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Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Scorpio Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

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A Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman may seem like a mismatched combination by zodiac sign, but they have good compatibility.

He desires a close and intense relationship, and she desires independence. In practical terms, while this couple have their differences, they also understand one another and find each other extremely attractive.

They are stable when it comes to partnership and marriage. Thus, they will be able to stay together for life.

The connection between these two signs is extremely complicated, however.

Scorpio and Aquarius have an aspect between them known as a square. This is a ninety-degree angle in the circle of the zodiac.

A square is a tense aspect which often results in friction between signs. While this friction could manifest as conflict, it is also a source of sexual chemistry.

Yet, a square is not the only connection between these signs. They are also mirror-images to each other along the Solstice lines.

Because of this, the length of daylight is the same when the Sun is in each of these signs.

This connection known as antiscia, and it is a very positive one.

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman: Strongest points of compatibility

  • Sexual chemistry
  • Mutual understanding and respect
  • Stability
  • Steadfastness
  • Equality
  • Balance

Important traits of a Scorpio man in relation to an Aquarius woman

Scorpio Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

A Scorpio man is passionate about everything that he does. He has a powerful depth of emotion.

Extremely perceptive, he can size up a person or a situation almost instantly.

He also has an uncanny ability to know when someone is lying to him or telling the truth.

A Scorpio man often has an air of mystery surrounding him, yet he is comfortable with being candid about uncomfortable truths.

In relationships, a Scorpio man is devoted and loyal to a partner.

It takes him a long time to settle with someone, but when he does, absent unforeseen circumstances, he will stay with her for life.

He tends to be conservative when it comes to gender relations, though, and he can be rather possessive.

He can also be quite stubborn. Once he has made up his mind about something, he rarely changes it.

Important traits of an Aquarius woman in relation to a Scorpio man

Aquarius Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

With all Sun Signs, there is a diversity of expression between individuals.

In part, this is because there is more to a person’s astrological chart than just her Sun Sign.

An Aquarius woman has an even greater range than most Sun Signs, however.

This is because Aquarius makes a point of being herself and not conforming to others’ expectations of her.

There are some trademark qualities that are associated with an Aquarius woman, however.

One of these qualities is that she will make up her own mind on every issue. She is not susceptible to outside influence or pressure.

An Aquarius woman is not interested in what anyone else does or thinks. This means that she tends to see the world as an outside observer.

Even though an Aquarius woman is outside of the mainstream, people tend to like her.

She is friendly and sociable. Even though she will not be influenced by outside ideas, she will happily listen to them.

This sign has a reputation for independence, but an Aquarius woman does appreciate companionship.

She can also be a very loving and stable partner when she settles down.

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

A Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman will be fascinated by each other.

An Aquarius woman is often found in social settings, but she tends to keep to herself. Rather than initiate contact, she waits for people to approach her.

This will intrigue a Scorpio man, who likes to be the one to pursue a woman. Her aloof manner will make him want her all the more.

An Aquarius woman will also be interested in a Scorpio man.

Although he is usually very masculine, his perceptiveness and powerful emotional nature make him stand out from other men. An Aquarius woman will find this irresistible.

Even so, an Aquarius woman does not rush into relationships.

She will have been set in her ways from a very early age, and it will be hard for her to adjust to a new person in her life.

Yet, the more she tries to keep a Scorpio man at arm’s length, the more interested he will become in her.

It may take a long time, but there is a good chance that these two will eventually enter into a committed relationship.

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman: Sexual compatibility

Of all of the aspects between signs, a square such as the one between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman has the potential to generate the greatest amount of sexual heat.

An Aquarius woman is curious in the bedroom. Although she is not emotional herself, his depth of passion will be fascinating to her.

She will not get swept away by it, though, which makes her a safe partner for a Scorpio man.

The chemistry between signs that are square is even stronger than the chemistry between signs that are more conventionally compatible.

The antiscia connection will add even more chemistry to the mix.

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman: Marriage and family life

Despite the compatibility and deep attraction between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman, there will be some challenges to their marriage.

These challenges will come from the tendency of a Scorpio man to become possessive of a partner and to insist on rather conventional gender roles.

An Aquarius woman will be resistant to both. While these issues will likely come up when they are dating, they will become more intense after they are married.

Even though a Scorpio man is usually very self-aware, he may not know the full extent of his possessiveness.

His emotions and attitudes run deep, and sometimes they surprise even him. It is common for him to change quite a bit once he has a wife.

Despite this, both a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman are steadfast and will be dedicated to their marriage.

This will enable them to get through the stormy adjustment at the beginning.

A Scorpio man and Aquarius woman may or may not want to have children.

If they do have children, they will balance each other well as parents.

He will be sensitive to the emotional needs of the children, and she will take charge of their intellectual development.

They will both be firm when it comes to the rules that they set down, and the children will not be able to move either of them.

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman: Working together

A Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman are both extremely set in their ways.

Even so, they can work surprisingly well together. The reason for this is that these signs have a natural respect for each other.

This means that they are able to listen to each other in a way that they would not with other signs.

These two will complement each other very well when it comes to tasks and projects that require research or experimentation.

A Scorpio man has the capacity to look deeply into matters and has a nuanced viewpoint. An Aquarius woman has an unconventional perspective.

Together, they have the potential for true innovation.

Typical fights between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman and how to resolve them

The biggest difficulty between a Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman will occur during the transition between dating and married life.

An Aquarius woman is her own person, and she does not want to be told what to do by anyone. While they are dating, a Scorpio man will accept that.

Indeed, it will be one of the things that he finds attractive about her. When he gets married, though, his attitude will change, which may be the source of their fights.

When any sign marries, they take on some of the traits of the opposite sign.

This is something that occurs naturally, and the process is largely unconscious.

The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus. This makes a Scorpio man quite stable in marriage, but it also adds an element of possessiveness that was not present during the earlier stages of the relationship.

This will come as a surprise to her, but it will be no less of a surprise to him.

Furthermore, the opposite sign of Aquarius is Leo, so she will become more fiery and temperamental when she marries.

This means that instead of responding to his possessiveness with calm resistance as she would in earlier stages, she will tend to get angry and fight with him.

The good news is that both of these signs are willing to stick with each other through problems.

Over time, they will adjust to the changes that marriage brings. When this happens, the volatility of the relationship will subside.

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A Scorpio man and an Aquarius woman are evenly matched as partners. They will understand and respect each other.

Even though both of them have a tendency to be set in their ways, they will be able to adjust to each other.


Saturday 20th of January 2024

i got a scorpio man and hes my everything and im a aquarius women. he finna marry me.


Monday 24th of February 2020

Aquarius sun Taurus moon woman and scorpio sun Gemini moon man in early 40s. 1 year friendship and it is splendid. There is mutual respect and understanding. Scorpio is more social than Aquarius here but both prefer alone time. No nagging involved. Both are patient with one another even if it's a test of patience. Agree that aquarius is more aloof and scorpio is intrigued by this. Aquarius is not aloof on purpose but understands the need for space while scorpio keeps questioning why aquarius doesn't approach first. Both are engaged in the friendship and both give to the friendship. Aquarius is more cautious than scorpio because aquarius knows scorpio's temper is easily flared. Scorpio tries very hard to control his temper around aquarius because of the mutual respect. There is an unspoken loyalty between this friendship. Neither needs to say much but actions say a lot. They both pay close attention to each other without telling one another what to do. If anyone, it would be the scorpio using his intuition to guide and aquarius will be open to accept because aquarius knows scorpio does not play around with words most of the time. In relationship, not sure how it will turn out if scorpio's legendary jealousy comes out. Aquarius will only take so much.


Monday 30th of September 2019

I know this aquarius woman and she keeps messing up with this scorpio guy she was doing everything wrong towards him and he wants nothing to do with her. all because she wasn't spiritually fixed and solid.