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12 Obvious Signs a Virgo Woman Likes You

A Virgo woman has caught your eye. What are the signs a Virgo woman likes you in return? Like a Virgo man, a Virgo woman in love can be a hard thing to recognize.

Is a Virgo woman attracted to you? Does she think of you as friend? Is the Virgo woman falling in love with you? Is she ready for a committed relationship?

We will take you from the moment you meet and start dating, to the time you are ready for something far more serious.

Knowing the signs a Virgo woman likes you will help you determine when you have the green light to move the relationship to deeper levels.

The Stages of Relationships in Astrology

Relationships are complicated, and they go through stages. Astrology provides a map through each of the stages.

Just as there are 12 zodiac signs, there are also 12 Houses. These Houses are usually mapped from the Ascendant, or Rising Sign.

If you know your Virgo woman’s date, time, and place of birth, and if she is willing, you can get a full birth chart for free at Astrology Season. This chart will tell you the sign of her Ascendant, and you will get the most accurate information using that sign.

When an astrologer does not have a birthtime, they will use what is known as a Sunrise Chart, which is a map the Houses from the Sun. So, if all you know is her Sun Sign (Virgo in this case), you can still follow this map.

The stages of relationships are as follows:

  • 1st House – Getting to Know You
  • 11th House – Becoming Friends
  • 5th House – A Budding Romance
  • 7th House – Ready to Commit

12 Clear Signs a Virgo Woman Likes You – Stage by Stage

Getting to Know You – Signs a Virgo Woman is Attracted to You

Getting to Know You - Signs a Virgo Woman is Attracted to You

The first stage of any relationship is the 1st House, which is the sign itself, Virgo. This is where you meet and decide whether or not you want to meet again.

These are the signs a Virgo woman is attracted to you at the “getting to know you” stage of the relationship.

1) She will have long, engaging conversations with you

If a Virgo woman likes you, she will take the time to have long and meaningful conversations with you. Virgo women are usually very busy people, so if she starts asking your likes and hobbies, then it’s a sign she’s interested in you. 

If she starts telling humorous stories about the things she sees, it is a sure sign that the Virgo woman is attracted to you. She will make jokes and she will laugh at your jokes. She will want to talk with you a lot.

This sign has a sharp wit and a surprisingly good sense of humor. She notices details no one else does, which makes her a fine observer of people.

2) She will notice everything about you

When a Virgo woman has feelings for you, she will pay attention to everything that you do. She will notice everything from the way you like your coffee to the kind of socks you like to wear.

A Virgo woman has a keen eye for detail, and she notices every little thing. From early on, she will tell you things about you that you did not know about yourself.

3) She will make time for you

A Virgo woman will have a busy life. She will do her best in everything she does, and she is usually indispensable at her job.

A Virgo woman will have more than her share of responsibilities in her social groups and organizations, and it is not uncommon for Virgos to be involved in charity work and other social causes.

When a Virgo woman is attracted to you, however, she will carve time out of her schedule for you.

It might hard for her to be spontaneous, and her time maybe along the lines of having a lunch date every Tuesday and Thursday at 12:45 pm which lasts precisely 50 minutes. You can be sure, however, that the Virgo woman is showing she is attracted to you by setting that time aside just for you.

Becoming Friends – Signs a Virgo Woman is Feeling Close to You

Becoming Friends - Signs a Virgo Woman is Feeling Close to You

In most cases, the next step in a relationship is a feeling of friendship or closeness. In astrology, this stage of a relationship belongs to the 11th House. The 11th House from Virgo is Cancer.

When a Virgo woman is starting to feel close to you, she will become softer and more nurturing. She will worry about you and want to take care of you.

These are the signs that a Virgo woman is moving from being merely attracted to feeling close.

4) She will soften with you

One of the signs a Virgo woman likes you and is starting to feel close to you is that she will soften around you. This sign is usually no-nonsense and business-like.

When a Virgo woman starts to feel close, her hard exterior will soften. She will laugh and smile more.

When a Virgo women is feeling close, her appearance will also soften. She will let down her hair, literally.

Her clothing will become a little more relaxed, a little more feminine. Virgo women usually dress neatly, conservatively, and modestly, but when a Virgo woman feels close, she will become less business-like and more casual.

The nature of your conversations will change. They will start to become more emotional. She will tell you her feelings and her insecurities. She might even cry in front of you.

5) She will worry about you

One of the clearest signs a Virgo woman likes you and is feeling close to you is that she will worry about you.

She will want to make sure you are eating right, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and not working too hard.

A Virgo woman truly and deeply cares about the welfare of those close to her, and she will be nervous at any indication that you are not taking care of yourself.

If a Virgo woman starts to nag you, she is showing you how much she cares. She may not say she loves you very often, but she demonstrates her affection by fussing over you.

6) She will cook for you

When a Virgo woman feels close to you, she will want to cook for you. She will have been paying attention to you, and she will know your favorite foods.

Like everything a Virgo does, she will prepare the meal to perfection. The meal will be healthy and nutritious. She will chop the vegetables into precise, even bites. 

A Budding Romance – Signs a Virgo Woman is Falling in Love With You

A Budding Romance - Signs a Virgo Woman is Falling in Love With YouA Budding Romance - Signs a Virgo Woman is Falling in Love With You

As the relationship progresses, if things are going well, the relationship will move from an 11th House close friendship to a 5th House romance.

This is where things get complicated with a Virgo woman. The 5th House from Virgo is Saturn-ruled Capricorn.

As strange as this may seem, a Virgo woman falling in love may go from soft and caring to more distant and business-like. This actually can be a good sign that a Virgo woman likes you in a more romantic way.

It may very well mean that she has moved into a new stage of relationship with you.

7) She may want some space

A Virgo woman falling in love will be surprised by her romantic feelings, and her first impulse will be to run away from them. Virgos are famous for their perfectionism.

A Virgo woman will have her life well ordered. Romantic feelings will disturb her sense of control.

A Virgo woman will often turn her perfectionism in on herself, and she will be self-conscious of all her flaws.

No matter how attractive she is, a modest Virgo woman will have a hard time believing that you return her affections.

When moving from the 11th House with Moon-ruled Cancer to the 5th House with Saturn-ruled Capricorn, all of a Virgo woman’s insecurities may rise to the forefront.

At this point, you might be baffled and think that you have done something wrong. It is also possible that she may say you have.

Virgo women can be quite critical. Virgo is not coy, though, and this sign is not one to refuse to say what is wrong.

If she really wanted to end the relationship, she would do so. If she says she needs space to think, that is exactly what she does need.

So, if the Virgo woman you like suddenly wants distance for no apparent reason, don’t despair. Sudden avoidance is often one of the signs a Virgo woman likes you and is developing deep romantic feelings for you.

If you wait patiently, in time, if she decides to move forward, she will adjust to her feelings and proceed into a new level of relationship with you.

8) She will want to go slowly

This sign is conservative by nature, and a Virgo woman will usually want to take things slowly. Virgos do not date casually, nor do they engage in intimacy lightly.

Even when a Virgo woman has a crush on you, she will have rationally decided exactly how far she will go with you based on the stage of the relationship you are at.

Her caution is a sign that she takes your relationship seriously, and she wants things to go at the right pace.

9) She will want to be useful

At this stage of the relationship, a Virgo woman in love will want to be useful. She will want to help you clean your house.

She will find whatever area of your house that is in disarray, your closet, your sock drawer, your cabinets, your refrigerator, and she will want to put it in order.

Organizing your closet may not seem like the most romantic way to spend a weekend, but if this is what she wants to do, this is one of the sure signs a Virgo woman likes you. She is showing that she cares by trying to be as helpful as she can.

Ready to Commit – Signs A Virgo Woman Likes You Enough For a Long Term Relationship

Ready to Commit - Signs A Virgo Woman Likes You Enough For a Long Term Relationship

The final stage of a relationship belongs to the 7th House, traditionally called the House of Marriage. Any long term stable partnership belongs in this category, whether there is a marriage ceremony or not.

A Virgo woman’s 7th House is Pisces.

When a Virgo woman is becoming serious about you, she will completely change. She has tested you and found you worthy. She is ready to fall head over heels in love.

Here are some of the signs a Virgo woman likes you enough to see you as a long term partner.

10) She will melt with you

When a Virgo woman is ready for a commitment, she will completely melt with you.

At this time, she will lose her strict and careful control, and she will let herself be free and spontaneous.

She will talk freely and openly and laugh openly and expressively. You will see the gentleness in her that you did not see in the previous stages. She will be demonstrative, and even romantic.

11) She will ask your advice

Virgos are keenly analytical and aware of details no one else sees. For this reason, a Virgo woman usually knows better than most people the best way to do most things in her sphere.

She is often quietly (or not so quietly) critical of what she sees as the sloppiness of others, so she will rarely ask anyone for advice.

When a Virgo woman is serious about you, however, she will think very highly of you, and she will have great respect for you and your thoughts and opinions.

She may even start to ask you for help. When this happens it is one of the sure signs a Virgo woman likes you very much and is seeing you as a partner for the long term.

12) She will idolize you

When a Virgo woman is deeply in love, she will put you on a pedestal. You will be able to do no wrong in her eyes. The faults that she keenly noticed before will become charming quirks in her eyes.

When a Virgo woman is ready to commit, she will fantasize about you and your relationship.

The down to earth Virgo will allow herself fairy tale dreams of your life together. You will become her Knight in Shining Armor.

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Developing a relationship with a Virgo woman can be a long journey. The signs a Virgo woman likes you can be confusing and complex.

At the end of the journey, however, she will accept you as her Knight in Shining Armor and want to live happily ever after with you.

Watch for these signs a Virgo woman likes you at each of these stages along the way.

What do you think, does your Virgo woman show she likes you in these ways?

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brieianana adams

Friday 19th of March 2021

yessssss soooooooo trueee


Sunday 21st of February 2021

Spot on. My best friend sent me this and omg yup.


Thursday 7th of January 2021

Hello you sexy beautiful muthafuckas... okay so I'm a pisces... in love with Virgo. I would love to explain n give details n greater insight... but after writing a whole fuckin novel here n for it to not show up or whatever... I could really use some massive assistance. Lol so if any virgos.. prefferably virgo women since I'm dating a virgo woman would lovee to offer sound n amazing advice n talk about themselves n share all thy knowledge with a someone seeking knowledge n some help n clarity please feel free to message me on fb Roberto Morgan. Im currently deactivated but u should still be able to message me n find me. Or u can just call. 5702349500 if i domt asnwer dont be annoyed just leave a message so i can get back to you immediately lol. U guys are awesome!


Thursday 7th of January 2021

So I read this. I'm a Pisces who has been in a 6 month going on 7 month relationship with a Virgo woman. There was some turbulence in the beginning. But we had an instant connection and we hit it off. Then she became unsure. Fighting herself, Undecided, Skeptical about us n me. I have shown her that i am the right man. I have done all she required of me to make her feel comfortable n secure n safe. I have fixed mistakes n done things without her asking to help further show her how serious n dedicated n faithful to her I am. I am in love with this woman... it's rediculous. We have forged a bond n everything had been great. Oct she leaves blocks me on all things n disappears. It caught me off guard I panicked.. she had warned me she does that but I didn't see it coming.. after my friend had hit her up she messaged me basically saying it's not me I've been amazing n that it's just her n she's in her feeling mode n processing things. I was able to calm down. She came back things skyrocketed n she had finally started saying she loved me... when I tell you the happiness that gave me hearing it finally from her after how I'd been feeling for her.. undescribable... this is after our 4 month mark hitting 5 month mark into Sept. Whole month fantastic.. here come the 6th month.. December. Now I hadn't gotten to see her for thanksgiving. No big deal she has kids n their family. So she says that Xmas probably won't be a go.. but she really wants to bring in the new year with me n that we will do that. Beginning of December starting off fantastic.. then the 7th comes. She gets a call that she got rejected for an apartment she was looking to get.(she has been getting rejected lately n hasnt had luck in this) n i could tell she was down. I messaged her while she went to take a shower cuz i knew she was gonna think about it n get in her head. I do everything i can to make her feel smart n strong n amazing n to keep her head up n all that gay mushy shit us pisces sometimes do. She goes on on happy n things go good. I have th e next 3 days off n she seemed stressed so I said why don't u come over or even better I'll pick u up n take u home with me n lemme take care of you n help u relax n love you n just give u a chance to get away n spend some time with me. (She's been really busy with her kids n everything) I drive up to meet her n I call when i arrive n my phone goes to voicemail n think she fell asleep while trying to get her kid to passout so i sit n wait n keep calling tight to voicemail thinking its dead. Finally go home. Text her. Nothing. That was the 9th of december. Keep in mind she has said she loves me. N had said it very much. She talked me being an amazing father for her kids when I get to meet them. How I'd make a great husband for her. We have started planning our lives together n starting to forge/merge our lives into one.. N then poof.. f***in P oof. Houdini the f**k outta me. I haven't heard from her, calls still won't go thru (obviously I havent called much because I sensed that key factors could be made her ya know emotional n have that emotional disappearing episode u wonderful ppl do)I've given her space n I've been patient n still patient waiting n staying with her. It's the of January right now. Nothing. She didn't message me on xmas.. nor new years clearly didn't get to be with her n bring in the new years together. Sooooooo clearly basically a month has gone by.. not a word. I've taken this time to learn n understand n soul search more about her n myself. I was going mad... I'm getting better. She blocked my friend so they couldn't reach out either.. so I'm just stuck in a void here. Any Virgo women who can shed some light n help me here. I refuse to give up on this woman she is absolutely everything to me. Is that normal for ya know Virgo women to be like heyy.... I love you n wanna be with you n I can't wait to be together n we start planning n all this n then she just... Houdinis me? N for this long?. I dont feel worried.. but its just.. u virgos are realists like me I need n respect brutal honesty cuz I'm the same. I know she would've told me were over. I know virgos are ghosters or disappear but I'm not worried im just.. I'm in the unknown. N its causing me me to panic a little bit. She just.. she had said she had decided n made her decision to be with me. That this was what she wants n what she wants to build n create. So is this normal for u virgos to do say u love someone n then Poof? For a month? Her actions have showed me she loves me n that she wants this. Things had been perfect. If you guys can help that would be freaking awesome!!!


Saturday 21st of November 2020

One of the most accurate readings of a Virgo woman I’ve ever read! I laughed so much at the truth of it all!