Signs and Symptoms of Psychic Abilities (Including Attacks)

Psychic abilities can be useful when they are trained and honed. On the other hand, it can be quite difficult and even dangerous if you have psychic abilities without knowing what they are. Most people have at least some psychic abilities, but for some, these abilities are so powerful that they can cause problems. If you have them, you may feel like there is something wrong with you or that you are going crazy. Even more problematic is the danger of psychic attacks, which may be perpetrated intentionally. More often, however, they come from people who are doing so unwittingly because they are unaware of their abilities. In this article, we will discuss the signs and symptoms of psychic abilities. We will also look at psychic attack symptoms, and how to protect yourself if you experience them.

What Are Psychic Abilities?

What Are Psychic Abilities?

In order to know the signs and symptoms of psychic abilities, it helps to have an understanding of what these abilities are. The world we live in has a solid and material component to it. We can perceive this solid and material component through our ordinary five senses. We can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell the world around us. There is also another subtle realm that we are not able to perceive through our ordinary senses. This realm is just as real as the material world, and it runs in and through everything around us. Everyone can sense the subtle realm to a limited degree, but there are some people who are strongly attuned to it. These people are said to have psychic abilities.

There are various kinds of psychic abilities. Here are some of the more common forms.

1) Empathy

Empathy is the ability to sense the emotions of those around you. Some people with empathy can experience the feelings of others as their own. Unknown empathy can cause a range of problems, including vulnerability to psychic attack.

2) Telepathy

Related to empathy is telepathy. This is the ability to hear or know the thoughts of others. This ability can also cause problems and can leave one vulnerable to psychic attack. On the other hand, telepaths usually pick up on the conscious thoughts of others, which tend to be more rational than emotions. This makes it a little less problematic than empathy.

3) Precognition

Precognition is the ability to know the future. People with precognition can know what will happen before it does. This ability can be difficult when it is untrained, particularly if you regularly experience foreboding about bad things that may happen. Just as we tend to have strong memories of traumatic events from the past, many times premonitions of danger are stronger than those of pleasant and happy events.

4) Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things about the past, present, or future. There are related abilities, such as clairaudience and clairsentience, which are respectively the ability to hear or sense these things. These abilities can be amplified when you touch certain objects or enter a room where something took place. This is why during a Clairvoyance reading, the reader will sometimes use a crystal ball to help establish a better connection. If you have one of these abilities and do not know it, it may feel like you are going crazy, because of the random visions, voices, or feelings that can overtake you without warning.

5) Psychic medium abilities

A psychic medium is someone who can sense people or spirits that reside in the subtle realms. A common form this takes is the ability to communicate with those that have gone to the Other Side. Like clairvoyance, psychic medium symptoms can make you feel like you are going crazy. This is because you will often get random strange thoughts or emotions or visions of people that no one else can see. While most beings in the spirit realm are benign or harmless, there are malevolent spirits as well. Psychic mediums are particularly vulnerable to attack from hostile spirits.

Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Symptoms of Psychic Abilities

Now that we have discussed some common forms of psychic abilities, let look to the signs  of psychic abilities. Some of these signs and symptoms are listed below.

1) Frequent Déjà vu

Déjà vu is the feeling that you have done or experienced something before that you have not. Everyone gets this sensation every so often, but if you get this feeling often, it may be one of the symptoms of psychic abilities. In particular, this may be a sign of precognition or clairvoyance. You may be having premonitions that you have forgotten about or be sensing or feeling things about the current situation. You may psychically feel things in your dreams that you are recognizing.

It could also be a sign that you are picking up on the thoughts and emotions of other people or those in the spirit world.

2) Overwhelming, inexplicable feelings or sensations

One of the symptoms of psychic abilities is having feelings or sensations that seem to come from nowhere, particularly when you walk into a room or touch an object. You may also get these feelings when someone touches you.

Events that happen tend to leave a psychic resonance on objects and in rooms. If you are clairvoyant, you may be picking up on those resonances. If you are empathic or telepathic, touching another could open you to their thoughts and emotions.

3) Discomfort in crowds

Many people who are psychic, particularly those with telepathy or empathy have difficulty with crowds, or even sometimes with just groups of people. You may also feel exhausted after social events. You may think that you are an introvert for this very reason. Of course, you might actually be an introvert, but it could also be that it is hard to shield yourself when you are with multiple people.

You may have particular difficulty if there has been conflict or other unpleasant emotions. Empaths, in particular, can feel almost physical pain when around people experiencing these type of feelings. Any of these things can be symptoms of psychic abilities.

4) Strange waking images or dreams

Common symptoms of psychic abilities include strange dreams or images in your mind while you are awake. Dreams tend to be a bit bizarre for everyone, but if you psychically feel things in your dreams, the meaning of these dreams will become clear in the future. You may foretell future events, or you may gain a new understanding of something in the present. According to the renowned psychic medium James Van Praagh, “Clairvoyants might also have recurring dreams that tell a story and provide insights on what is happening in real life”.

You may also dream of people who have passed away. It is common to dream of one’s loved ones who have passed to the Other Side; however, some psychic medium symptoms include visits from people you have never met, or gaining information from your nightly visitors that you would not otherwise know.

5) You know things you have no reason to know

Another of the symptoms of psychic abilities is that you just seem to “know” things. You might understand people talking in a language you do not know. Or else, you might just have a sense of how something will turn out that later proves to be accurate. Someone may be talking about a subject you know nothing about, but somehow you find yourself able to have an intelligent conversation about it. You might always know who is calling when the phone rings or know how a job interview is going. It is possible that you can always find a parking space in a large city.

6) You see auras

If you have psychic abilities, you might see auras around people. Auras are the energy that surrounds us that give information about the state of our souls. They will reflect our general character, but they will also reflect our present mood and emotional state. Auras may also give information about our physical well-being.

You might see auras with your eyes or as images in your mind. You may also just get a general sense of people. Sometimes, you will react strongly to people, either negatively or positively without having any idea of why you are doing so. If these senses generally turn out to be correct, this could be one of the symptoms of psychic ability.

7) You have received visits from the spirit world

One of the classic psychic medium symptoms is being visited by those in the spirit world. These visits could be from those who have deceased, but they could also be other types of spirits as well.

You might see spirits, but you might only hear them. Also, some psychic mediums get impressions in their minds rather than visions or voices.

8) You have astrological signatures of psychic ability

Psychic abilities will often show up in your Natal Chart, or the map of the sky when you took your first breath. The water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, usually have psychic abilities. This is true if any of these are your Sun Sign, but it is even more likely to be the case if your Moon is in one of these water signs. Psychic ability is also common among the air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius.

Psychic Attack Symptoms

Psychic Attack Symptoms

Even though the subtle realm cannot be perceived through the ordinary senses, it is very real. There are many people in the modern world who do not believe this, which makes it hard for them to recognize the symptoms of psychic abilities. This means there are a lot of people around who have psychic abilities and do not know it. Like any tool or gift, psychic abilities are useful, but they can be dangerous if misused. People can and do engage in psychic attacks and have no idea they are doing so.

There are also people in the world who intentionally misuse their psychic abilities, and attack others out of anger and revenge. This is much less common than accidental attacks, but they still happen. Furthermore, just like there are malicious people in the world, there are malicious spirits in the subtle realm. In the modern world, people are very careful to lock their doors against human invaders, but they often leave themselves wide open to these nasty spirits.

Below are some common psychic attack symptoms.

1) Nightmares or dark waking images

Some of the most clear psychic attack symptoms come in the form of dark images either while you are awake or in your sleep. These images can be in the form of a dark wispy cloudlike substance or a monster such as a dragon, snake, or spider.

If it is a person attacking you, you might actually see an image of that person or something that seems symbolic of them.

If this happens, the worst thing that you can do is to react in fear or anger. Do NOT try to fight or attack back, because that will only strengthen the negative energy. Instead, try to imagine yourself being surrounded by Light. If the Darkness is so strong that you can not do this, picture the Light above the Darkness, like the Sun on a cloudy day.

If the attack seems to come from a person, particularly if it is someone you know, do your best to surround them with Light as well. Chances are that this is someone who has psychic abilities and does not know it. They may be hurt or angry about something you have done or not done. It could merely be one of the psychic signs someone is thinking about you. In the rare case that the attack was perpetrated intentionally, it will have its own consequences. Attacks have a way of rebounding against those who commit them.

If the attack does not subside with Light, then call upon your angels or other Higher Spiritual Beings for help. It is best to use imagery from your own religion if you belong to one. If you do not, use images that you feel a close connection with so long as they are of the Light.

2) Feelings of heaviness or fatigue

Another one of the psychic attack symptoms is if a sudden feeling of depression, heaviness or fatigue comes over you. You might also experience physical symptoms, like headaches or stomach upset.

If you experience these type of symptoms, you may want to rule out a purely physical cause by seeing your doctor or alternative health practitioner before concluding that you are under psychic attack. On the other hand, psychic attacks can have physical consequences, so even if there is a physical cause, it does not mean that you are not being attacked as well. The difference will be that if it is only a physical cause, it will often respond to treatment. If there is a psychic attack as well, it probably will not.

You may also have strange strings of bad luck or suddenly become accident prone. Some other common psychic attack symptoms are technology problems, such as computers crashing or important emails or text messages never arriving at their destination.

If you are under this type of attack, you may want to try imaging a shield of Light around you which lets in good energy and keeps out negativity. Certain crystals such as Amethyst and Rose Quartz have cleansing and protective qualities. There are also flower remedies that can help. Of these remedies, Walnut is particularly good for protection and Crabapple is good for cleansing psychic poisoning and negativity.

3) Having an argument that goes round and round in circles

Malevolent spirits feed on conflict. When we are fighting with someone we care about, they like to hang around and make things worse. It is normal to have disagreements with our loved ones from time to time, and every fight is not one of the psychic attack symptoms.

On the other hand, there is a particular pattern when people in conflict are also under attack. The conflict will occur when one or both of you have something very important to do and will distract you from your tasks. It will almost always be over something very small. Of course, these things could happen with an ordinary fight as well.

If the fight is one of the psychic attack symptoms, however, it will be impossible to resolve. You will find yourself going round and round in circles saying the same thing. One or both of you will say the EXACT thing that will hurt the other person the most. It is SO precise, that if you were really trying to hurt the other at a different time, you would not have even thought of it. You may not even have known that this was a sensitive spot for the other.

The best thing to do if you find yourself in a fight with this pattern is to just stop. Realize that it is one of the psychic attack symptoms and that it will never be resolved if you keep at it. If at all possible, get on with the task or tasks the fight was distracting you from. Once the tasks have been done, you will likely find that the conflict resolves itself, or that it was the result of some miscommunication that is easily fixed.


In this article, we have talked about some of the signs and symptoms of psychic abilities and psychic attack symptoms. We have also looked at some of the ways to protect yourself from the common types of psychic attack. What do you think? Have you experienced any of these symptoms of psychic abilities or psychic attack symptoms? What have you done about them or how have you handled them?

Signs and Symptoms of Psychic Abilities (Including Attacks)
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Signs and Symptoms of Psychic Abilities (Including Attacks)
Check for these signs and symptoms of psychic abilities. We will also look at psychic attack symptoms, and how to protect yourself if you experience them.
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