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How To Know When A Sagittarius Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Sagittarius Man Is Done With You

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Sagittarius men are the commitment-phobes of the Zodiac. They are afraid to tie themselves down due to fear of what they are missing out on.

As a result, they can have a tendency to get into “break up, make up” relationships as they run from commitment, and then try and win back the person that they care about.

You can tell that a Sagittarius man is in a “break up” stage because they will just stop calling. They won’t want to spend time together, so they will just avoid you.

You will also find that he is more sensitive than usual. He will complain about things, argue with you, and get upset when you refer to him as your boyfriend.

Read on for more sure signs that a Sagittarius man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Sagittarius Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Stop Spending Time With You

Sagittarius men are independent souls. They like going off and doing things on their own.

They don’t like to feel like they are obligated to include someone in their activities because of a relationship.

When they are happy with another person, they will want to spend time with them, and so will invite them along on all kinds of adventures.

However, when they start to lose interest in someone, suddenly they won’t have that same urge. They might just stop calling.

If this happens, don’t hound them. They will start to think that you are needy and won’t like that.

Instead, plan your own independent adventures, and make sure he knows about them.

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2. He Will Be Touchy About Labels

People born under Sagittarius don’t like to label their relationships.

They think that things should just happen naturally, and they shouldn’t have to give it a name for the world.

But, if they are happy in a relationship, they won’t bat an eyelid if their partner introduced them as their boyfriend, even if they choose not to use the word themselves.

However, if they are thinking about leaving, suddenly they will have a problem with that word. They might correct you if you introduce them that way, or have a go at you later.

Their sensitivity to this is a warning sign that all is not good within the relationship.

Lay off it for a while, and keep things casual. Maybe organize group dates and don’t force him to come along to all your family events.

Taking the pressure off can help him to see the relationship in a positive light again.

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3. He Will Argue With You

Sagittarius men tend to be laid back people who follow the live and let live philosophy. But never forget that they have a fire sign just under the surface.

When he’s happy in a relationship, he doesn’t have much trouble keeping his temper under control and letting the little things slide.

But if he is starting to see the relationship as a burden, suddenly those little things will set him off and he is likely to lose his temper.

Don’t be afraid to argue with him and explain why he is wrong. Fire signs actually tend to like a good argument.

This might be your opportunity to hash out some issues and let the two of you move forward.

4. He Will Start To Complain

Sagittarius men are classic commitment-phobes. They like to keep all of their options open, and they see relationships as something that ties them down.

Most are self-aware enough to know that they have a problem, and actively try and be more open to sharing their lives.

But if they aren’t feeling happy in a relationship, their natural instincts will kick in. They will start to see everything as a burden.

You can expect them to complain about it! They will complain if they have to sacrifice a weekend to spend with your family or miss a football game because you have friends over.

The best thing that you can do at this time is give him space.

Show him that the relationship isn’t stopping him from doing the things that he wants to do.

Hopefully this will let him see all the good things he gets from being with you, rather than focussing on what he might be missing out on.

5. He Will Disappear

People born under Sagittarius don’t see themselves as beholden to anyone. They don’t really believe that they are responsible for anyone else’s happiness.

So, if they don’t want to be with you any more, they might just disappear off the face of the planet.

They’ll stop calling, stop showing up to things you would usually do together, and will do their best to brush you off quickly if they see you in the street.

The best thing that you can do at this time is nothing.

Sagittarius men also tend to have a “grass is greener” mentality. When they are with someone, they will think that they are better off single, but when they are alone, they will miss what they had.

Invest in having an amazing life without them. Maybe they will see what they are missing out on and want you back.

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Can You Change a Sagittarius Man’s Mind?

Sagittarius men are afraid of relationships, so they can have a tendency to get together with someone, get scared and leave, and then want to come back.

Being with a Sagittarius man sometimes means accepting that.

But if you break up with a Sagittarius man over something serious, it is hard to win them back.

This is because they have a “been there done that” mentality.

They will want to move forward, rather than try and recreate something that has already been broken.

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