Questions to Ask a Psychic for Best Results during a Reading

Questions to Ask a Psychic for Best Results during Readings

The questions you ask during a psychic reading will have a big impact on the results you get. If you ask the wrong kind of questions, you will probably be unhappy with your reading. The questions to ask a psychic are very different than the questions you would ask a tarot reader or an astrologer. Also, there are questions that work better depending on the type of psychic you are seeing, and the type of reading you are getting, whether it be phone, text chat, video chat, email, or in person. In this article, will look at the types of questions not to ask. We will also take you through the different types of readings and give you some guidelines for the types of questions to ask during each of these.

Questions NOT to ask in any kind of reading

Before we look at the questions to ask a psychic, let us look at the kinds of questions that you should not ask, no matter what type of advisor you are seeing.

1) Trivial Questions

One of the most important guidelines concerning the questions to ask any type of advisor is that you ask about important things and avoid asking about trivial matters. You are not just getting a service or advice, you are consulting with the spiritual or Divine. The best questions to ask a psychic are those that have been on your mind for some time, and that you have already tried your best to solve for yourself without guidance. There are two main types of trivial questions, those about everyday matters and those that spring from anxiety.

Questions about everyday matters

You should not consult a psychic about what socks to wear. There are many times in life where you just need to make your own decisions. Now, the example of the socks to wear is a silly one, but there are many questions that people routinely ask that are just as trivial. Should I go out to dinner tonight or stay home? I was invited to a party. Should I go?

Psychic guidance is not a substitute for ordinary decision making, and if you get in the habit of asking about small, everyday things, you can start to become dependent on your advisor.

Questions born out of anxiety

The other reason that people sometimes ask questions of a trivial nature is out of anxiety. This usually happens when they are in a relationship that is new or troubled. It could also happen when people have issues related to abandonment. In this case, they want to consult a psychic whenever the other is late or there is any type of conflict.

While these questions do not seem trivial at the moment, in the grand scheme of things, they really are. Generally, you will have the answer to these questions naturally within a few hours or days. Also, in many cases, it is better for you to ask the other person involved rather than a psychic.

A good practice to follow is that unless there is a true emergency, wait at least 24 hours before asking questions of an advisor.

2) Questions you have asked before

Along with trival questions, you should also avoid asking questions that you have asked before. When asking a question of a psychic, there will be times that you get an answer that you do not like. When this happens, the temptation is to ask someone else to see if you will get a different answer. This is sort of like asking Mom for something, and if she says no, asking Dad.

When you do this, the answers you get usually become more and more unreadable as you continue to ask. If you ask enough times, any advisor you see will start to receive sheer gibberish in response.

The one exception to this is when the answer is truly unclear. When this happens, it is best to tell your advisor that. Most advisors have techniques to gaining more clarification when necessary. If you have asked a question on your own using an absolutely free divination tool such as online tarot, and you do not understand the answer, this may be one of the questions to ask a psychic. In such a case, write down the question you asked and print or take a screen shot of the answer you received. That way you can let your advisor see it. They will generally know what to do from there.

3) Questions to “test” the psychic

When thinking of the questions to ask a psychic, you might be tempted to “test” the psychic to see if they are for real. You may think about telling the psychic a deliberate falsehood or withholding key information. This is a bad practice, even if you are using your 3 free minutes or one absolutely free question from a psychic at one of the large online networks.  Aside from being impolite, this is not really a fair test. When reaching out for information from psychic or spiritual sources, it is important to do so sincerely. Otherwise, just like when you ask the same question multiple times, the advisor will likely get either false information or nonsense when they reach out.

If you truly want to test a psychic, it is better to bring forward a real question. You do not want to ask you most pressing question or questions. You will want to save those for the advisor you eventually select. Instead, ask an important but less pressing question and see how the psychic does.

4) Questions about decisions you have already made

When thinking of questions to ask a psychic, avoid questions about which you have already made up your mind. Sometimes, when people make decisions they are uneasy and want reassurance. While that is natural and normal, if you ask a psychic, or any other reader, about a decision that has already been made, you are putting yourself and your advisor in a bind.

In particular, you should not ask about a decision that is irreversible. It might be fine if the decision was a good one, but what if it wasn’t? You will be unhappy no matter what the psychic says. If the psychic is honest and tells you things will go badly, you will be upset at the reading. Also, is this really something you want to know? If the psychic temporizes or reassures you it will be alright and it turns out awful, you may blame the psychic for not warning you.

When you ask for guidance, there is a presumption that you will be able to do something with the information you receive. If you cannot, then you are wasting your time and money in seeing an advisor.

Best questions to ask a psychic or other advisor

Now that we have looked at the questions not to ask, let’s look at the questions to ask. The best questions to ask a psychic or other advisor will depend on the type of reading you are receiving.

Kinds of questions to ask different kinds of advisors

Many times people lump psychics, psychic mediums, tarot readers, and astrologers together, but they all work in different ways. Because of this, the best questions to ask of them are different.

Best questions to ask a tarot reader

Best questions to ask a tarot reader

Divination tools such as tarot, runes, or I Ching work best for very specific questions. There are different types of readings in all of these forms, but usually yes or no questions work well for divination. The reading may tell you more than just yes or no, but the clearer your question is, the clearer your answer will be. The reading will often answer the exact question that you asked (sometimes quite literally) and only that question.

Unless your reader tells you otherwise, you should not ask multi-part questions. For example, “Will I get the job I have applied for and should I accept it if I do?” It is best to do a reading on the first question alone, which may also answer the second. You can always ask for a spread on the second question if need be.

Actually, a question like “Should I accept the job?” is not really a good question. It is a little too vague. What do you mean by “should”?  A better way to phrase it would be, “Will I be happy in the new job if I accept it?” or “Will I be better off financially if I take the job?”

If you are doing a tarot reading on your own, you can keep it to a simple question. If you are going to an advisor, it is best to give them a little context to help them interpret the answer.

Best questions to ask an astrologer

Best questions to ask an astrologer

There is a form of astrology known as horary, which works in a similar fashion as divination techniques such as tarot. That type of astrology aside, however, an astrologer works in a much different way. The astrologer will be looking at the chart of the sky when you were born. Astrological charts contain an incredible amount of information, and there are a lot of different things that can be done with them.

For this reason, astrology is best when you are at a crossroads in your life, or if you want to examine repeating patterns. You can also get a forecast of the astrological weather for a set period of time, such as 6 months or a year. You may also want to consult an astrologer to pick the most fortuitous time for an important event, like a wedding or starting a business.

While some astrologers will just give a reading, most prefer to engage in a dialogue with their clients. It is best to tell them what is going on in detail, and to answer their questions of you. This will help the astrologer know what to look at in your chart and what tools to use to help you. This is like a doctor deciding what tests to conduct or a car mechanic knowing where to look in the engine.

Best questions to ask a psychic

The best questions to ask a psychic are those that are somewhere in between the ones you would ask a tarot reader and ones you would ask an astrologer. They do not need to be as specific or focused as the ones you ask during divination. They do, however, need to be clearer than those you would ask an astrologer.

A psychic is using their intuition or consulting with beings such as angels or spirit guides. As such, they can do more than just answer specific questions that you ask. This gives them the ability to handle open-ended questions, not just ones that are yes or no. On the other hand, they are usually looking at one or more specific problems or issues in the moment, and they do not have access to the patterns of your entire life like an astrologer does.

You are asking questions of the psychic or spiritual realms. For this reason, it is important that your questions come from your best self. For example, a question like, “How can I make him jealous of me?” is coming from fear or a desire to manipulate or control. A better question would be, “My relationship seems to be cooling, and he has been paying less attention to me. Is there anything I can do to improve things between us?”

Best questions to ask a psychic medium

A psychic medium communicates with those that have gone to the Other Side. For this reason, the approach to the questions to ask a psychic medium is different than for other advisors.

If you are seeing a psychic medium, the first thing you would do is to think about who it is you want to connect with. There is no guarantee that the one you want to talk to will show, but the chances are greater if you have been thinking of that one ahead of time.

If your loved one comes, it is possible that they will do all of the talking. You may not have the chance to ask anything at all. This is particularly likely if they did all of the talking when they were alive. If you do get the chance to ask questions, ask the sort of questions you would want to if they were with you in the flesh. The psychic medium is a channel and functions like an interpreter. The one you are truly communicating with is your loved one.

Kinds of questions to ask for different types of readings

The types of questions to ask a psychic also vary based on the type of reading that you are receiving. Some questions are better suited to in-person, phone, or video chat. Other questions work well for text chat. Still others are better for email.

Best questions for in-person, phone, or video chat readings

When you are getting a reading in person, by phone or video chat, you have the ability to engage in a dialogue with your advisor. If your question is complicated or if you have multiple questions, these types of readings are probably the best for you. In these sessions, you will get the most guidance from the psychic as to what to ask. For this reason, many times having good intentions and keeping your heart open will be enough.

If you have a sensitive question or one that is emotionally charged, these types of readings have the advantage of being more personal. The psychic will be able to respond if something is upsetting to you. You will also have the advantage of their voice and presence. Many psychic mediums will only work in this way.

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Best questions for text chat

For text chat, you will want to be much clearer as to what you want to ask than you would for in-person, phone or video readings. The reason for this is that for most people texting is slower than talking. Also, you can not hear each other’s voices or read each other’s body language. Because of this, it is easier to misunderstand what is being asked or what the answer is.

You may also want to reserve text chat for questions that are not extremely emotionally charged. If you need hand holding or reassurance, this may not be possible by text.

Generally, text chat is good for quick, simple questions that can be answered relatively easily.

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Best questions for email

Email is best for questions that are not immediate. They are best when a careful, considered response would be useful. An example of this would be if you are making a major decision about a job or a relationship. With an email reading, you have the ability to really think about your question. Likewise, your advisor can take the time to respond when they are truly in tune  with you and with their intuition. You will also be able to save your response to review later.

On the other hand, there will be a wait for your answer, usually about three days. If you need a more immediate response, a different type of reading would be best. Also, if the issue is sensitive or emotional, you might prefer the more intimate setting of a phone or in-person reading.

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In this article we have looked at the types of questions to ask a psychic and the questions not to ask a psychic. We have also talked about the different types of advisors and the different types of readings, and what types of questions are best for all of them. What do you think? What has been your experience with the types of questions to ask during readings?

Questions to Ask a Psychic for Best Results during a Reading
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