Absolutely Free Psychic Reading – Does Such a Thing Exist?

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading - Does Such a Thing Exist

If you look online, there are many places that claim to offer an absolutely free psychic reading. Is such a thing possible? Can this be for real? What are the pitfalls? In this article, we will look the various types of free services advertised and whether they are truly absolutely free. We talk about the ways that you can get guidance for free, and the limitations of free services. We will explore other types of free guidance available, such as tarot, runes, and astrology and talk about how to get the most out of free psychic readings.

How Can You Get an Absolutely Free Psychic Reading

There is a common adage, “you get what you pay for.” Generally, people who offer psychic services are running businesses and are hoping to make money. Just like any other service, psychic work is work, and just as in any other profession, most people want to get paid for their efforts.

If a psychic or psychic network is offering an absolutely free psychic reading, there is generally a reason. While there are unscrupulous psychics and psychic companies who advertise free services as a “bait and switch” tactic, there are legitimate reasons to offer an absolutely free psychic reading. One common reason is to give a sample, so that you can try the services of the adviser before you commit to a paid service. Another common reason is that the psychic is still a student or in training, so they offer free readings in order to practice and develop their skills.

Publicly Posted Answers

There are a few sites that do offer absolutely free readings, and not just one per visitor. Websites such as Psychic Bitch offer readings where the answers are posted publicly. That way the psychic gets some attention, even if the questioner doesn’t followup with a paid reading.

Free Samples

Many psychic networks will advertise an absolutely free psychic reading. In most cases, this is really a “free sample.” Many businesses offer free samples of their goods and services. Some examples are taster bites of food at grocery stores or restaurants, and free trials of subscriptions and services. In the case of psychic networks, the most common types of free samples are “3 free minutes” or “1 free psychic question.” Almost always, you will have to register for their sites, however, and most of the time, you will need to make a purchase to get the free reading.

Psychic Networks

Let us look at the free samples offered by major psychic networks:


AskNow does not offer an absolutely free psychic reading. On its site, AskNow has a place where you can type in one free psychic question that will be answered by one of their advisers. You need to register for the site and purchase one of their introductory packages in order to receive an answer.

Hollywood Psychics

Hollywood Psychics offers 3 free minutes; however, you must make a purchase in order to get these free minutes, and they are attached to your first paid reading.


Oranum does seem to offer an absolutely free psychic reading upon registration. When you register, they apply a credit of $9.99, which can be applied to any reading. Depending on the rate of the adviser, this can cover 3 to 10 minutes.


Keen offers either 3 free minutes or 10 minutes for $1.99 for new customers.


Kasamba offers 3 free minutes and 50% off of your first reading. You do need to register and provide payment information first, however.

Smaller Companies

There are many smaller companies that offer either 3 free minutes or one free psychic question. Like the larger networks, you often need to register and provide payment information first. You will need to check whether it is an absolutely free reading or if it is attached to paid services.

How to Use Free Samples

Even if free samples are advertised as absolutely free psychic readings, and even if you can get them without a purchase, it is best not to think of them as real readings. They are tasters or free trials and should be treated as such. You are looking to see if you like the services offered and if you want to purchase more.

In that light, you probably do not want to ask your main or most important question during the 3 free minutes or one free psychic question. You should ask a real question, one that has been weighing on you, but save your main question for the paid reading.

It might be tempting to try to “test” the psychic during the sample reading by providing wrong information. That generally is not a good idea, however. To begin with, you will not get the benefit of seeing whether the psychic can be helpful. Furthermore, even if your adviser suspects something is wrong, they may not say it. No one wants to accuse a customer of lying.

Psychic ability is not like reading a book or a ledger sheet. Unless the psychic uses astrology or some form of tangible divination tool such as tarot, they are relying on impressions. While these impressions are often surprisingly accurate, they can be easily clouded. If you go in with a spirit of suspicion or bad faith, it is likely to spoil the reading.

Student or Novice Psychics

Student or Novice Psychics - Absolutely Free Psychic Readings

One of the most reliable ways to get an absolutely free psychic reading is to go to a student or novice psychic. Like any profession, psychics must learn and practice their skills. Novice astrologers and tarot readers will often practice on friends and family, but psychics have a special challenge.

Astrologers and tarot card readers work with tangible things, the movement of the planets and the symbolism of the cards. A psychic’s information comes from a more intangible source. For this reason, if they are working with someone they know, they cannot be sure if the information is coming from a psychic source or from information they already have. The novice psychic really needs to practice on people they do not know.

There are novice psychics who advertise online, and there are psychic schools that offer free or low cost readings to give their students practice. Some private psychics will also provide free services to train their apprentices. Obviously, a student or novice will not have the abilities of an experienced psychic, but it may be the best way to get an absolutely free psychic reading that is not just a sample.

If you use a student or a novice, be sure to give feedback when the reading is over. The student psychic is giving you a service. You are not paying for it in money, but in giving the psychic a learning experience. Your feedback is invaluable.

Other Free Services

Many times when places say they are offering an absolutely free psychic reading, what they are offering is not a psychic reading at all, but some other kind of reading. The most common form of free reading is a computerized tarot reading or computerized astrological forecast or horoscope. Many of the major psychic networks offer these types of readings on their sites. There are many other sites that also offer computerized tarot and astrology readings that are better and more complete, however. While such readings are not a substitute for a human adviser, they can be useful if approached in the right manner.

Computerized Tarot Readings

Computerized Tarot Readings

There are many websites that offer free computerized tarot readings. One such site is Facade. This site offers a variety of different divination options, including tarot, runes, and I Ching. In tarot, it provides readings using a variety of different decks and spreads.

A computerized tarot reading is similar to doing a reading for yourself using cards and a guide book. The difference is that you do not have physical cards and a book to juggle. Even though it is a computer generated report, you should approach it with the same seriousness as you would doing your own reading at home.

Clear Your Mind

Before you attempt any type of divination, it is best to clear your mind first. If you are using an adviser, they will do this step for both of you. When you do any type of divination, you are opening yourself up to the spirit world. While there are helpful angels and spirits all around us, there are also mischievous and malevolent spirits. You want to be protected.

One exercise is to imagine a dome of light surrounding you, one that attracts good spirits and repels nasty ones. Take a deep breath and as well as you can, clear your mind of fear, anger, worry, or anxiety. These emotions attract nasty spirits. Try to adopt an attitude of openness, and pray or meditate according to your spiritual tradition.

Ask Your Question

In any form of divination, the question asked is of utmost importance. Divination answers are often quite literal. Indeed, a novice mistake in interpreting a divination result is to underestimate just how literal the answer can be. So, you want to phrase your question so that the literal answer will be the one that you want.

This only applies to divination using tangible objects, by the way. If you are using your one free psychic question to sample a human adviser, you do not have to be quite so careful.

For example, you do not want to ask a divination question like, “Will I ever get a job?” or even “Will I get a job in my field?” If you get a yes answer, this could mean that you will get a job soon or it could mean you will get one in your lifetime. If you get a no answer, it will likely be depressing and disheartening. Also, divination tools are generally only valid for about three to six months, so this might not tell you anything anyway.

A better question would be, “Will I find a job in the next three months in my field?” or “Will I get the job that I just applied for?” These questions are specific enough that a yes or no will give you valuable information.

Do the Reading

Next do the reading. Some sites will offer limited choices of decks or spreads, some will offer a lot. If you are overwhelmed by the choices, the most basic reading is a Celtic Cross using the Rider-Waite tarot deck. You may have to choose whether to use reversed cards. The most basic readings do use reversed cards, but as a novice, reversed cards are difficult to read and may lead to results that seem more negative than they are. If you are doing a computerized reading on your own, it may be best to avoid reversed cards if you can.

Read the Results

When you finish the reading, the results will come in the form of short descriptions of the meanings of the cards. This is similar to what you would get in a guide book. The results may or may not be helpful or accurate. If they make no sense at all, then you may want to just ignore the reading. While it is generally not a good idea to ask the same question twice when using divination, in such a case, you can consider it a failed reading. At this point, you might want to refer the question to a psychic. This might be a good time to make use of “an absolutely free psychic reading” or “1 free psychic question.”

If the answer does make sense and it is helpful, great! You have your answer, and you are done.

If the answer makes some sense, but is still confusing or perhaps disturbing, and if the question is truly important, then you may want to consider getting a full reading. Before you do, you will want to print or take a screenshot of your results. This way you can show the reading to your adviser to help interpret the reading if they are willing. If the result is merely confusing, then an absolutely free psychic reading by a student or a novice might be fine. If the result is disturbing, you will likely need a professional paid reading. Do not act upon any disturbing results without guidance from someone who knows what they are doing.

Computerized Astrology Reports and Horoscopes

Computerized Astrology Reports and Horoscopes

Most psychic sites will offer a free computerized astrology report or publish daily, weekly or monthly horoscopes. There are many other places to obtain free astrological reports. We will guide you through the best places to get a free astrological report and how to read your horoscope.

The Best Free Astrology Reports

Most people know their sign, or their Sun Sign, but if you know the time and place of your birth, you can get a Natal Chart. A Natal Chart is a map of the sky and the placement of all of the planets at the moment of your birth. There are sites which will calculate your Natal Chart and give you a report interpreting this chart absolutely free.

One of the best places to get a free Natal Chart and computerized report is Astrodienst. Generally a computerized astrology report will give a list of planetary placements with  descriptions. On Astrodienst, these descriptions are written by leading professional astrologers such as Rob Hand and Liz Greene. These reports do have limitations, however. Most people have complicated charts with contradictory information. At present, computers are not able to synthesize the information, but can only list it. It takes a human being to synthesize the information in a coherent form. So, there might be things on a computerized report that seem inaccurate or do not make sense.

Another place to get a Natal Chart and free reading is on Astrolabe, which is the site of the company that sells the software that many professional astrologers use. They offer free and paid Natal Reports. The free report does not tell you everything, but it still has a lot of information.

How to Read Your Horoscope or Zodiac Personality Description

If you have a Natal Chart, you are armed with enough information to read your horoscope or zodiac personality descriptions. Horoscopes and zodiac personality descriptions are often written by professional astrologers and can be amazingly accurate if you know how to read them. To get the most out of them, you will need to know the sign of your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant/Rising Sign.

Most people know their Sun Sign, and this is generally what is meant by the question, “What’s your sign?” Just as the Sun Sign is where the Sun was when you were born, your Moon Sign is where the Moon was when you were born. The Ascendant/Rising Sign is the sign that was rising in the East at the time and place of your birth.

Your Horoscope

When reading your horoscope in the newspaper or online, you will get a far more accurate reading if you use your Ascendant rather than your Sun Sign. This is because astrologers use divisions of the sky known as Houses to know what area of life is being activated at any given time. It is possible to use your Sun Sign to determine the Houses for a general, vague reading, and if you were born during the day, this reading is likely to be at least somewhat accurate. Horoscope columns use Sun Sign houses because that is what most people know and there is no need for a birth time to determine them.

On the other hand, if you were to see a professional astrologer, they would use your Ascendant to calculate your Houses. So, if you read your horoscope using your Ascendant/Rising sign, you will get a better approximation of what an astrologer would be doing.

Zodiac Personality Descriptions

There are people who will read their zodiac personality descriptions and be amazed by their accuracy. There are others who will read them and think that they do not describe them at all. Why is that? There are many reasons your zodiac personality description will not seem to fit, but the most common one is that you were born at night. The Sun is the dominant luminary, or light, for those born during the day, but the Moon is the dominant one for those born at night.

So, if you know your Natal Chart, to get the most out of zodiac personality descriptions, you should read them for your Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in the following order.

  • If you were born during the day: your Sun Sign, your Ascendant/Rising Sign, and then your Moon Sign
  • If you were born during the night: your Moon Sign, your Ascendant/Rising Sign, and then your Sun Sign

You will usually get very good results if you read descriptions in this way.


We have looked at the various ways to get an absolutely free psychic reading. Generally, when psychic sites claim to offer an absolutely free psychic reading or one free psychic question, it is usually just a free sample, which may or may not require an additional purchase. We have also seen that you can really get an absolutely free reading from student or novice psychics that need to practice their skills. We have also looked at other free services such as computerized tarot readings or astrological reports. Lastly, we talked about how to get the most out of your horoscope and zodiac personality descriptions.

We would love to hear from you. Have you used free services or found other ways to get an absolutely free psychic reading? What has been your experience?

Absolutely Free Psychic Reading - Does Such a Thing Exist?
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Absolutely Free Psychic Reading - Does Such a Thing Exist?
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