Real Online Psychic Readings – What You Need To Know

Real Online Psychic Readings - What You Need To Know

Many people are curious about online psychic readings, and nowadays, there are many available. What are the best online psychic readings? How do they work? What are medium psychic readings? Are they accurate? Are there free or cheap psychic readings available? In this article, we will address these questions and many more.

Online Psychic and Medium FAQ

What are Online Psychic Readings?

There are a wide variety of psychic readings available, but the one thing that they all have in common is that they involve reaching out into the subtle realm for guidance. The subtle realm is what is beyond our ordinary senses. The ability to access the subtle realm is sometimes referred to as ESP, or extra-sensory perception, but in this context, is usually referred to as psychic ability.

There are many different forms of psychic ability, such as the ability to tell the future, or precognition, and the ability to know things about the present, or clairvoyance. Psychics are those that have developed these abilities through training and experience in order to provide guidance to others. In the past, most psychics worked with clients in person or over the phone. In this day and age, however, there are many psychics that provide services online, using email, psychic chat and VOIP services such as Skype.

Are Online Psychic Readings Accurate?

Most people have some psychic ability. If you have ever dreamed about an event that has later come true, had a nagging feeling that turned out to be right, or even regretted that you did not “trust your gut” about something, you have exercised psychic ability. Psychics have honed that ability over time, and they offer their services to others.

Are there fraudulent psychics or those who are not very good? Most certainly, but you could say the same thing about many other service providers such as plumbers and accountants. You can even say the same about doctors, lawyers, and therapists. Many online psychics, however, are competent, well meaning, and sincere in the services that they provide. Psychic readings can provide surprisingly accurate and helpful information.

What Are Psychic Medium Readings?

Psychic medium readings are performed by a specialized psychic that is able to communicate with those who have gone to the Other Side. Some psychics are mediums and some are not. Psychic medium readings may or may not include other psychic services.

Are Astrologers Psychics?

Astrology is the study of the movement of the stars and planets and their meaning with respect to personality and events. While there are astrologers who are also psychics and psychics who use astrology, these are separate services.

Are Tarot Readers Psychics?

Tarot is a form of divination using cards. Other forms of divination include runes and the I Ching. Divination is the use of physical objects in order to gain insight into the world of the divine. There is a great deal of overlap between tarot readers and psychics. Sometimes a psychic uses tarot cards to focus their mind, and sometimes a tarot reader uses psychic ability to enhance the reading. Even so, they are not the same.

When Should You Talk to an Online Psychic?

Psychic readings are useful in many different ways. Often when we make decisions, we do not have all of the information available. Our own intuition may be clouded by our emotions or desires. We may have unresolved issues with departed loved ones. These can be addressed through psychic medium readings. We may have problems with our pets. There are psychics who specialize in animal communication. Some psychics will explore issues related to karma and past lives. A common reason to talk to an online psychic is for matters of love and relationships.

Comparison Between Psychics and Astrologers

Psychics provide different services than astrologers, numerologists, or tarot readers. An astrologer or numerologist can tell you a lot about your personality and your life path. On the other hand, they do not know the choices that you have made of your own free will. For this reason, an astrologer will often ask a lot of questions to help them know how you have responded to your chart in the past. This allows them to give you more accurate and helpful advice.

A psychic works with information that is being received in the moment. In this way, they can be aware of the choices you have made. For this reason, the best online psychics often do not want you to do more than confirm or deny the information they are receiving by psychic means. Often information from you can cloud the reading.

Comparison Between Psychics and Tarot Readers

Comparison Between Psychics and Tarot Readers

Tarot readings and other forms of divination answer specific questions. In order to get an accurate reading, it is important to ask the right question, because it is common to get a very literal answers to the question asked, which may or may not be useful. Before the reading, a tarot reader will often help you frame your question so that you can get the most helpful answer.

With most forms of divination, you cannot ask the same question more than once within a specified time period. This applies to all forms of divination. For example, if you ask a question in a tarot reading, you cannot then ask the same question of I Ching or runes. If you do, the answer becomes more and more unreadable with each repetition.

Online psychic readings have far greater flexibility. It is sometimes recommended that you do not go to a psychic with a specific goal in mind. This way you can be open to whatever the psychic receives.

What Type of Reading is the Best Love Reading?

Best Love Reading - Numerology, Astrology, Tarot or Psychic Love Readings

In order to show the difference between the various types of readings, let us look at the various types of love and relationship readings.

Astrology and Numerology

Matters concerning your personality and general compatibility between people. These type of readings can help determine your needs and desires in a relationship and the needs and desires of the other person. An astrological reading can give you advice about the relationship dynamics between you and your partner. This is particularly helpful in understanding and managing specific relationship problems.

An astrological reading can also help determine the best time for proposals or weddings, or even first dates or the creation of an online profile on a dating site.


A tarot reading is best for when you have a very specific question or questions, such as whether to pursue a relationship or to let it go. A tarot reading can also tell whether you may find someone in the near future. Tarot readings are usually limited to a time frame of 3 to 6 months.

Psychic Love Readings

Psychic love readings are best when you do not have a specific problem or question, and when you are seeking general guidance. Even the best online psychics can only pass on the information that they receive, which may or may not be the information that you are looking for.

Psychic medium readings can help you connect with a loved one who has gone to the Other Side. This can help you gain peace of mind or closure.

Best Online Psychic Readings

Searching for the best online psychics can be a confusing process. Unlike other more mainstream service providers, there are not any agencies that govern them. Also, when researching reviews, there will always be bad ones from those who think that all psychics are frauds.

There are several large companies that serve as a marketplace for providing online psychic readings. Many of these networks will screen their psychics and will monitor customer reviews. They will also provide reviews for individual psychics and mediums. In order to determine the best online psychics, we have researched reviews from several of these networks, and the networks below have received some of the highest recommendations.


AskNow Psychic Advice

AskNow is a highly reputable company, which provides phone consultation and psychic chat. This network has been around over for over 20 years. They have specialists in a wide range of fields, such as love, career, and past lives. They have psychics at various levels of skill and experience, depending on your budget and needs. Prices for an online psychic reading range from $1 per minute to $10 to $13 per minute for Elite/Master Psychics. They also include cheap psychic readings for new costumers.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source - Life Possibilities Revealed

Psychic Source was founded in 1989, and it offers phone, psychic chat and video recordings. The site allows you to search for psychics based on price, type, specialty, and style. They also offer introductory offers for cheap psychic readings which include 3 free minutes. They offer services on a variety of devices.

Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics is a great psychic network for online psychic readings for those on a budget and seeking cheap psychic readings. They charge $1 per minute for new customers, with 3 minutes free. After that, all readings are $5 per minute. They also offer $5 for 5 minutes along with the 3 free minutes, if you would like a quick sample online psychic reading. They offer services by telephone and by psychic chat.

Cheap Online Psychic Readings

There are many options for cheap psychic readings to try them out. Most psychic networks offer an introductory price of $1 per minute to new customers. Keen Psychics has a special offer of 10 minutes for $1.99 for first time clients. Kasamba has a special offer of 3 minutes free and 50% off for your first reading. Oranum gives you the ability to chat with their psychics for free in order to interview and select the right reader for you.

Where to Get Free Psychic Love Readings

There are many individual psychics and smaller networks that offer free online psychic readings. Some sites that we have found are:

Soulmate Psychic Readings, by Psychic Paulina

Women’s Destiny

Also see our article on how to get a free psychic reading.

Psychic Relationship and Love Readings

You may seek online psychic readings at any point in your relationship, or even before a relationship begins. Online psychic readings are useful at anytime in a relationship, from the first date, to milestones such as proposals and marriage, to marriages and long term partners. You may also seek psychic medium readings for advice from your loved ones on the other side or to connect with a spouse or partner who has passed on. Sometimes you may want to know whether you can trust a romantic interest or partner.

We will explore what to expect and what you should be wary of in online psychic or medium psychic readings.

What to Expect From an Online Psychic Reading

It is important to keep an open mind, because even the best online psychics can only give you the information that they receive. When it comes to matters of love and relationships, people often have very strong wishes, desires, and fears. A psychic may not always tell you what you want to hear. Indeed, if a psychic told you only what you wanted to hear, this would give you reason to doubt the accuracy of the reading. This does not mean that the psychic is fraudulent, but they may be having difficulty separating what they are receiving from your emotions and wishes.

If you are receiving a pure online psychic reading which does not include astrology or divination techniques like tarot, the psychic will usually direct the reading. The best online psychics will generally not ask you for input beyond your confirming or denying what they say is making sense. The psychic may or may not invite you to tell you anything about the situation or ask questions until after the initial reading. Psychic work involves a lot of concentration, and input from you may distract them. They may also have difficulty being confident of what they receive psychically if they have too much information from you.

You should expect a psychic to be reasonably accurate in what they are telling you, and it should make sense to you. If it doesn’t, it is important to let the psychic know when you are asked. Do not hold back because you want to be nice or to avoid hurting the psychic’s feelings. Even the best online psychics are human and there could be things interfering with a clear reading. That being said, time runs differently in the subtle realms, so it could be that you may find out that a reading that made no sense at the time was all too accurate as time passes.

What to Expect From a Psychic Medium

Online Psychic Medium Readings

Psychic medium readings connect with those who have reached the Other Side. Psychics who perform psychic medium readings are less likely to ask for input than a regular psychic. They are relaying the information they are receiving from whoever comes. Usually, the one who you want to communicate will come, but at times they do not. Sometimes someone else will come. While a regular psychic will be looking at the love situation as it is and relaying that information to you, a medium psychic will be relaying messages from someone on the Other Side. In a sense, a medium psychic is like an interpreter or translator. The information that you receive will be what the one on the Other Side wants to tell you.

What to Watch Out For

As we explained earlier in this article, as astrologer will often ask you questions, and a tarot card reader will work with you to formulate good questions for the cards. In online psychic readings and psychic medium readings, on the other hand, the psychic generally will not ask you for much information. If a psychic seems to be probing you for information, it is likely that they are not getting a clear reading. This could be a sign that the psychic is a fraud, but it is generally a sign that something is off with the reading. A good, reputable psychic will let you know if something is off, or if the reading is not clear. In that case, they will likely discuss this with you and offer a refund. Some psychics will try to bluff their way through.

If a psychic tells you of a curse, particularly if they want more money to remove the curse, this is a very good sign that you are dealing with a fraudulent or unethical psychic. A psychic will also not tell you when you or someone else will die, nor will they relay information of a frightening nature. A good psychic should not tell you what you should do. A psychic should relay the information they have, but it is up to you to decide what to do with that information. You should not feel bullied or judged by your psychic.

It is also important to feel you have a rapport with your psychic during online psychic readings or psychic medium readings. Feelings of discomfort or awkwardness can cloud the effectiveness of your reading, even with a good psychic. It is important to trust your feelings when it comes to a psychic or psychic medium.

Asking Questions in an Online Psychic Reading

When you receive an online psychic reading, you may or may not be prompted to ask specific questions. Even if the psychic does not want initial input from you, it is important to be prepared. Some psychics are telepaths, and your intentions may impact the reading. Most online psychic readings charge by the minute, so having a clear focus will help to manage the costs of a reading.

Types of Questions to Ask

In an online psychic reading, you should think about what questions are troubling you the most. Often, people have a jumble of emotions, and it can take time to work out what we really want to know. Journaling and meditation are ways to gain clarity on your thoughts and emotions before the online psychic reading. If you are seeking an online psychic medium reading, it is good to focus on who you wish to connect with. This will increase the chances that the one you want to communicate with will come. Some psychic mediums have reported that the departed loved one shows up before the client does.

Even if the online psychic does not invite you to ask questions ahead of time, having clear questions in your mind will increase the chance that you will receive the answers you are seeking. The psychic will be attuned to you, and the more focused you are, the easier the reading will be. The more muddled you are, the more likely your confusion will be transmitted during the session or the psychic chat.

During the online psychic reading, you should take note of any questions you may have as the reading progresses. Usually, after the initial online psychic reading, you will be invited to give feedback. At that time, you should ask these questions. You should also ask about anything that seems unclear to you. If you are uneasy about anything that happened during the reading, by all means, please let the psychic know.

How to Ask a Psychic a Question

Most online psychics will direct you as to how and when to ask questions. Some may ask for questions at the beginning; some may ask for them after the initial reading. An online psychic that also uses tarot or other forms of divination will help you to formulate a proper question. Following the direction of the psychic will give you the best results.

If you have a question or concern because something is feeling wrong or off during the reading, raise the question when you have the first opportunity. It may be something that can be fixed before moving on.

That being said, you probably do not want to ask questions in an online psychic reading or psychic chat that are for the sole purpose of “testing” the reader. Not only does it waste time, and ultimately your money, having an attitude of suspicion and distrust can interfere with an accurate reading.

We would love to hear from you. Have you ever had a online psychic reading or psychic chat? How did it go? Please comment below.

Real Online Psychic Readings: What You Need To Know
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