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What Do Pisces Men Like and Dislike in Women

Pisces men love romance, so being courted by a Pisces man is always a pleasurable experience.

When they choose the object of their affection, they want someone who is friendly, generous, and emotionally available for a genuine relationship.

Read on to learn exactly what Pisces men like and dislike in women.

What Do Pisces Men Like?

Pisces men are highly social animals and love being around other people, learning about them, and feeding off their energy.

They are also creative types, and love to make things and share them.

Men born under Pisces tend to believe that life is to be enjoyed rather than conquered.

What Does a Pisces Man Look for in a Woman?

The ideal woman for a Pisces man is a woman who is a good friend, because he believes that nothing says more about a person’s good character.

He also wants someone who will enjoy life with him, which means being open, honest, giving, and emotionally available.


The ideal woman for a Pisces man is creative. They are creative souls themselves and are very attracted to this characteristic in kindred spirits.

Anyone who considers themselves an artist will catch Pisces’ interest. It doesn’t really matter the type of art or how serious they are about it, it is more the mentality of being a creator.

They also appreciate people who don’t mind sharing what they create, and don’t hide things as “not good enough”.

They believe that creativity is about pleasure and enjoyment, and think of execution as secondary.

Emotionally Available

Unlike many men, those born under Pisces like to have emotionally intimate relationships and share their feelings.

For this reason, they like women who are emotionally available and willing to go there with them. It is less scary to share your own feelings when others are doing the same.

He will quickly become frustrated with a woman who holds back and raises defenses.

He wants to get to intimacy quickly and doesn’t want to have to jump through a whole bunch of hoops first.


Pisces men are attracted to women who have a laidback and tranquil energy.

That doesn’t mean that they never get excited about things, but he doesn’t really like women who tend to get too upset or angry about anything.

He respects a woman who can let things slide and accept that things aren’t always as they seem, and that people sometimes say things that they don’t mean.

Pisces men appreciate a woman who doesn’t hold a grudge and is always willing to give someone a second chance.

People born under Pisces believe that you are defined by the people you spend the most time with, and that the people closest to you say a lot about you.

So, when Pisces meets a woman, he is often paying close attention to who she surrounds herself with and how they treat her.

He is attracted to women who are clearly popular and well-loved, and he knows that this means they are a good and generous friend.


Pisces’ ideal woman is highly confident, filling a gap that he sees in himself.

While Pisces men might seem confident because of the way they interact with other people, they are actually quite insecure about their own abilities.

He wants a woman who has enough confidence for the both of them and can act a little bit like armor in tough situations.

But that doesn’t mean that he likes brash women. Pisces knows better than most that this is often a cover for insecurity.

What Does a Pisces Man Dislike in a Woman?

Pisces men are easy-going and forgiving, so they are pretty difficult to rub the wrong way.

But, like everyone, they do have a few triggers that can turn them off when it comes to women.


Pisces men give themselves completely to relationships and are very trusting. They also tend to have a lot of female friends.

He wants a partner that returns his trust and doesn’t question any of those friendships. If he is confronted with jealousy, he will immediately start to shut down.

Plays Games

Pisces men are always clear and transparent with their feelings. He feels that the best way to get what you want is to ask for it.

Pisces doesn’t like women who keep him guessing and playing games to test his commitment.

He wants to meet a woman halfway and make it work, and won’t be happy if she is not willing to do the same.


While Pisces is easy going and don’t have an innate desire to be in charge, they hate being controlled and will rebel against it.

If he feels like a woman is trying to control him, push him in certain directions, or get him to drop certain friends, he won’t be impressed.

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True Intimacy

You could say that when it comes to love, Pisces is looking for a partner in crime.

They want someone who sees the world in the way that they do, and who cares for other people with a similarly open and giving nature.

He doesn’t want a relationship full of fiery struggles, he wants a woman with whom he can just be comfortable and happy.

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