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Scorpio Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Scorpio Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Can you tell if a Scorpio man likes you via his texts? Of course, you can! A Scorpio man has a certain style of texting that suits his personality!

Generally speaking, a Scorpio man can be a bit of a mystery until you get to know him better.

His texting style can reflect this mysterious nature, and he will somehow always keep you on your toes!

You’ll never really be able to guess his thoughts, and his messages will be like trying to decode a secret language at times!

However, at heart, your Scorpio man is a total romantic, and all he wants is a stable, secure, and committed relationship.

But he has trust issues, which is why his texts can make your head spin at times!

So how do you know that he actually likes you?

7 Signs a Scorpio Man Likes You Through Text

Usually, a Scorpio man will show that he likes you via text when he tries to “test” you to see if you really like him.

You see, his trust issues make it hard for him to really open up and be vulnerable – he wants you to be the first one!

He’ll also show his feelings for you by sending super-sexy messages – nothing is taboo for this passionate sign!

Being co-ruled by Mars, he also tends to reply quickly when he’s into you, though only if you are also replying fast!

Other signs he likes you may be him opening up to you, telling you his secrets, or trying to find out what yours are!

One thing is certain, texting with a Scorpio is never boring! Here’s how to know if he’s catching feelings via his text messages;

1. He Plays Games With You

As already mentioned, Scorpio men have some deep trust issues! He’s been hurt before – you can almost guarantee it – which makes him shy of opening up to anyone ever again.

When his text messages seem to pull you towards him, only to push you away again, you can be sure he’s getting feelings for you – and he’s scared.

He’s trying to test you to see if you will always come back – which can be annoying, to say the least!

Your best bet is to not play games back – text back as soon as you can, don’t hide anything, and be completely transparent.

He’ll soon catch on that you’re not going to be the type of woman to let him down!

2. His Texts Are Ultra-Sexy

Scorpio doesn’t have the reputation for being the most passionate sign in the zodiac for nothing! This is, after all, a sign co-ruled by lusty, primal Mars, the planet of desire!

Many Scorpio men express their feelings physically, and so when it comes to texting, they’ll be very sexy indeed!

They won’t shy away from asking for a naughty picture or two or delving into the world of sexting!

Of course, you can always set your boundaries here, and he will respect them – but you can
also go wild, and he’ll respect that, too!

3. He Checks In On You

Scorpio is also quite a jealous sign, especially when they have feelings for someone!

This guy just can’t help his suspicious nature, and he often drowns in paranoia when it comes to wondering what his lover does when he’s not there!

So, when he likes you, you may find that he checks in, or checks up on you.

He’ll ask you what you’re doing, what you did yesterday, where you are, and so on. He just wants to feel safe that you’re not out cheating on him – his biggest fear!

To a large degree, it’s pretty harmless and he shouldn’t go over the top, but if you feel it’s too much, do let him know you don’t like to be monitored!

4. His Texts Are Emotional

As a water sign, Scorpio men are naturally emotional and sensitive.

However, out of all the water signs, Scorpio is the one that tends to control their feelings the most. He doesn’t easily allow people to see his soft side!

If he likes you, he’ll let you see that part of him, and his texts will reflect a strong emotional vibe.

Emotional can mean mushy, cute, passionate, jealous, angry, and all the other range of emotions in-between!

Basically, when he lets go of emotional control – just a little – he’s definitely got feelings for you!

5. His Texts Tell You Secrets

Scorpio loves secrets! It’s very exciting for him to uncover your secrets, and very occasionally, to let you in on some of his, too!

Sometimes, he may find it easier to tell you a secret via text, so if you see that happening, you can believe that he likes you enough to trust you.

It may be as small as he secretly hates his boss, to something bigger.

He’ll also try and ferret out your secrets, which means that he’s enjoying getting to know you better and is craving to know even more!

6. He Reads His Texts Immediately

A Scorpio man may not always reply immediately (he may be playing games with you you see), but very often, he reads them instantly, especially when he really, really likes someone!

Look at those little blue ticks, or whatever your platform shows messages as read – the sooner he reads it, the keener he is on you!

He just can’t wait to hear from you, in other words!

7. He Opens Up To You On Text

Scorpio men do not open up easily! They can be like a closed book, and you can sense all that vulnerability beneath!

When he begins to slowly open up to you, face to face and via texts, he’s beginning to trust which is a major step for a Scorpio man.

It means he is coming closer to seeing you as his chosen person, his trusted confidante! This is definitely a good sign!

What If A Scorpio Man Stops Texting You?

What If A Scorpio Man Stops Texting You
Bits And Splits /

What does it mean when a Scorpio man stops texting you? Is this something to worry

It may be that he’s just playing one of his love games with you, where he’s “testing” you to see if you’ll be the first to contact him.

If that’s the case, then it may be better to just reach out to him and not engage in nonsense like that!

In more serious cases, he could be giving you the silent treatment if he’s found out, for example, that you’re still involved with an ex, or he’s stumbled across a piece of information that makes him feel insecure about you.

Seldom do these guys cheat, and if he’s really interested in you, he will get in touch.

Give it a week, maximum, and then check in, if he doesn’t come back to you, let him go.

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