitive side. 

12. He will just tell you!

Lastly, a sign an Aries man likes you is when he just tells you! This sign wants to win your heart and he will speak his feelings freely.

Extremely confident and courageous the Aries man will confront you on how he feels right from the start.

He is not known for his patience actually, so he will not be able to wait to tell you! With a sense of excitement in everything he does, the Aries man dives in head first!

As the first sign on the zodiacal wheel, this star sign is known for being number one in everything.

Competitive in nature, he knows a gal appreciates a bold approach in love. He wants to prove his bravery by wearing his heart on his sleeve!

If you like an Aries man then the best advice is to tell him how you feel! He will be attracted to your fearless approach to love and dating. 

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The spontaneous and independent sign of the ram can surely be confusing in love. With his bold approach to making an impression on the person, he likes it may be so obvious you miss the signs an Aries man likes you!

A very passionate zodiac sign, the fiery Aries man, is looking for someone who can share exciting adventures in love. What do you think, have you seen these 12 obvious signs an Aries man likes you in your relationship?

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Monday 16th of May 2022

Hi guys so i'm a capricorn its funny how I meet my boyfriend so I am just gonna go into this and it really was fun so yesterday when I was texting my boyfriend this other guy well started talking trash about me and my boyfriend got involved stood up to that guy right then and there I was surprised but he really was my hero that day he was I know I know it seems silly that I would post this here but it was really sweet of him to save me like that it had me blushing and yeah capricorns we genrally are never like this so it is very rare for me to be exspressing this much emotion the truth is I really love my boyfriend and well he is kind yet emotional you know its like this is the guy I like him and well ok so it is more then a like its more love then anything else the point is I basically fell in love with him and so I am allowing him to love me even though I know that it can be complicated and chaotic its life but still I just clicked with him naturally which is very rare for even me I never really have clicked with guys and yet there was something unquie and beautiful and different about my boyfriend we just clicked like that we fell in love and we never really will let go of each other like ever or at least thats what I hope for that I will be able to stay to remain with him and one day marry him and yes this well it just slipped out there but you get it I still have hope for a future with him and maybe later on once we get married with our kids to I geuss what i'm trying to say is I love my boyfriend and well yeah ok by have a nice day.


Thursday 11th of March 2021

He's my boy best friend right now. Reading this article made me realize that he checked EVERYTHING except for the last part, confessing. Maybe it will come sooner or later


Thursday 21st of January 2021

I am a piscies woman who had been talking to an ariesan off and on since July, I fell for him hard and fast I like him more then I ever thought I even liked my ex husband even that I met my ex nothing compares to the way u feel for this man. Anyway so we hung out off and on for 2 months but he would never really commit, never got my numvwr or on my fb page and he does have alit of things going on in his life that are very stressful, he said he really liked me and everything and just stopped talking to me and theb I finally got an answer out if him and he said it's was my insecurities. 2 weeks go by and u texted him again qe talked for 2 days theb he vanished. Now it's been 2 months and just a few days ago he got a hold of me at the same time I happened to be thinking of him lol and he is acting alot different theb he ever had actually showing me affection by holding me or the things he says, but he still don't talk to me as much he can go most of the day with out talking to me where we only text a few times and that's it, but other times he will talk more, and he still hasn't requested me on fb or asked for my phone number we still only talk through messenger on fb, and also he still tells me he likes hanging out and talking to me but basically til his life is not really crazy it doesn't sound like anything will be affixing. So what I am trying to figure out is what's his deal? Does he want to be with me? Is he just playing games? and if he is just playing games what made him get a hold of me after 2 months? There must be something there


Tuesday 25th of August 2020

Hi, i'm a taurean of course interested in aries but i don't really know that these feelings are mutual or not it's really killing me i want to know whether he likes me or nah! we're are basically best friends and i'm not sure if he takes me just as a bestie or likes me!


Saturday 25th of July 2020

I’m an Aries woman that’s loves an Aries man very much and he feels the same way... It’s crazy how we are so I tuned with each other... it’s been this way since 4th grade we are now in our 30s we argue we debate, we laugh so hard everything just seems so blissful with him...sometimes if my energy is off he’ll text or call and it’s like wow how did you know and the same with him if I call or send a message he like like hey you were on my mind heavy and I look down and seen your text or missed call. We have a history we always had a strong connection...things are just so complicated and we have been super honest with each other and he just like I belong with him and he belongs with me...he really is a great man. But the read is good very spot on.