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How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You

How To Know When A Pisces Man Is Done With You

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Pisces men are empathetic and easy-going. They also don’t like to argue and will never tell you when there is something wrong.

This means that when they choose to break up with you, it can be a surprise.

They might give you a list of very good reasons, which you had no idea were problems.

If he had mentioned them, you might have been able to fix things, so it is important to look out for the subtle signs that a Pisces man might not be happy in a relationship.

If a Pisces man is thinking about breaking up with you, he’ll want to spend less time together. His naturally romantic tendencies will also cool.

He will also become less laid back. He will bicker with you more, and be more likely to take other people’s sides over yours.

He will probably also let something slip to your friends. Pisces has a need to consult before doing anything.

Read on for more sure signs that a Pisces man is finished with you.

5 Signs a Pisces Man is Finished With You

1. He Will Call Less Often

Pisces men aren’t just looking for a partner, they are looking for a partner in crime. They want someone that can do everything with them!

A Pisces man will call often, and invite you along to everything from drinks with college friends to bridge night at his grandmother’s nursing home.

While it might feel like a relief, if a Pisces man stops harassing you to do these things with him, be worried.

Only when he is losing interest in the relationship will he also lose his desire to have you by his side 24 hours a day.

If you have been saying no to some of his invitations, now is the time to say yes to pretty much everything.

Also, make sure you are inviting him along to your things and showing him that you want him to be a central part of your life.

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2. He Will Be Less Romantic

Pisces men are usually hopeless romantics. They love to wine and dine their partner no matter how long they have been together. Date night is sacred.

If you notice a decline in the number of romantic gestures coming from your Pisces partner, you should be worried.

Either he is planning a big surprise and trying to throw you off the scent, or he is losing interest.

Do what you can to rekindle romance if it starts to wane. Plan a romantic dinner, get tickets to a ball, and don’t be afraid to go a little over the top.

Do whatever you can to get his romantic juices flowing again.

3. He Will Ask Your Friends About You

Pisces men tend to put a lot of store in the opinions of others.

If they have questions about you, they may well go to the people who know you best, your family and friends.

While he is pretty tactful, he will probably find ways to ask the people close to you about your behavior or your feelings.

If he thinks that something is wrong within the relationship, he will be looking for evidence to justify his assertion.

He might also be setting you up to look like the bad guy if you break up. This probably isn’t conscious and deliberate, but a subconscious attempt to have as many people on his side as possible.

Hopefully, your friends will warn you if something like this is going on.

But Pisces can be so ingratiating that he might also convince them to hold their tongue.

So also watch out for sidelong looks and unexpected silences.

This is just one of several signs that a Pisces man is testing you.

4. He Will Fight With You

People born under Pisces hate conflict, and will generally do whatever it takes to avoid it. This includes making significant compromises just to keep someone else happy.

They might have been doing this in the relationship for a while. However, even Pisces has a limit.

If they reach a point where they can’t make any more sacrifices, they will think about ending things.

You will probably notice that they have reached this point as you will notice an increase in little arguments.

Many of these may seem like a surprise because they are about things that he has always been fine with.

But the point is, he hasn’t always been fine with these things, he just hasn’t said anything.

Listen to what he is actually saying and what he is actually upset about. It is very likely that these are things that you can work on together, you just didn’t know that they were a problem because he never said anything.

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5. He Will Take Other People’s Sides

One of the things that is special about Pisces is that they are good at walking in other people’s shoes. They can always see things from someone else’s point of view, and they are always empathetic.

Most of the time this is great, but it’s not so welcome when he can see someone’s perspective when they are against you!

Most of the time Pisces is sensible enough not to say anything at this time. But when he is considering finishing with you, he might lose some of his tact.

You will notice him pointing out more often if you are being unfair, and he will argue the case for other people.

This isn’t deliberate to upset you, it is just that the importance of your feelings are slipping down his priority list.

The best thing that you can do is listen to what he has to say and show that you can empathize with these other points of view as well, even if you need to put your own needs first in final action.

Pisces men respect people who can understand other people, and this might help him see you in a new and positive light.

Can You Change a Pisces Man’s Mind?

A Pisces man is not too proud to admit that he made a mistake, so you can change his mind if he is thinking about breaking up with you.

But this will require actually working on whatever your problems are. Pisces men tend to be pretty laid back, so they won’t think about leaving unless there is a problem.

As conflict-averse as they are, they won’t stick around if they think a certain issue will continue to dog the relationship.

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