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The Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

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The Seven of Swords Tarot card is here to teach us a lesson of discretion. Through this card, you can learn about an excellent strategy for success. Fight your enemy with cunning, not with violence. It is a time of changes and of desired transformations. This is a time in which we choose to leave confrontations aside and to think things over with a cool head.

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meanings:

When we stumble upon the Seven of Swords Tarot card, it is time to be stealthy. We are in the middle of committing a robbery. A Moor soldier has decided that he has had enough. He will attack the enemy camp, and he’s not leaving empty-handed as a Fool would. No, this soldier knows that he will have to deal with great dangers along the way and that he must be prepared for everything.

This man is heading towards freedom, but he knows that to achieve it, he will have to fight for it. This is a fight which may cause him to lose everything. He knows that to achieve his goals, he must act cautiously, like a thief. He flees from the pressures of living in society, running away from competition and suffocating commitments.

However, in some cases, the Seven of Swords Tarot card may indicate that the querant tends to flee from responsibilities, to evade commitments, and to always look for pleasure.

The Seven of Swords Tarot Card in the Upright Position:

Upright (7) Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Upright (7) Seven of Swords Tarot Card

The Seven of Swords tarot card upright is considered a card of deceit and betrayal. Secrecy, cunning, and premeditation are all keys to understanding this message that indicates a struggle of opposing forces. Yes, you may have swiped the swords successfully, but now you will have several enemies after you. Sooner or later, the secret will come to light.

Prudence is one of the virtues that is indicated by the upright appearance of the Seven of Swords Tarot card. Sometimes, putting all the cards on the table, in a metaphorical sense, is not the best idea. Sometimes, it is better to act with some discretion to achieve our goals, especially when our worst adversaries are our loved ones.

Of course, it’s not about taking the easy way out. Instead, it is about choosing a path that is best for you, one that you want and that suits you. The effort that this thief has made to deceive, steal, and flee from a whole camp of Christians is tremendous. Fight for your dreams, but keep your achievements to yourself.

The meaning of the Upright Seven of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


This card can appear upright in a love reading when you don’t feel ready to commit. However, it is not necessarily a sign of running away from your loved one. It’s a recommendation that you should be cautious and take some time to reflect. For singles, it is not time to start a new relationship. Carefully check your lover’s true intentions.


Be careful of new treatments and specialists. Prevention will always be the safer course. Avoid excesses. Remember to take your medicine. Seek second opinions and don’t get carried away by anxiety. This is the perfect time to rest.


When this card appears upright in a reading about work, it indicates that you prefer to work alone. Your perfectionism and ambition have turned you into a very competitive person, reluctant to collaborate with your coworkers. Even if you’ve achieved success on your own, you must understand that, in the long run, this could have negative consequences.


You will achieve success in your investments, businesses, and endeavors if you work alone. Forget advisors, advice, and opinions from third parties. This is a one-man show and a one man’s treasure.

The Seven of Swords Tarot card in the Reversed Position:

Reversed (7) Seven of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Reversed (7) Seven of Swords Tarot Card

When the Seven of Swords Tarot card appears reversed in a reading, it is time to reap what you have sown. You will get caught. In the case of infidelities, crimes, mistakes, secrets, and corruption, everything will come to light, and it won’t be pleasant. On the other hand, it may be something intentional, such as a sin you have decided to confess to clear your conscience. In any case, nothing will remain hidden.

Additionally, the Reversed Seven of Swords Tarot card could indicate that things won’t go according to plan. It doesn’t matter if you’ve put a lot of attention into every detail. The circumstances are against you. There will be a way out from your mistakes, but you will be fleeing without any booty or reward to treasure.

The appearance of this card invites us to put our projects on hold. It is time to stop any impulsive acts and to thoroughly think things through ahead of time. Everything that could put us at risk will have consequences for our reputation, health, and stability. It is up to the querant to control the damage.

The meaning of the Reversed Seven of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


Dissatisfaction and infidelity are some of the possibilities that this card can indicate. There are painful secrets that won’t let you move forward. Pay attention to rumors and be careful of toxic relationships. It’s time to get ahead and to keep fighting for your dreams. However, it’s not about escaping from the relationship you are in. It is about closing the cycle in a mature and adult way, allowing you to continue moving forward without resentment.


The symptoms, aches, and pains that you have been feeling lately are messages from your body. Allow your body to rest, regain balance, and release everything that is making you sick. Meditate, reflect, and then make decisions about your health.


Some coworker may propose a fraudulent business scheme or a business strategy that goes against your principles. Although this proposal may dazzle you, the risks of getting caught are very high, and the consequences for your career may be irreversible. An alternative reading is that you should work to form a new team, especially if you are in a leadership position.


Well, in this case, it will be the thief who will be robbed. Take precautions and avoid investments. Be careful of financial advice and economic risks. You can manage to maintain your capital only if you proceed with great caution. Do not splurge, waste money, or extend a loan to others.

The Seven of Swords In A Yes Or No Question:

The number seven is very popular in Christian iconography as a number that encompasses the whole. From the world destruction, with seven riders of the apocalypse, to the realm of the Divine, with seven virtues, this number is seen numerous times in Western numerology. From this perspective, the number seven comprises the lunar cycle, the days of the week, and even the musical notes.

What’s interesting about number seven? Well, the exciting thing in the Seven of Swords Tarot card is that it speaks of a step towards freedom and about overcoming internal obstacles. It is a number that looks for balance through cunning and creative energy. This is an active and mobilizing number, signifying changes, adventures, unknown places, and risks.

However, the Seven of Swords Tarot card in a Yes or No question indicates that the failures and the consequences that you are risking may not be so positive in the end. Remember, you are not in control of all the factors that could affect your projects or your well-being. Sometimes, you are not one of the best players involved in a situation. That’s why, in this particular case, the answer is: No.

Seven of Swords Tarot card Keywords:

Upright: Failure, matters that are left incomplete, theft, unknown enemies, conflict, cunning, loneliness, fear, lies, secrets, shame, betrayal, immaturity, evasion, lies, dishonesty, fraud, deception, infidelity, escapism, abandoning responsibilities.

Reversed: Truth that comes to light, theft, espionage, opportunism, lacking boundaries, deception, cowardice, premeditation, reflection.

Seven of Swords Imagery and Symbolism:

On a clear day, in broad daylight, a Moorish soldier leaves a Christian camp, sneaking away. With five swords in his arms and two more on the ground, the thief cautiously sneaks a glance behind his back to make sure he is not being followed. The soldier is escaping from a large army, which hasn’t yet become aware of the robbery.

His attitude is somewhat confident and even scornful in some decks. He knows he’s the winner and knows that he will be able to enjoy the booty. He hasn’t won these swords in combat like the knight of the Four of Swords Tarot card. On the contrary, the soldier of the seven of swords tarot card stole the swords of his enemies.

In the distance, losing himself in the yellow horizon, we can see that a group of soldiers have gathered and one of them holds his sword in the air. Has our thief been discovered? Probably, but he has plenty of time to run away unharmed. A yellow sky signifies the connection of this card with solar energy, wit, and light.

Everything hidden will come to light. It’s a time that demands action and quick thinking. It is a card that speaks of ambitions, smart decisions, secrets, and discretion. You will accomplish more by flying solo than in a group. As you can see, he has disarmed seven men by himself, all the while avoiding conflict, and without spilling a drop of blood.

Important Card Combinations:

To understand the complete message of the Seven of Swords Tarot card, we have to consider the other cards that appear in the reading and, of course, the question. Knowing the combinations of this card with the other Rider-Waite Tarot cards will allow us to understand whether we are in the role of the thief or the robbed soldiers.

Seven of Swords combined with The High Priestess:

Cheating, infidelities. You must take care of an older woman (or feminine older man!) in your environment.

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Seven of Swords combined with The Magician:

You can use your ingenuity and charm to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. You will have all the tools to get your way.

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Seven of Swords combined with The Seven of Wands:

Keeping calm is the right solution to your current problems. You can get out of this if you are prepared and act with intelligence.

Seven of Swords combined with The Devil:

Infidelity, sexual frustrations will lead to adultery.

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Seven of Swords combined with The Tower:

Your efforts and plans won’t materialize. Failures ensue.

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