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Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning, Traits and Love Compatibility

Scorpio Moon Sign Meaning, Traits and Love Compatibility

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Unlike Mercury and Venus, the moon’s position is not tied to the Sun’s progress through the zodiac.

Unlike your ascendant, you don’t need a specific time of birth to know your moon sign.

Often a day of birth suffices unless the moon moved into the next sign on your birthday in which case an approximate time and your place of birth come into play.

The moon sign signifies your emotional landscape, your instinctual reactions, your family heritage and how your nurturing side tends to manifest.

Scorpio Moon is one of the most fascinating placements, and there is much to unpack. 

This portends stronger reactions than usual, as one with a Scorpio moon has heightened awareness and sensitivity to the environment, their partner, and family.

This is an ideal period for starting new projects, especially ones you are emotionally involved in. Avoid conflict and use self-care and positive affirmations to supercharge your intentions.

Moon Placements in Scorpio for 2023

All times EST:

  • Jan: 15th 7:09,17th 12:33
  • Feb: 11th 13:35, 13th 20:30
  • March: 10th 20:08, 13th 03:21
  • April: 7th 02:29, 9th 08:56
  • May: 4th 10:32, 6th 16:04, 31st 19:45
  • June: 3rd 01:03, 28th 04:55, 30th 10:59
  • July: 25th 12:55, 27th 20:24
  • August: 21st 19:22, 24th 04:07
  • September: 18th 00:58, 20th 10:56
  • October: 15th 07:04, 17th 15:36
  • November: 11th 13:39, 13th 21:23
  • December: 8th 22:35, 11th 06:11

Scorpio Moon “Quiet passion; a Ferrari engine purrs beneath a calm exterior.”

“Lisa Lazuli”

What Does Scorpio Moon Mean?

The Scorpio Moon has visceral reactions to people and situations.

This is a hypervigilant moon sign, often perceptive, sometimes cynical, perhaps paranoid, but always highly instinctual.

This is the moon sign of someone who often feels the hair on the back of the neck rising, who senses the atmosphere and reads people, cutting through pretense like a hot knife through butter.

Scorpio Moon sees the hidden side of life; this is not necessarily the hallmark of an optimist but more of a strategist looking to discover what lies beneath.

By hook or crook, one with this moon placement can never live on the surface.

Self-awareness and reflection are vital for this moon sign, as subconscious issues and unresolved trauma are the snake in the grass in relationships and must be resolved for true happiness and contentment to be found in love.

The key to the perfect relationship is first to have the perfect relationship with oneself, as the Scorpio moon tends to gather baggage that needs periodic cleansing and purging.

This moon sign is extremely loyal and dedicated to loved ones, and it seeks strong and enduring relationships with tender and loving people capable of providing strength, consistency, and reassurance.

Scorpio moon people cannot live without trust, and clear and frequent demonstrations of affection and devotion.

This moon sign can be manipulative simply because of the natural talent for understanding psychology and the skeptical nature of this position, which inclines it to suspicion.

Scorpio Moon knows loss and fears loss; however, its greatest power is in conquering that fear and embracing life as a dynamic opportunity for growth and total independence. 

This is an intriguing and complex moon sign not to be underestimated, not only in terms of the level of desire and capacity for love but also in terms of the psychological imbroglio.

This moon sign is all or nothing.

Scorpio Moon Compatibility

Scorpio Moon Compatibility Chart

Scorpio Moons are very passionate yet discerning.

They have considerable chemistry with the fixed suns and moons, i.e., Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo.

They get along well with Aries Moons, Cancer Moons, and Pisces Moons. Sagittarius and Gemini Sun and Moon can pose challenges.

Scorpio Moon people are serious in temperament; in love, they mean business and don’t mess around.

They are looking for a partner who is a reliable anchor for their shifting and volatile emotional nature.

While Scorpio moon people play games (often out of insecurity or driven by an insatiable need for stimulation), they need a partner who’s somewhat impervious to these moods and who has strong boundaries.

Zodiac SignSunMoon
AriesHigh (75%)High (70%)
TaurusVery High (85%)High (80%)
GeminiLow (40%)Very Low (30%)
CancerHigh (70%)High (80%)
LeoMedium (55%)Medium (50%)
VirgoHigh (65%)High (80%)
LibraHigh (75%)High (65%)
ScorpioHigh (79%)Very High (85%)
SagittariusVery Low (30%)Low (40%)
CapricornMedium (55%)High (70%)
AquariusHigh (65%)Medium (60%)
PiscesHigh (70%)Very High (85%)
Very Low: 35% and Below
Low: 36% to 45%
Medium: 46% to 60%
High: 61% to 80%
Very High: 81% to 100%

5 Scorpio Moon Personality Traits and Characteristics

As opposed to the sun sign, the moon sign is less conscious and more instinctive.

It represents our reflex reactions and our habitual emotional MO, and often the compulsions of the moon operate subconsciously.

The moon also indicates what we need at an emotional level to feel satisfied, comfortable, and safe.

Moon signs reflect the influence of parents and early childhood conditioning. 

Silhouette Photo of Woman During Dawn

1. Very Sensitive

The Scorpio moon is very sensitive and can be quite moody. Learning about them and their particular needs isn’t an overnight job.

Relationships with this Moon sign need patience and an open mind but can be extremely rewarding if the Scorpio Moon person feels totally safe and appreciated.

2. Very Private

The Moon in Scorpio is a very private person who needs space.

While this moon sign enters very intense relationships, these can become like a pressure cooker from which the person temporarily needs to escape. Thus Scorpio Moon can demand periods of solitude sporadically.

This is nothing to worry about, and in fact, it’s an essential way for the moon in Scorpio to reboot.

3. Extremely Patient

This moon sign plays the long game; it’s an extremely patient and tenacious placement, as when it comes to Scorpio Moon, the best things indeed come to those who wait.

4. Doesn’t Forgive Easily

The Scorpio Moon doesn’t forgive easily, if at all. A partner disrespects a relationship with a Scorpio Moon at their peril because they have long memories and struggle to cope with breaches of trust.

Red lines matter with the Scorpio Moon, and there are few roads back after crossing the Rubicon.

5. Loves Deeply and Passionately

The Scorpio Moon person loves deeply and passionately.

No moon sign can give more ardently and generously if truly in love, but like everything with the Scorpio Moon, it’s a very fragile and delicate balance that is easily shattered by perceived transgressions.

Love and romance are quite a rollercoaster with this moon sign; romance can be quite thrilling, but living on the edge can be hard work.

Scorpio Moon doesn’t do anything in half measures, including love. However, they have to be careful to know when to take a step back and get more perspective, as perspective is often what goes out the window.

Scorpio Moon Woman

The Scorpio moon woman is a passionate defender of her family, and she can’t do enough for those she loves, but cross her, and she will freeze you out.

The Scorpio Moon woman wants to fall in love for keeps; she has high ideals and is very discerning in her choices, so it may be many years until she finds Mr. Right.

She’s perceptive and even precognitive, as she has a powerful sixth sense. This woman is strong and resilient, but that’s not always immediately apparent as she plays her cards close to her chest.

She’s a loyal friend and partner who always puts her money where her mouth is; in other words, she’s sincere and backs up her words with action.

Family comes first, and she’s extremely protective of her loved ones.

This moon sign can be prone to obsessive behavior and are periodically plagued by worry. A Scorpio Moon woman recovers slowly from hurt and disappointment.

She’s often suspicious, and “once bitten, twice shy” is trite but true in her world.

She’s got a lot of passion and thrives when she’s emotionally involved in a project and feels valued.

Scorpio Moon Man 

A Scorpio Moon Man can be a victim of love; he’s fatally attracted to impossible relationships, through which he faces his fears and comes to terms with his dark side.

This guy is strong but often silent, and very few people know him as well as they think they do. He’s outwardly friendly but inwardly closed and very private.

He may be wary of women, and he’s got powerful boundaries.

Some Scorpio men deflect the potential hurt of a failed relationship by having dozens of meaningless affairs.

He needs to fully explore and resolve his relationship with his mother before he can have a successful love relationship.

He’s capable of unswerving commitment to the right person, but he needs a positive, supportive, and deeply nurturing person.

He feels deeply and may be passionately involved in causes and quests.

He might not be effusive or great with words, and he’s often not touchy-feely or traditionally romantic, but he’s going to be there when the going gets tough. He’s a man for all seasons.

The moon sign is an enormous reservoir of information and this article just scratches the surface, so please don’t underestimate the significance of your moon, or the moon in synastry.