Psychic Connections and How to Manage Them

Psychic Connections and How to Manage Them

Psychic connections are much more common than most people realize. Most people have a psychic connection with someone, even if they do not believe that they have any special gifts or abilities. Sometimes, these connections are positive and healing. Other times, they can be painful or even harmful. Read on to learn about psychic connections and how they are formed. You will also learn how to nurture, heal, or even break them when necessary.

What are Psychic Connections?

Psychic connections are deep bonds between people that form at the level of the Soul. These bonds are so strong that you can feel the other person’s emotions, know when they are in trouble, and feel almost physical pain when you are in conflict with them. They can form between lovers, twins, soul mates, family members, and friends. They can also form between enemies and rivals. These bonds are not limited to humans either. People often form these type of connections with their pets as well.

Psychic connections can be temporary, or they can last a lifetime. They can even survive death and follow you from lifetime to lifetime. Soul mates are people who have these types of deep bonds. This is what causes them to incarnate together. Most people think of soul mates as romantic partners, but they can also come in the form of other relationships as well. It is quite common for you to be soul mates with people in the family you were born into. Indeed, there is almost always a soul connection between mothers and their children.

How are Psychic Connections Formed?

In the modern world, people tend to think that we are separate from each other, but that is really not the case. We are more than our bodies, and in a deep spiritual sense, we are all connected with everyone else and the rest of Creation. On a more personal level, we touch everyone we encounter on a psychic level, and they touch us in return.

The closer we get to someone on an emotional level, the more likely it is that a psychic bond will form. Physical touch will increase the likelihood of this type of connection. Sexual activity increases the chance by quite a bit, especially for women.

Those with psychic gifts form these bonds more easily than those without. Empaths, in particular, form these connections as naturally as breathing. The Water signs, which are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are the most prone to psychic connections. Indeed, the purpose of the hard shell that Cancer and Scorpio natives tend to have is in part to protect them from unwanted bonds. Pisces has a looser connection to the material world, so this sign can protect itself by floating away on a psychic level when necessary.

Air signs (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) also form these bonds relatively easily. Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn) and Fire signs (Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius) have stronger boundaries around their soul, so it is more difficult for them to bond with someone on a soul level. There is also far less risk for them to develop an unwanted psychic connection.

Positive Psychic Connections

Positive psychic connections can be truly beautiful and even magical. The warmth and love that you can feel with someone that you are bonded to is wonderful and can heal even the deepest of wounds. They can lead to spiritual love and be a path to enlightenment for both people.

While this type of bond will not fix serious problems in a relationship, it can help you to get through the normal difficulties and conflicts that all couples face. With a psychic connection, conflict is quite painful, so you will have a strong motivation to settle your differences quickly. You will feel each other’s emotions as your own, so you will also have an added incentive to take care of one another.

All psychic connections can carry over from life to life. If you meet someone that you have an instant rapport with, it is very likely that you already have a positive bond with them from a previous life.

Negative and Unwanted Psychic Connections

As wonderful as positive psychic connections are, negative and unwanted ones can be quite difficult and painful. Examples of such unwanted bonds include those with an ex or an unhealthy connection with a family member. Unfortunately, abuse forges psychic connections as well, which is one of the reasons it is so difficult to get out of an abusive relationship.

Any strong emotion can lead to a psychic bond, even negative ones such as anger, envy, or hatred. For this reason, enemies and rivals can develop such connections with each other as well.

Just like positive bonds, negative bonds can carry over from life to life. Family members can have mixed or negative psychic connections with each other from past lives. Also, if you meet someone and feel an instant dislike for them, it could be that you have a negative bond with them from a previous incarnation.

Complex Psychic Connections

There are purely positive and truly negative bonds between people. However, it is far more common for your psychic connections to be much more complex, with positive and negative aspects. This is particularly true with bonds between family members. When we have a complicated bond with someone, this usually means that it is a relationship that we need to work on to move forward spiritually.

How to Nurture a Psychic Connection

There are many ways to nurture a psychic connection with someone. Below are some common methods to help you bond grow and thrive.

1) Spend time together

The easiest and most important thing you can do to nurture and strengthen your bond with another is to spend time together. The more time you spend with someone, the more likely it is that the connection between you will grow and develop naturally. The time you spend together should be quality time. For example, sharing meals together at the kitchen table will do more for your bond than eating in front of the television.

On the other hand, time spent quietly together, such as each person reading their own book in the same room, can be quite powerful in deepening their connection. This is especially the case for Water signs.

2) Have physical contact with each other

Physical contact can be a powerful way to nurture your psychic bond. This is particularly the case for Earth signs. While, of course, sexual contact can deepen your connection, cuddling, holding hands, or other forms of non-erotic touch will do so as well.

3) Talk to each other

Having good conversations with each other can go a long way towards developing and nurturing a psychic connection. Air signs, in particular, need to bond on an intellectual level before they can bond on any other level, including a psychic one. Talk about your hopes and your dreams. Be honest about your needs and your fears.

4) Face challenges together

Shared difficulties can be extremely powerful in forging psychic bonds between people. This is especially the case for Fire signs. In overcoming challenges, you connect deeply on a soul level. If you are lucky enough not to have difficulties thrust upon you, shared adventures or shared goals will have the same effect.

5) Reach out to each other psychically

When you are not physically with each other, reach out to each other psychically. For example, when you are both at work, visualize the other person and gently try to feel their presence. Think about your love for them as a soft light that surrounds them. If you feel that they are upset, send them reassurance, support, and encouragement.

Just like with anything else, the more you reach out to your partner psychically, the easier it will become. Soon, you may find that you are able to connect without even thinking about it.

How to Heal a Psychic Connection

Psychic connections, even otherwise positive ones, can become difficult or painful. This usually happens due to problems in the relationship or due to physical or emotional injuries or illnesses. Here are some ways to heal a bond that has become problematic.

1) Think about your love for the other

Love is powerful, and it goes a long way towards healing many injuries and illnesses. Visualize your love as a gentle and warm healing Light. Love is especially important if the reason that the bond is troubled due to pain or illness. If you are the one who is hurt or unwell, allow your partner to help and yourself to feel gratitude for their care and assistance.

2) Set boundaries

Just as relationships do not have to be all or nothing, psychic connections have levels as well. You can set boundaries with people psychically as well as emotionally. One of the ways to set a psychic boundary is to imagine a thin porous shield around you. Let this shield act as a filter, letting in the positive energy while keeping out the negative.

3) “Accentuate the positive”

There is an old song that begins:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

This is very useful advice when you are trying to heal a difficult psychic connection. Focus on the good things about your relationship and work on those that are not so good. Mixed and complex parts tend to consume your mind and heart more than parts that are more clear, so when dealing with a troubled bond, it is best to avoid thinking about these areas as much as you can.

4) Use crystals or flower remedies

Crystals are powerful aids if you need to heal a psychic connection. Amethyst and rose quartz can help you to remember your love and concern for the other and protective stones such as flourite can help to strengthen your psychic boundaries.

Flower remedies can also be extremely useful when dealing with difficult psychic connections. Walnut and Centaury are good if you need to strengthen your boundaries. There are also remedies that are useful in dealing with negative emotions or in expressing your needs or feelings.

5) Get help

You may need help from a professional to heal your psychic connections. Emotional difficulties will spill over into your bond, so mundane therapy may be what you need. This may also be a good time to seek out a psychic reading from someone that specializes in relationship issues.

How to Break a Psychic Connection

There are times that it is important to sever a psychic connection you have with someone. It could be an ex, someone who is suffering from addictions, an abusive lover or family member, or an enemy or rival. This can be a long, difficult, and painful process, and it is important to be gentle and patent with yourself. Here are some things you can do to break a psychic bond.

1) Avoid or limit contact

The single most important thing to do when you are trying to break a psychic bond with someone is to avoid contact as much as you possibly can. While lack of contact alone is not enough to sever a connection, the more contact you have the harder it will be. You may not have to avoid contact forever, but so long as the psychic connection remains, it is best to stay away from the other person.

If this is an abusive situation, do not hesitate to get legal and psychological help as well.

2) Avoid thinking about the other person

When you are severing a psychic connection it is just as important to avoid thinking about the other as it is to avoid contact. This is much harder to do. Taking charge of one’s thoughts is not easy, and it takes time and practice. Sometimes when you try not to think about something or someone, it makes you think about them all the more.

The best thing to do is to pay attention to your thoughts. When you start to think about the other person, gently steer your thoughts to something else. This will be easier when you are busy or engaged in other activities. It will be harder when you are at rest. Be patient with yourself. Just do the best that you can. It will get easier over time as your mind becomes trained to avoid the other person.

3) Forgive and/or make amends

If you are trying to break a psychic bond with someone, it is crucial that you forgive that person. Forgiveness does not mean that you condone what the other person did. Nor does it mean that you reconcile with the other person. What it does mean is that you let go of the anger and hurt and move on. Anger and even hatred create as strong a bond as love and positive feelings do, and in truth, these negative bonds may be even stronger.

If you have harmed the other person, make amends to the extent that you can. Again, this does not mean that you need to or even should resume the relationship. What it does mean is that you may need to apologize or otherwise set things right if at all possible. If that is not possible or advisable on a physical level, psychically send your intentions to make amends to the person’s Higher Self.

Negative bonds, as well as positive ones, can last from lifetime to lifetime, so it is a good practice to clear these connections whenever they occur.

4) Use crystals or flower remedies

Crystals and flower remedies are useful in breaking psychic connections as well as in healing them. When breaking connections you may want to use more powerful protective stones such as black obsidian, black onyx, or black tourmaline.

5) Get help

Just as when you are trying to heal a psychic connection, it is a good idea to get help if you are trying to break one. This is especially the case if abuse is involved. As stated before, abuse can create a very strong psychic bond, so you may need both psychological and psychic/spiritual help in order to break it.

Psychic Connections With Those Who Have Passed On

As we talked about earlier, psychic connections do not end when someone passes. It is normal to receive visits from deceased loved ones for the first few years. While these connections can be a great source of comfort, they can also keep you from moving on with your own life. They can also keep your loved one tied to this world rather than embarking on their journey to the next one.

Every culture has rituals surrounding death. The traditional purpose for these rituals is to help to gently release the psychic and emotional bonds so that both the deceased and the survivors can move on. Most Western cultures no longer have ritual mourning periods, so it is much harder to get closure. Because of this, you may want to develop your own rituals if you need to. The main thing is that you want to be able to grieve, but not so much that your loved one thinks they need to stay to take care of you.

If you have unfinished business with a deceased loved one, you may want to see a medium to work through it. Also, do not hesitate to seek grief counseling if necessary.


Psychic connections can be a source of healing, strength, and spiritual growth. They can also be complicated and even harmful or painful. Learning to manage these connections is one of the best ways to lead a happy and fulfilled life. What are your experiences with psychic connections? How have you nurtured, healed, or severed some of yours? Please comment below.

Psychic Connections and How to Manage Them
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Psychic Connections and How to Manage Them
Read on to learn about psychic connections and how they are formed. You will also learn how to nurture, heal, or even break them when necessary.
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