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11 Obvious Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

11 Obvious Signs a Leo Woman Likes You

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A Leo woman is unmistakable. She will be larger than life. If you see her in a crowd, she is a queen holding court with many admirers.

Because of this, she may seem unattainable. Leo women do fall in love, though, and when they, do they are devoted partners. Although she is gracious and magnanimous to anyone who pays attention to her, it is very clear when a Leo woman has a crush on you.

To know if you could be her special someone, pay attention to these signs a Leo woman likes you. See also the signs a Leo man is interested in you.

The Astrology of Relationships

Most romantic relationships follow a predictable pattern, and people behave differently at different stages of a relationship. This pattern can be traced through astrology by what are known as Houses.

You can start with the Sun Sign, but you can also start with what is known as the Ascendant, or Rising Sign. 

If you know her date, time, and place of birth, and if she is willing, you can find out her Ascendant by getting a birth chart / natal report for free at Astrology Season.

Starting from the Sun Sign or the Ascendant, which is also the 1st House, you will know how a person behaves when you are just getting to know each other. As you start to become friends, the relationship moves to the 11th House.

When you fall in love, the relationship shifts to the 5th House. If the relationship becomes a long term commitment or marriage, it settles in the 7th House.

Clear Signs a Leo Woman Likes You at Each Stage

You Meet – Signs a Leo Woman Finds You Attractive

You Meet - Signs a Leo Woman Finds You Attractive

For any relationship to form, two people must meet and decide that they want to get to know each other. This stage of a relationship is located in the 1st House, or the sign itself, in this case, Leo.

A Leo woman will usually have many admirers, so it can be intimidating to approach her. The good news is that if you catch her eye, she will make it easy for you.

Here are the signs a Leo woman has feelings for you.

1) She will approach you

A Leo woman is never shy in public. If she sees you and thinks you are attractive, she will have absolutely no hesitation in making the first move. She will leave her usual entourage and go to you!

2) She will tell you

Like Sagittarius women, Leo women are direct and honest about how they feel.

If a Leo woman likes you, she will say so in no uncertain terms. She may say so quite loudly, in front of everyone. She will see no reason to hide or disguise her feelings, ever.

If you are shy, this Leo trait may be difficult, but if you show your discomfort, she will likely be amused and think it is cute.

3) She will praise you lavishly and publicly

When a Leo woman finds you attractive, she will want the whole world to know just how wonderful you are. She will sing your praises to everyone she knows, and she will do so in your presence.

When a shy Leo woman has a crush on you, she will be openly affectionate towards you and there will be no mistaking how she feels.

Becoming Friends – Signs a Leo Woman Enjoys Your Company

Becoming Friends - Signs a Leo Woman Enjoys Your Company

As you get to know each other better and spend more time together, your relationship may move into a 11th House friendship. The 11th House from Leo is Gemini.

Friendship with a Leo woman is a whirlwind experience. She will keep you busy and on your toes. Here are the signs a Leo woman likes you and wants you around.

4) She will post everything about your relationship on social media

A Leo woman will usually have multiple social media accounts. Leo likes to be center stage, and social media is a perfect place to get an audience.

She will take pictures of you every time you meet and take selfies of you together. As soon as she has the opportunity, she will share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or whatever other account she may have. She will also check these accounts continuously to see how many “likes” she gets and will give you regular updates on these numbers.

If you are a more private sign like Cancer or Scorpio, this may be a bit difficult for you. You could try objecting to this, but it is unlikely a Leo woman will understand and your objections will probably go unheeded.

If you love a Leo woman, this is something that you will have to learn to live with. The good news is that this will usually settle down in later stages of your relationship.

5) She will talk about herself….a lot!

If a Leo woman enjoys your company, she will talk to you a lot. She will tell you everything about her life, what she is doing, what she thinks about, etc., etc. You will have a hard time getting a word in edgewise.

Leo’s worst fault is being rather self-centered, so you might feel frustrated by a seeming lack of interest on her part in what you have to say.

Try to remember that her desire to tell you all about herself is one of the signs a Leo woman likes you. That being said, you can, and probably should, stand up for yourself and make sure that your needs are met in the relationhip as well.

A Leo woman values strength in a partner. If she feels like she can walk all over you, she will lose respect for you, and the relationship will not develop into anything further.

6) She will shower you with gifts

Leo is famous for generosity, so if a Leo woman likes you, she will give you lots of gifts.

Despite her apparent self-centeredness, she will usually be a very good gift giver. She wants to see your face light up, so she will take the time and effort to learn what you like and need so she can give you the perfect present.

This is one of the clear signs a Leo woman has a crush on you and that she really has been paying attention to you despite appearances.

Leo women are surprisingly good observers of other people, and she will know much more about you than you would think given her constant focus on herself.

Romance – Signs a Leo Woman is Falling in Love With You

Romance - Signs a Leo Woman is Falling in Love With You

After a time, your relationship may develop into a 5th House romance. The 5th House from Leo is Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius. A Leo woman in love will show her feelings in big and dramatic ways.

Here are the signs a Leo woman likes you and is falling head over heals for you.

7) She will arrange extravagant romantic dinners

Dinner at the house of a Leo woman will be an event. She may or may not cook it herself, depending on her abilities and inclinations.

If she does not cook it herself, she will pay for it to be delivered in a dramatic fashion. Expect candlelight, extravagant table settings, and it to be as big and bold as she can afford.

Sometimes dinner will be just the two of you, and sometimes they will be dinner parties to be shared with friends.

If you are not alone, she will not be shy about public displays of affection with you. She will want to show you and your relationship off to those close to her.

8) She will want to take vacations with you

Leo is a fire sign, and like all fire signs, has a taste for adventure. A Leo woman in love will want to go places with you.

Leo, being Leo, will not settle for some small road trip to somewhere out of the way. She will want to go to a big city, a large resort, or some other popular tourist destination.

A Leo woman will not want to go camping, but will instead want to stay in a fancy hotel and order room service.

If this is not something you can afford to pay for, she will generally be willing to cover her share and more for the trip.

Leo women tend to be surprisingly good at managing their money, so she will generally be able to afford the luxuries she desires. She will also very likely find very good rates for everything she wants on your trip.

A Leo woman will have a strange mixture of generosity and stinginess. She will want the best, but she will prefer to pay as little as she can get away with for it.

Even if she pays for some or most of your trip, she will make it seem to others like it was you who took her on the vacation.

Leo woman are generally rather conservative, and whatever the situation may be in private, she will want to appear as if you are following traditional gender norms.

9) She will listen to your thoughts and beliefs

One of the signs a Leo woman likes you and is deeply in love is when she will stop talking about herself all of the time and start listening to you. She will be particularly interested in your philosophy and your beliefs about various issues.

This is high praise from a Leo woman, and in a real sense, is more important than the lavious compliments she gave you in earlier stages.

When a Leo woman wants to know your thoughts, this means that you have earned her respect. All Leos, no matter their true station in life, see themselves as royalty to a certain extent.

When a Leo woman starts to ask your opinion, she has taken you into her circle of trusted advisors. 

A Long Term Relationship – Signs a Leo Woman is Ready for Commitment

A Long Term Relationship - Signs a Leo Woman is Ready for Commitment

After a time, a romance may turn into a long term, commited relationship, moving into the 7th House. The 7th House from Leo is Aquarius.

There will be a marked change in a Leo woman when she is ready to settle down for the long term.

She will become much more serious and less playful. Watch for these signs a Leo woman likes you and is ready for a long term relationship.

10) She will come off-stage with you

When a Leo woman sees you as a long term partner, she will stop putting on a show with you. You may think that this means that she has cooled towards you or has become bored, but this is far from the case. This is a sign of how much she trusts you.

Even queens need to take off their crowns from time to time, and if she is willing to do so with you, it means she thinks very highly of you.

At this stage of your relationship, she will share less about you and your time together on social media than she did before. Again, you may feel that her love for you has waned. It has not. All people need a little privacy, even Leos. 

11) She will be loyal to you

Leo women are fiercely loyal. A Leo woman who sees you as a long term partner will be loyal to you to the end. This will go beyond mere fidelity and faithfulness.

A Leo woman will never criticize you in public, nor will she ever act against your interests in any way. She will help you in your career or anything else you may undertake. A Leo woman in love will forgive almost anything.

The one exception to this would be disloyalty or unfaithfulness on your part. Leo women can be charmingly naive, and she will assume that her loyalty will be reciprocated. It would actually take overwhelming evidence to convince her that you have not been faithful.

If she does discover that you have betrayed her, she will be devastated. She will not seek revenge, but you will have lost her heart forever.

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Leo women love to be on stage, and it can be certain that a Leo woman in love will put on quite a show.

A Leo’s charm and exuberance are legendary, and a Leo woman can make a surprisingly devoted and loyal partner for someone who has earned her love and respect.

To know if you may be the one for her, look for these signs a Leo woman likes you.

What do you think? Does your Leo woman show she likes you in these ways?

Franchesca M

Monday 20th of November 2023

I am a Leo women with a Gemini moon. This is a strange / fun mix but when it comes to relationships I am extraordinarily picky and I get bored emotionally very quickly due to my gemini characteristics and traits. I am Fiercly loyal no matter the boredom BUT my eyes can look elsewhere for a better partner to suit my needs because remember we are the sun the center of the universe…. we put our needs first almost alway BUT with the right partner we are the most giving people you might ever come across. I have always gave gave gave in all my relationships in my younger days, im now 26 and putting myself first and growing into the leo I wish to be ! I agree with almost everything said in this article. We are fiercely independent as well and need absolutely no one, we just WANT.


Thursday 25th of May 2023

I agree wholeheartedly with this article. I'm a Leo woman and it amazes me how on point this article is. However, if any man come across a Leo woman who is not like this I suggest you do your homework. It could be that she's broken and exhausted and have absolutely nothing else to give, but even with that we still find a way to shine like the sun. We are worth it.


Friday 5th of March 2021

I am a Leo and at 41 years of age thus article is 100% correct. In my younger years maybe not exactly but this describes a mature stable Leo 100% accurately in my opinion


Monday 22nd of February 2021

This actually describes me to the ‘T’

Danny Fisher

Saturday 2nd of January 2021

They are not at all loyal.