Email Psychic Readings – Best Tips on How to Compose Your Email

Email Psychic Readings - What To Know

Email psychic readings have become more and more popular. It is sometimes difficult to find the time or the privacy for in person or phone readings or even a chat session. In these cases, email may be the best option. What are the advantages of email psychic readings? What are the disadvantages? Are email readings genuine? How do they work? In this article we will answer all these questions and more.

Do Email Psychic Readings Work?

Yes, they do. Many psychics are able to work by any medium, and it is often not necessary to see you in order to give an accurate reading. Indeed, there are times when email readings are more appropriate and helpful than than ones given face to face, online chat, or by phone. For matters such as dream interpretation, email readings are especially helpful.

The Advantages of Email Psychic Readings

Email readings have many advantages over other forms. In an email, you have the time to compose your thoughts. You can write when you have time, such as after work or when the children have gone to bed. When you receive your reading, you can also take the time to look at it and reflect upon it. You can save the email reading to refer to later, if you wish. If you are shy about meeting with a psychic, or feel exposed in a more personal setting, an email psychic reading might be right for you.

Another advantage of email physic readings is that there is less of a risk of what is known as a “cold reading”. A cold reading is one in which you are being probed for information to make you believe that the psychic knows much more then they do. With an email, this is largely impossible. Generally you write a description of your issue with a few details and get a response in return.

A third advantage is that the psychic also has time to reflect on the reading and can answer when they are truly ready. This increases the chance of an accurate and precise reading because there will be no pressure to answer on the spot. If nothing is coming at that moment, they can set your question aside until they do receive what you wish to know.

Often email psychic readings are combined with tarot, numerology, or astrology.

The Disadvantages of Email Psychic Readings

In an email reading, you do not have the advantage of immediate contact. You will also have to wait for your reading. You do have to be careful, as well, because there are some places that will create a general template, and then change a few of the details to fit your situation.

Also, not all places will offer email psychic readings. Some of the larger networks, such as Psychic Source, do not. Additionally, there are certain kinds of psychic readings that do not work well by email. For example, it is rare to find a psychic medium that will offer email services.

Another disadvantage is that you do not have the opportunity to interact with the psychic during the reading. While as discussed above, this does prevent cold readings, it also means that you will not know if something is off until you receive your response. Many places will allow you a limited amount of follow-up emails or questions. Some will even give you your money back for unsatisfactory readings. Still, it is better to get an accurate reading to begin with.

Where to Get Genuine Email Psychic Readings

Where to get Genuine Email Psychic Readings

If you decide to get an email psychic reading, where do you go? We will look at various options available to you.

Psychic Networks

Your best bet for a genuine email psychic reading may be from one of the large networks. The advantage of using large companies is that they screen their psychics and they show reviews for all of their providers. The online services; Keen, Kasamba, and Hollywood Psychics all offer email readings. Hollywood Psychics also offers one free email reading upon joining.

Private Psychics

Many private psychics offer email readings. Of course, with private psychics, you must do your homework to find the right one. Just as with phone psychics, word of mouth can be a good sources of information. A U.K. based company, StormJewel Psychics has received several good reviews for their email readings.

Your Personal Psychic

If you are already seeing a psychic regularly, face to face or by phone, see if they offer email readings. This may be a convenient way to get guidance and advice when you do not have time for a live reading.

How Do You Get the Best Email Psychic Reading?

If you have decided to get an email psychic reading and selected your provider, how do you go about getting the best answer. We will guide you as to how to write an email to get the best results, what to do when waiting for a response, and what to do after the reading.

Before You Begin

Think about what you need. Most psychics charge for the length of the email, so consider how detailed of a reading you want. For example, do you want a 250 word response or a 500 word response? Also, do you want or need an astrology forecast or tarot reading as well? In most cases, astrology forecasts provided free or at low cost are computer generated reports.

Carefully read what the psychic requests from you. Do they want a brief, concise question or a more detailed one? Generally, you will be asked for more information in an email request than you will for an in-person, chat, or phone reading. Do they want your astrological information, the date, time, and place of your birth? If so, do you know your time of birth? If not, how do they handle this?

It is best to include the information needed; otherwise, this may delay the reading or cause it to be unsatisfactory.

Composing Your Email

Composing your Email for a Psychic Reading

Unlike other readings, in which you will receive direction from the psychic, aside from the initial instructions, you will be on your own in writing your email psychic readings. The email you write will have a large impact on the results you get.

Think About Your Question

If you are not given direction as to the length of your question, a three or four sentence email is best. This generally gives the psychic enough information by which to tune in to your situation, but not so much as to confuse the reading or cast doubt on whether it is genuine or based on what you said.


A question like “Will I get the job?” is likely too short. This question does not provide any context, and it will be hard for the psychic to focus in on the reading.

On the other extreme, a long diatribe about your work history, how you found out about the job, why you would want a new one, your financial situation, and why you hate your current situation is too long. Even the very best and most experienced psychics may have trouble separating genuine psychic impressions from common sense advice about what you said.

A better approach would be a question like:

“I have been working at my company for about 5 years. I like the work, but it does not pay well and some of my coworkers are annoying. Last week, I was contacted by a headhunter to apply at a larger company that pays well. Am I likely to get the new job, and will I be happier if I do get the job?”

This gives the psychic enough information for context, but not too much information so as to cloud the reading.

If your thoughts and emotions are too muddled to think of a clear and concise question, you may want to take time to journal and compose your thoughts before writing the email. Even if the psychic does want you to provide a more detailed account of your situation, you will be able to write a clearer question if you have sorted through your thoughts and emotions beforehand.

Write the Email

Find a time and a place where you can concentrate and focus on your email psychic readings. If you have a spiritual tradition, you may want to pray or ask in accordance with that tradition for protection and for the guidance you are seeking. In a live reading, such as by phone or by chat, the psychic will usually make spiritual preparations before the reading or at the beginning of it. As you will be writing the question by yourself, it will be up to you to make such preparations.

Pay attention to your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Your psychic will not be grading your email or judging you; however, an email without punctuation or capital letters is hard to read and understand. Having to puzzle over your question may make it hard for the psychic to focus in order to give you the best response. This is particularly important if you are invited to write a long, detailed email.

When you are finished, read your email again. Did you follow the psychic’s instructions as to the information they asked for? Are you happy with your question? If so, press send, take a deep breath, and make the intention to release the question to the psychic.

Waiting for Your Response

Waiting for a response from an Email Psychic Reading

With email psychic readings, you will have to wait for a response. A two to three day wait is normal and to be expected. After all, one advantage of using email is that the psychic has  the time to be sure that they are receiving genuine impressions before they respond.

It is normal to feel anxious while waiting for your answer. You are most likely asking a very important and personal question. Even so, do your best to set the question aside, and to get on with your normal activities.

If you are impatiently awaiting a response, it is highly likely that this will be sensed by the psychic. Thoughts and emotions are real and can be sensed even by those who do not claim special psychic ability. For example, most people can tell if someone they are with does not like them, no matter how polite the other person is. Imagine how much more sensitive a genuine psychic will be to your anxiety when they are tuning into you.

While it is normal to wait about two or three days for email psychic readings, if the wait is much longer, you might want to check in to find out what is going on. Something may have happened, or the response might have gotten lost in cyberspace. It is best to check before jumping to conclusions.

Reading Your Response

Once you have received your email psychic reading, look it over carefully. Does it answer your question? A psychic reading, by any medium, might not tell you what you want to hear. Indeed, many times genuine readings do not. Do you understand what the reading is saying? Does it make sense? If not, you may want to read it a second or third time. If something is unclear, you may want to write back. Most psychics will allow a limited follow up email for clarification. As with any other type of reading, if something is truly wrong, do not hesitate to speak up.

If you are satisfied with your response and it makes sense to you, save it for further reference. You have paid for the reading, and an advantage to email psychic readings is the ability to read and refer to them later.

It may be a good idea to store your reading so that you can easily retrieve it in the future. Many cloud based email providers, such as Google and Yahoo, have an option to create folders. You can also create folders on Outlook and Thunderbird. If you download your emails to your computer, you may want to consider printing your reading or storing it on a USB drive in case your computer crashes.

We would love to hear from you. Have you had any email psychic readings?  How have they gone? Please feel free to comment below.

Email Psychic Readings - How They Work
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Email Psychic Readings - How They Work
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