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The Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

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The Queen of Swords Tarot card shows a severe, determined, and powerful woman who does not beat around the bushes. Finding Her Majesty in a Tarot reading tells us that this is not the time for lies or deceit. Instead, it is a time to be honest about what we want. This card is an omen of rigidity, and of a person that isn’t easily deceived or persuaded.

Nevertheless, the path of the Queen of Swords Tarot card is a winding one. Although she is wielding a sword and looking towards the horizon, which shows that she is driven by logical thinking and an active attitude, she is surrounded by clouds that shroud all her plans in gloom. Where is this darkness coming from? It is the result of overthinking. She is the absolute monarch of the world of recurring and almost obsessive thoughts.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Meanings:

The sky is clear in the Queen of Swords Tarot card, which tells us she can see things as they are. Yet, the Queen is wrapped in a cape of clouds that diminishes her splendor somewhat. Even so, the severity of her face while she is holding a sword indicates that no one can fool her. She has accumulated so many experiences throughout her life that she has lost the ability to be amazed.

The Queen of Swords Tarot Card in the Upright Position:

Upright King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Upright King of Swords Tarot Card

This card is undoubtedly compelling and exciting to behold and analyze. The Queen of Swords Tarot card upright represents a feminine person whose capacity for analysis will astonish you. We face an ingenious woman, with a tremendous capacity for abstract thinking, one that is capable of original and innovative ideas. This is a queen who is characterized by a strong and almost indifferent attitude.

The things she has experienced have prepared her for life’s challenges, and she is not easily fooled. The Queen of Swords Tarot card typically represents a woman with a strong character, but she can also represent a person of another gender with similar characteristics. Her intelligence, cunning, and wisdom are remarkable, but so is her distance and coldness when it comes to speaking her mind. Yes, she can be very assertive, but she also can lack tact.

It can be a challenge for people with this kind of attitude towards others to cultivate empathy. Sometimes, the morality of the person that this card represents can lack compassion even when the circumstances warrant it. Not everything that happens follows an obvious logic. Although things happen for a reason, this doesn’t mean that you are aware of the divine plan hidden behind each random occurrence.

The meaning of the Upright Queen of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


Finding the Queen of Swords Tarot card in a love reading suggests that your heart has hardened over the years. Breakups, disappointments, and deceptions have made you a bit skeptical about relationships. Although being cautious is necessary to protect yourself, don’t raise a wall so high that nobody can climb it.


The message of the Queen of Swords Tarot card with respect to health is that you have been overthinking things to the point that it is having a negative impact on your mental health. Anxiety, stress, and depression are some of the symptoms that may arise as a result of this tendency to overanalyze everything. Focus on leaving your comfort zone, spending time outdoors, and looking for tools to better manage your nervous energy.


Finding a Queen of Swords card in a work reading indicates that you have struggled a great deal to get where you are. That warrior attitude has made you somewhat cold and distant towards your coworkers. Another possible association is that there is a work environment that lacks collaboration and comradery.


Evaluate all your current and upcoming financial decisions with caution. Think carefully before investing, so that the results of your project can be fruitful and successful.

The meaning the Queen of Swords Tarot Card in the Reversed Position:

Reversed King of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Reversed King of Swords Tarot Card

When the Queen of Swords Tarot card appears reversed in a Tarot reading, the card’s negative features increase. We see a person who has suffered so much that she or he no longer wants to have contact with their peers and has opted for a life in solitude. Alternatively, we see a person who connects through controlling behaviors and manipulative ways trying to protect themselves from being abandoned.

When referring to a person, the Queen of Swords Tarot card points to a person who uses their intelligence and exceptional abilities to convince, but also to harm others. She wants to make them go through everything she has suffered. In other cases, this Queen may have lost her mind about love, and in such an excessive and passionate way that she has lost all reason and is incapable of seeing things clearly.

Be careful of insidious women around you. You have been acting in a cold and calculating way; therefore, your relationships have also become cold and distant. A “business is business” mindset can make you successful in your career, but it won’t bring you love, happiness, or bliss…ever.

The meaning of the Reversed Queen of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


Expect grudges, resentments, and heartbreaks. The Queen of Swords is not a favorable card when it comes to love. It can represent separations, lack of objectivity, or getting carried away by your impulses. This card indicates that you have lost your emotional connection with others. Healing your emotional wounds will help you to establish healthier relationships in the future. Start working on yourself today, and you will recover your faith in love.


The diseases and symptoms associated with the reversed Queen of Swords Tarot card are those that come from rejecting the outside world, such as asthma, allergies, and intolerances. Rejecting contact with others, affection, love, and surprises can eventually lead to physical symptoms such as rashes, respiratory problems, and allergies.


There is excessive competitiveness in your work environment. The Queen of Swords Tarot card indicates that you must be wary of betrayal, plagiarism, or theft in your office. Also, you might be making decisions without thinking things through thoroughly, and that attitude could lead to major losses or setbacks in your career.


Misunderstandings and discussions with your partners or financial advisors can cause you significant financial losses. It isn’t time to loan, invest, or finance third-party projects. The general advice of the Queen of Swords Tarot card regarding money is: think twice about every decision.

The Queen of Swords in A Yes Or No Question:

With the Queen of Swords Tarot card, we find a woman with an attitude similar to the Justice Major Arcane. Regal, magnificent, and objective, she doesn’t have patience with sentimentalities. She only understands facts.

If approached with logic and reason, she has a clear understanding. On the other hand, when it comes to emotions, feelings, and interpersonal relationships, the picture changes a lot. In those matters, her attitude is cold and distant, lacking compassion and empathy towards lost causes.

If you ask a Yes or No Question in a reading and you get the Queen of Swords card, the answer is: maybe. The solution to the problem or doubt you have can only be found by yourself. You have to apply inflexible logic and go straight to the core of the matter.

Queen of Swords Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Maturity, an independent woman, intelligence, cunning, coldness, logic, thought, discernment, perception, a demanding nature, analytic ability, severity, distance.

Inverted: Criticism, selfishness, egocentrism, revenge, impulsivity, mistrust, separations, complicated pregnancies, authoritarianism, problems with intimacy, cruelty, enmity, indifference.

Queen of Swords Imagery and Symbolism:

In the Queen of Swords Tarot card, we find a woman sitting on a stone throne. Holding a sword, her face conveys authority and inflexibility. Both her cape and the sky are full of clouds. Over her head, a single bird flies in circles. The throne is decorated with cherubs and butterflies.

Symbolically, the Queen of Swords contains representations associated with critical thinking, fixed ideas, and loneliness. Both the bird and the clouds indicate that we are dealing with the suit associated with air, the element of reason and ideas. Yet, there are stagnant clouds waiting to turn into a storm. Somewhat obsessive and harsh, this Queen prefers to stay isolated from commoners.

Although she yearns for company and continually thinks about it, she is still a distant, slightly masculine woman. However, she is open to new ideas and dissects them with surgical precision until she fully understands all their implications.

Bright ideas, open communication, and honesty are the immediate associations we make when meeting this warrior woman. She won’t hesitate to behead you if you contradict her or dare lie to her. On the other hand, she will acknowledge when you are right. The Queen of Swords Tarot card sticks to reason and logic at all costs.

Important Card Combinations:

A Tarot reading is a complex system whose meanings and interpretations vary according to the traditions, combinations, and preferences of each Tarot reader. When we find the Queen of Swords Tarot card in a reading, a strong female figure may be involved in the situation. Beyond that, remember that if a Major Arcane appears, it determines the direction of the reading, so it is essential to understand each Tarot card’s meaning when it is combined with others.

Queen of Swords combined with the Ace of Pentacles:

Promotions. If you want to apply for a loan, prepare everything to perfection before submitting the project.

Queen of Swords combined with The Tower of Destruction:

Problems in the relationship, separation, or infidelity that comes to light.

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Queen of Swords combined with The High Priestess:

Problems with pregnancy, fertility problems.

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Queen of Swords combined with the Three of Cups:

False friendships, a rivalry between girlfriends. Don’t trust the intentions of the women around you.

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