Types of Psychic Dreams: Premonition, Clairvoyant, Telepathic & Warning

Types of Psychic Dreams Premonition, Clairvoyant, Telepathic & Warning

Dreams can be strange, wonderful, and sometimes frightening. The contents of our dreams can also be one of the first signs of psychic ability. Many people have premonition dreams and clairvoyant dreams. There are also many other types of psychic dreams, such as telepathic and warning dreams. In this article, we will talk about the various types of psychic dreams, how to tell them apart from normal dreams, and how to remember, interpret, and make the most of your dreams.

What are Psychic Dreams?

In defining psychic dreams, it may be helpful to discuss dreams in general. The nature of dreams has been the subject of deep philosophical and religious thought for millennia. In Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, dreams were considered to be Divine in origin. In the Upanishads, the dreaming mind is one of the four states of consciousness.

When we dream, we have better access to both the spiritual realm and to the subconscious than we do when we are awake. Whether we remember them or not, we gain the information we need to function in the waking world during our dreams. We also work through our problems, emotions, fears, and anxieties during this time. In fact, dreaming is so important to our well-being that if we are unable to dream, we can suffer health consequences and even go insane.

Our dreams are a part of the Lunar Sphere, and so, in a sense, all dreams can be said to be psychic dreams. On the other hand, this term usually refers to dreams demonstrating specific psychic gifts, such as precognition or clairvoyance.

Premonition Dreams

Premonition Dreams

One of the most common, and sometimes feared, types of psychic dreams are those that foretell the future. These are precognitive or premonition dreams. This is when you have a dream that later comes true in the waking world. The most dramatic premonition dreams are those that foretell tragedy or disaster, but these tend to be rare. These usually fall under the category of warning dreams, which we will talk about later in this article.

Most premonition dreams are of mundane, ordinary events. Some examples include a conversation you might have or a place you may visit in the future.  At times, these dreams may be quite literal. You will dream of the meeting or event exactly as it will take place. Other times, the dream may be symbolic. For example, you will have a dream in which a friend you have not seen in years appears as a prominent character, and then you will run into that person at the store the next day.

It is also possible to have premonition dreams that you do not remember. In these cases, you may experience déjà vu, so if this is a frequent occurrence, it could be due to forgotten premonition dreams.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant Dreams

While premonition dreams foretell the future, clairvoyant dreams give you information about the past and present. They can also give information about the future as well. You may dream of something and then hear about it on the news the next morning. Or else, you might dream of something that happened before you were born or in a past life. Usually, these dreams will be connected to someone you know, an object you have touched, or a place you have been.

Like premonition dreams, clairvoyant dreams may be literal or symbolic. Also, forgotten clairvoyant dreams could cause déjà vu as well.

Telepathic Dreams

In addition to premonition dreams and clairvoyant dreams, some people have telepathic dreams. This is when you communicate with another person in the dream world. You may have a conversation with someone in your dreams, or you may even share a dream with that person. Telepathic dreams are not limited to other people. It is possible to have these type of dreams with pets or even wild animals.

Warning Dreams

Some of the most frightening psychic dreams are warning dreams. Even people who are not ordinarily psychic may experience warning dreams. Most planes that crash have a lot of cancellations, as did the Titanic. Warning dreams may come in the form of premonition or clairvoyant dreams. They may be literal or symbolic. While warning dreams may foretell an accident or a disaster, they sometimes merely let us know that we are going down the wrong path. One of the most famous examples of a warning dream comes from the Christian Gospel of Matthew. In this narrative, Joseph was told in a dream to leave for Egypt with Mary and Jesus in order to protect Jesus from King Herod.

While warning dreams can be troubling and disturbing, they are truly a gift. They allow us to avoid an impending disaster or even just the consequences of a bad decision. Warning dreams are compelling evidence that we have angels that are looking out for us.

How to Tell Psychic Dreams from Normal Ones

How to Tell Psychic Dreams from Normal Ones

Now that we have talked about several different types of psychic dreams, how do you tell the difference between them and normal dreams?

Well, you might not be able to right away. In many cases, you just need to wait and see. Premonitions dreams may foretell events years or even decades in the future. Similarly, you may have to wait for a while before getting confirmation about clairvoyant or telepathic dreams as well. The main way you can tell whether any of these types of dreams are psychic is if they later come true. Luckily, for most of these dreams, it is not urgent to know if they are psychic or not, and you can set them aside and see what happens.

As you have more and more dreams that have later been verified by experience, you will start to get the sense of when your dreams are giving you psychic information and when they are just ordinary dreams.

How to Tell if Your Dream is a Warning Dream

How to Tell if Your Dream is a Warning Dream

When it comes to warning dreams, there is much greater urgency than there is for other psychic dreams. For one thing, these types of dreams are disturbing and frightening. For another, warning dreams generally require action in the immediate future. Below are some ways to know if your dream or nightmare is a warning dream.

1) Is the dream about a topic you can do something about or change?

One of the first things to understand about a warning dream is that they only come when there is something you can do. There is no point in warning you about something that you cannot change. This is why they are so frightening and disturbing. They are meant to steer you away from the danger they foretell.

2) Is the warning clear?

One of the other characteristics of warning dreams is that they are usually very clear. There is generally no doubt about what the dream is about, or what it is steering you to do or avoid. Even if the dream is symbolic rather than literal, you will know exactly what the symbolism means.

3) Do you have a strong sense of foreboding when you are awake?

If your angels are sending you a warning in your dream, they will not stop once you are awake. If the dream is just anxiety, as you are thinking of going forward with your current plans, the fear will subside. With a warning dream, however, if you think about dismissing the dream or going forward with your planned activity or decision, your fear and dread will grow with each step you take in that direction. It will get worse and worse until you decide to change directions.

4) Do you think it is a warning dream?

If you think that your dream is a warning dream, you are usually right. It is generally best to proceed with caution if you even suspect that it is a warning. If the action the dream suggests is one that will not harm you in the long run, go ahead and just do it. It is better to be safe than sorry. If it is an action that you think will cause you great or long-term difficulty, seek advice from someone else about how to proceed. You want to talk to someone that is impartial and who is not impacted personally by your decision. If it is someone who has experience with psychic and warning dreams, all the better. If that is not possible, anyone who you trust will do, whether they are psychic or not.

How to Remember, Interpret, and Make Use of Your Dreams

Dreams are important, and they can be useful to us whether they are psychic or not. Also, if you do have psychic dreams, you will not be able to really know or make use of them unless you are able to remember and interpret them. Below are some tips and suggestions for remembering, interpreting, and utilizing your dreams.

1) Keep a dream journal

The most important thing that you can do if you want to work with your dreams is to write them down. Even if you think you remember your dreams, details slip away as the day progresses. The best thing to do is to keep a journal right by your bed and record your dreams as soon as you wake up. If it is impossible for you to do this immediately upon waking, do so as soon as you possibly can. The more you get involved in your daily routine, the less of your dream you are going to remember.

You can use your journal to see if your dreams later manifest in your waking life. You will also be able to look at the dreams that do turn out to be psychic and compare them with your ordinary dreams. This will help you to be able to tell the difference between the two.

Another benefit to keeping a dream journal is that you will begin to remember more and more of your dreams the longer you keep it up. You are training yourself to pay attention to your dreams in your waking life, and as with anything you practice, you will get better at it over time.

2) Get enough sleep

If you want to make use of your dreams, it is important that you get enough sleep. This can be hard to do in this day and age, but it is truly essential. For one thing, the more sleep you get, the more you will dream. For another, sufficient sleep is necessary to maintain our overall health and well-being. Our dreams will be more productive if we are not dealing with physical or emotional disturbances.

If you are keeping a dream journal, as we suggest, you will probably need to get up earlier in the morning to make time for this. This means that in order to get enough sleep, you will likely need to go to bed earlier as well.

3) Learn your personal dream language

There are many books about dream interpretation and what dream symbols mean. While studying these things is certainly helpful and recommended, it is also important to learn what the symbols mean to you.

Dreams are incredibly personal, and they will speak to you in language that you can understand. If you are keeping a dream journal and look back at your dreams, you will start to see patterns. Also, if a symbol means something to you when you are awake, it will generally mean the same thing in your dreams.

4) Prepare yourself for bed at night

Your dreams will be most directly impacted by what you do immediately before bed, so it is good to prepare yourself before you go to sleep. You should probably avoid scary or disturbing images before bed. It also might be a good idea to turn off your computer, phone, and other electronic devices a half an hour or more before sleeping. Use that time to pray, meditate, and clear your mind instead.


In this article, we have talked about the different types of psychic dreams. We have also talked about how to tell the difference between psychic dreams and ordinary dreams, as well as ways to determine if a scary or troubling dream is, in fact, a warning dream. Lastly, we discussed ways to remember, interpret, and get the most out of your dreams.

What do you think? Have you had psychic dreams. If so, what has been your experience? Please comment below.

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Types of Psychic Dreams: Premonition, Clairvoyant, Telepathic & Warning
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Types of Psychic Dreams: Premonition, Clairvoyant, Telepathic & Warning
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