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11 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

11 Obvious Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

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As one of the quirkiest signs in the Zodiac, the Aquarius man certainly is a mysterious creature. He is hard to read at times making it especially hard to tell if he likes you!

Representative of the future, this sign will be anything but traditional in love. In fact, he goes out of his way to challenge the status quo on traditional relationships. 

Are you are confused as to whether the Aquarius man has a crush on you? Is he just infatuated by your own set of quirks?

Continue reading to find out the 11 obvious signs an Aquarius man is interested in you! Also, see the signs an Aquarius woman likes you.

11 Clear Signs an Aquarius Man Likes You

1. He invites you into his personal life

If an Aquarius man likes you he will certainly let you into his inner circle. He will let you in on his most private thoughts, hopes, and dreams. 

The Aquarius man is very private and will not divulge information about his personal life willingly.

He likes people to work for it and prove to him that they are worthy of sharing in his personal life.

The Aquarius man is inventive and attracted to an idealized image of the world. He will want to make sure you share in his vision of the future.

If he loves you, he will be sure to let you in on his secrets. You will get an invite you over to his place where he may show off his amazing book and other collections. 

2. He will try to flirt with you

If an Aquarius man has an interest in you, he will openly flirt with you. He will behave in a very playful manner around you and encourage you to join in with his antics. 

Not used to being behind in life the Aquarius man most likely grew up nerdy and hasn’t quite figured out how to woo a lady properly.

His adorable charm will kick in as he tries to impress you with his humor or other things he thinks falls under the flirting category. Go with the flow and appreciate how he puts himself out there to impress you.

He will try to connect with you romantically but it most likely will end up somewhat bumbling and awkward, which you will find adorable if you love him!

You can both laugh it off and know that you are building a strong friendship that has the potential for romance.

Aquarius Man tries flirting

3. He will take you on a date to the movies

An Aquarius man typically has a deep love of film and the artistry of this craft. He will be an avid moviegoer.

Inviting you to movie dates is a common way an Aquarius man will show his interest in you. He will want to share his favorite interests with you and expect you to be just as into it as he is.

If a film is not his thing, then look out for other interesting hobbies he claims to be an expert in. If he invites you along to indulge in this part of his life then that is another clue that your Aquarius is falling for you.

An Aquarius man loves intellectual and abstract discussions, if he likes you he will be very interested in having long and interesting dialogues with you.

The shy Aquarius man will come out of his shell when he is doing something he enjoys with someone he has a crush on.

4. He will want to explore off-beat and weird things with you!

Known for an off-beat and almost extraterrestrial personality the Aquarius man is anything but ordinary.

With an exceptionally fascinating array of interests, the Aquarius man will have developed many weird and “out there” things to explore. He will want to take you along with him for his curious explorations.

If an Aquarius man fancies you, he will make sure to invite you on all of his excursions.

Think road trips with a lot of “road-side-attractions,” haunted houses, and speakeasies. The Aquarius man will have all the intel of the especially remote and exclusive hot spots to visit.

An obvious sign he likes you is when he invites you along for the ride on these unique experiences with him!

He will want you to be open to doing new things and will expect you to also show fascination in alternative experiences.

Get ready to explore your wild side and be ready for a mind-bending adventure with your Aquarius man. You will never get bored when an Aquarius man likes you as he will continue to find new horizons to reach with you. 

5. He will show you a lot of affection in private

Not one to show affection in public an Aquarius man is reserved in many ways and often feels overt displays of love and passion in public are too wild for his tastes.

If an Aquarius man likes you he will save his affections for when you are alone together.

The mysterious ways in which he operates can elude you as the Aquarius man is the universal zodiac sign of friendship, you may find that he only invites you out to group events and get-togethers at first.

Don’t be discouraged though as this is how an Aquarius man bonds with the people he likes!

You may need to take the first step to invite him for some alone time and the Aquarius man will be sure to show you his romantic side once you have him alone.

To keep an Aquarius man hooked on you, it’s a good idea to subtly flirt with him in public and build the tension until you both have some alone time. 

6. He will want to have intellectual conversations with you

The Aquarius man needs intellectual stimulus in order to stay interested in the people around him.

He needs to be challenged and he likes to feel brilliant, which oftentimes he is! If an Aquarius man likes you he will crave intellectual conversations with you.

He will want to talk about his ideas for the world and have a person to bounce his extraordinary visions of the future off of.

If you are at a party a sure sign he likes you is if he picks you out of the crowd to strike up an interesting conversation.

Have your topics ready and do not be afraid to debate with your Aquarius love interest! He will love a good debate and a woman not afraid to speak her mind and share in some healthy intellectual banter!

If he really likes you he will find it hard to end the conversation and can keep you interested for hours! He will want you to hang on his every brilliant word and he will really want to impress you by showing you his affection in this way!

7. He will be fascinated by you

When the Aquarius man has a crush on you he will be infatuated by every facet of your personality. You can do no wrong in his eyes and he will put you on a high pedestal.

Often times he is aloof and nonchalant about what other people are up to as he feels no one can be as brilliant or highly evolved as he is, but if he likes you an obvious sign is that he will be extremely interested in every detail about you.

He will want to know what books you are reading, what philosophies you like, and he will be infatuated by your physical appearance as well.

An Aquarius man will want to spend a lot of time with you so he can figure you out.

He will give you compliments on your physical appearance and will not judge what you wear and actually like when you do not follow current trends! He is very attracted to natural beauty and alternative styles.

8. He will call you his best friend

The Aquarius man is known for his excellent friendship and he is much more open to sharing himself as a friend before he allows himself to give into romance.

One way he will find his way into your heart is by developing an amazing friendship with you first.

He will make you feel special by putting in the extra effort to create an authentic bond.

When he reaches a level he truly feels comfortable with you, he will be ready to move into romance, but not before he feels a good amount of trust between the two of you.

Be ready for private romance and to be caught off guard for when your Aquarius man decides he likes you as more than just friends as it will come as a surprise!

9. He will really listen to you

Another way to tell when an Aquarius man likes you is by how much he listens to you. He will be hanging on your every word as you are the object of his affection.

When an Aquarius man likes you he will believe everything you say is amazing and brilliant.

He will want to make sure he has your brilliance all to himself though. The Aquarius man will really listen to what you have to say and genuinely take into account your thoughts, experiences, and beliefs.

He may not always agree with them but he certainly will listen with complete rapture and attention. The Aquarius man is turned on by your clever inventiveness.

The Aquarius man knows exactly what he wants and he will not waste his time on people he has no interest in.

Not known to make direct eye contact often the Aquarius man will reveal he fancies you by staring at you intently as you talk. Your Aquarius man will not want to miss a word you say and will be completely tuned into your energy. 

Aquarius Man's Best Friend

10. He will be attracted to you for your ideas 

Often the one to lead the show and set the trends, although the Aquarius man is unaware of this, he will be attracted to your ideas if he likes you.

He will make sure your ideas are propped up and taken seriously by your friend group.

A very cerebral way of showing affection the Aquarius man needs to be attracted to your ideas and if he likes you he will go along with them whether he believes in them or not!

He really wants to show you he supports you and that he is willing to stand by your side no matter what. A true sign of affection is that he is endorsing and standing behind you.

The Aquarius man is progressive and will not settle for traditional relationship stereotypes or gender roles. He will want nothing more than to be on an equal playing field with his mate and will expect a completely equal partnership.

11. He will show you his vulnerable side

The Aquarius man is anything but liberal with his feelings. He will keep his emotions close to his heart and rarely if ever lets his sensitive side out to play.

Further signs an Aquarius man likes you is that he will absolutely start to show his vulnerable side.

He will open up slowly and make sure you are a safe audience. He will know that in order to seal the deal with you he will need to open up to sharing his feelings with you!

Your Aquarius man will make sure to tell you romantic and loving things. He will give you plenty of compliments and attention to show you he likes you.

He will want to spend more time with you so he can feel comfortable enough to open up and show his vulnerable sides.

Once an Aquarius man likes you he will be defenseless to keep his feelings a secret. He will want to act on how he feels, giving you plenty of kisses and physical affection to demonstrate his love interest in you!

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With his detached and cool attitude, it can be difficult to tell if your Aquarius man likes you, but there are a few ways that really give away his game.

He will be difficult to pin down and getting to know him requires patience.

But lookout for these obvious signs an Aquarius man likes you so you can know for sure!

What do you think, does your Aquarius man shows he likes you in these ways?


Wednesday 10th of May 2023

I have an Aquarius man. I am a Libra. We are both air signs we get along great. When I first decided to deal with him about 4 years ago ( I’ve know him for 6 tho) he def gave mixed emotions. Once I actually gave him space and showed him it’s plenty of fish in the sea , he did stop giving mixed emotions. We become good friends ( we would flirt but that’s the Libra in me) we talked about any and everything. Our bond grew stronger. He would make sure to tell me his misses me. We decided to make it official about 7 months ago. I believe with Aquarius they need that friendship before anything. Sometimes ppl just don’t work ( like my ex who was a sag ) n it’s ok there will b someone out there for everyone. I love my Aquarius man.🫶🏼


Monday 26th of April 2021

I am aquarius... I guess it's all not true but yeah wat we want is complete truth and equal give n take policy n relationship..


Saturday 17th of April 2021

I really really like my Aquarius man, but he’s like my best friend. Will my relationship with him ever blossom or will we just stay friends? I feel like I’m trapped. AND HE SHOWS ALL THESE SIGNS!!


Wednesday 31st of March 2021

Pls I need an advise about my aquarius man. We're working in this same place, but suddenly i just have a dream that he's my husband with children and I told him. Since that time I was calling him show him love, I sent text to let him knows But suddenly he blocked my phone number. Pls advise me.


Tuesday 12th of January 2021

I’m in a strange situation with an aquarius sun & moon man that i just cannot seem to read. I am a cancer woman with an aquarius moon myself so me and this man get along so great its insane! Oddly enough, we met through a group chat of mutual friends on snapchat (basically i got added to a gc by one of my friends and he was in it although i had never known him before). for some reason he added me as a friend soon after and we started snapping ever since. we have the worlds best conversations, they are always perfectly crafted witty, charming, funny intellectual banter- from the both of us- and i know this is what really drew us together. after talking like this for a decent amount of time, he used to make jokes asking me to come over and help him work on his car and that he will teach me things so i can help him properly or to he would make joke to come “save him” from whatever odd situation he was in at the time. he lives about 45 minutes away from me so these were not super realistic, but i definitely took this as flirting. he also at one time teased me for being older than him (im like 6 months older) to which he eventually replied with, “at least for being ancient you still stayed cute :-)” This was the first and only time he complimented my looks before i met him, so i think is worth noting. But eventually as he was persistent with asking me to help him with his car or something of the sort (maybe asked 10 times over the course of 40 days) i finally said yes and that i would come (before this i had always said something funny or like “im on my way!” but never actually went bc i thought he was joking). But nonetheless, when that day i said yes finally came, i went to his house and we hit it off like no other. We had the same witty banter we had had on snapchat, but now in person. When i first got there (around 6pm) he did! work on his car with me and he taught me every step of the way, even though i had no clue what was going on. After then he took me to get food and we had funny convo’s the whole time. then after we left the restaurant, he drove me all around his town showing me his old houses, cool places, or places in his town that held importance to him. Once we finished that, we went back to his house (around 10pm) and he showed me more cool things of his, he brought out his guitar and taught me how to play some cords and at this time definitelyyyy gave me those eyes that he was were flirting or maybe he was just trying to act cute and boyish- but this was the first obvious flirting i had seen all night and it was only 1 second long, every interaction before this was something i would do with a friend- funny convos and funny banter, but not flirty teasing. After he put his guitar away, we sat on his bed face to face, not close at all, and just talked and talked and talked and laughed and laughed about everything under the sun- still friendly stuff and not huge flirting signs. we did inch ourselves closer and closer to each other so much that we eventually laid on our stomachs touching shoulders with each other showing stuff on our phones, but once we put the phone down we would always separate again. Anyway, we stayed up talking like this until about 2am and at this point he said, “im guessing youre staying over.... (i didnt say anything bc i didnt want to invite myself) and then said, “im not gonna have you drive home at 2am in the rain.” so i just agreed and we continued talking. we talked and talked for so long the conversation just never ever ended and it never seemed like it was gonna- i remember hearing his watch beep at every hour passing and thinking what the heck i thought it had only been 4 minutes- our conversations were just completely effortless (that was so cute to me). But eventually, at nearly 5am, we were both yawning and hes like, “okay you actually want to sleep now?” and i just said yeah or whatever. he got up and turned off the light and at this time i was still sitting on the end of the bed facing the wall and hes like, “youre laying on the bed this way when it goes this way haha” and im like, “well pick a way to sleep” and he motioned to the correct way the bed went and i went over there. i laid with my back facing him and he laid the same way as me, when i felt him do this i scooted back and moved into him so we were spooning. he grabbed me and we started to go to sleep. after awhile i started shifting around and he started lightly scratching my stomach. we just SUBTLY started teased each other like this until he finally came around and kissed me. one thing led to another and sparks flew and we just uh, yeah you know. and we never slept that whole night bc uh yeah, you know. And we could not keep our hands off each other. Something i thought that was really cute was when we werent busy doing “uh yeah” and were just laying and trying to sleep, he would kiss my forehead, my checks, my nose, everywhere around my face or rub my nose with his nose- always with the worlds biggest smile that you can just feeel was so genuine- it was so fricken adorable. And in the middle of the night (or i guess morning lol) i would sometimes return the favor and randomly turn over and kiss him too and he would just get that worlds biggest grin again and kiss me back afterward. just so sweet and so so gentle and loving- we kissed probably every 20 minutes all night, so so loving (he has a pisces mars if that helps you know how he was so loving). in the actual morning we just sat up and talked again staying completely tangled into each other. from the moment we started spooning until i left we did not keep our hands off each other. we were always toughing- he was always just scratching my leg or my back or giving me random gentle kisses (and me doing the same). he also in the morning, when were were just cuddling- me laying on his chest or something- he would grab my face by my jaw and just rub my cheek with his thumb closing his eyes, resting our foreheads on eachother, and smiling hugely again- he did this a lot. he always was putting his head to my head and grabbing my face and closing his eyes and then rub his nose on mine and then kiss me gently before pulling away. then he eventually did something ive always dreamed of. he asked me what time i had to be home and then asked if i wanted to get breakfast with him. so we did and we drove to get breakfast and we ate in the restaurant then when we got back to his house, i finally went home. i kissed him twice before i left outside at my car and he was still so warm and gentle and had that same giant cute smile. Once i got home we kept snapping each other like normal, but i havent seen him since (its been almost 2 weeks) we still talk everyday on snapchat, and our conversations are the same as they were before, but we havent made a plan with each other. I cant help but wonder if we fell in love for the night, but he see’s me as a funny friend just like before. the dynamic of how we are hasnt changed since at all, but i would have seen him already and he has made no plan yet. i keep thinking that maybe he just had sex with me that night bc i was there and he doesnt want anything from me and was just so gentle and loving bc thats how he always is anyway (pisces mars things). I really like the boy and ik a lot about aquarius men so i know not to push them and to let them come to you, and in the meantime, keep up random funny conversations to stimulate his intellectual side- show him youre funny and smart and spontaneous. which is easy for me bc i already am that. and i know to be a friend first, which is also easy for me bc i also want that too. But i just wonder if he has real feelings for me or if we just fell in love for the night bc i was there. technically i know he shows a lot of signs that he is interested in me, but the signs he does show are also signs that he likes me as a friend or that he is gentle in sex anyway- and ik the way he talks to me is similar if not exactly the same to how he talks to his giant group of friends. And with the way we met, being friends, it makes me wonder if that was all he was ever expecting and we just had loving sex for the hell of it. I mean, before i slept over we weren’t intimate really and he didnt openly flirt with (i mean i didnt either but). So i guess im asking, someone read this man for me and tell me what is going on(: we get along perfectly and i love this man already, i want him to be mine. help!