Numerology Number 3: What Does It Mean?

Butterfly Numerology 3

Now that we have introduced Number 1 as the fierce warrior and the Number 2 as the resilient healer, it is time to be introduced to the next, Numerology Number 3 – the charismatic and fun-loving bringer of change.

Numerology 3 Meaning

Some of you might think this number smells like trouble, what with the responsible Number 1 and the caring number 2. But, what is life without a few changes here and there? And so, we have Numerology 3 to shake things up and keep life flowing between all the fight and life challenges happening around.

Numerology Number 3 Personality Meaning

The Creative One

Numerology Number 3 Lightbuld

The people guided by the Number 3 are the creative ones. If you’ve come across a person who overflows with creativity and does not even seem to realize it, then you are most likely face-to-face with someone guided by the Number 3 in life. These people do not care about how much creativity they have even if it seems quite superhuman to others. This, however, is not because they do not like it. They just have too much fun and adventures in mind to even bother making a list of the things that they can do.

Do not take it the wrong way. Numerology Number 3 people are highly appreciative of what they have and what they can do. It is just that they are too happy and too appreciative of life. For them, there is nothing else that matters apart from life, and that it is larger than anything else in the world. If Number 1 is endlessly seeking goals to conquer to help others live their lives fully and Number 2 is behind it, ready to catch its fall and help it back up, Numerology 3 is here to keep our attention away from the gruelling facts of life.

We all know that life is not a bed of roses and not many of us are pleased by the fact that we are being reminded of it time and again. It will be very cruel to live a life in such a way where you are reminded of the inevitable, the difficulties, and complexities. Now, if you are thinking that the Number 3 is here simply to keep us entertained, not really.

The Bringer of Change

Time for Change - Numerology 3

If Number 2 people are the peacemakers who spread peace wherever they go, Number 3 people are the happy people. They spread happiness wherever they go, whenever they can. They are the ones that remind us that life is not all that bad. They are the ones that revel in the pleasant surprises of life and rubs it in our faces to make sure that they are not the only ones who are feeling good about it.

The Number 2 people are what we can call the shakers of life. If life seems too stagnant or monotonous, they will happily come to shake it up and make things seem new and fresh. This is what helps everyone to keep going. Numerology 3 people make life a lot happier.

That being said, their creativity, the change they bring, and everything else about them reminds us that we are not just humans. We are all a mix of humanity and divinity. A small vessel that is capable of feeling a wide range of complex emotions and having the ability to share it.

The Positive Energy

Four Leaf Clover Numerology Number 3

No matter what happens in life, the Number 3 people will always look at it in a positive manner. They will never run out of positive things to mask the difficulties of life. Add to that their natural charm and you will soon find yourself following in their footsteps. Their charm does not even end there. If there is a huge and scary challenge ahead, while others are starting to hesitate facing it, you will see the Numerology Number 3 jump on it, hold it right in the horns and ride it while laughing. They might even take a pause to tell you just how fun and thrilling the experience is.

The people guided by the Number 3 are those who are ruled by their intense emotions. And so, it is no surprise to see them sway several times from one mood to another in a day. It is normal for them and that is how they handle the difficulties of life. These people, in their best days, will want to constantly connect with others. Communicating and sharing with others is what keeps them going. It makes them feel happy and satisfied with the life they are living.

Number 3 People on Marriage

The Number 3 people when enjoying their single life are already wondrous as they can easily connect with other people, even strangers or acquaintances. They do have the tendency to be a tad bit narcissistic which acts like a double-edged blade to them. It repels other people who cannot tolerate narcissism, and at the same time, it helps the Numerology Number 3 people from others who spew negativity.

When in a relationship, a Number 3 person has the tendency to prioritize their career more than they do with their personal lives – even their sexual life. Then again, this is because of their practicality and being careful not to mess up their lives and their partners.

When in a marriage, a Number 3 person is often seen to set up his or her own “rules” together with their chosen partner. They do not like riding the bandwagon when it comes to life decisions and prefers tailor-fit choices. This includes searching for the best partner there is, even if it means years of waiting.

A Number 3 person is willing to wait regardless of how long it takes just to be able to settle down with the perfect one for them.

If you are married to a Number 3 person, you can rest assured that the marriage is in good hands – what with them taking charge of the whole thing, figuring out and planning all the necessary details. They are very caring partners whilst dominating, especially in bed. This dominant nature is mostly because of them wanting to make sure everything is in order for their loved one. This is how they want to express the love that they cannot contain in their big hearts. They will want nothing more than to live a stable life with their chosen ones. Do you often see the number three repeated on your alarm clock in the form of 3:33. This could be a sign that your guardian angel is trying to get in touch. Find why you might be seeing the number 333.

Numerology Number 3 Career Meaning

Freedom Lovers

The only downside to them, being fun-loving people, is that they tend to steer away from responsibility. They do not like responsibility, not because it is despicable but because it bores them to death. Responsibility means sticking to a routine and Numerology Number 3 people are not sticklers for such predictable things. For them, things ruled by routine grow old easily and they stay away from it because it demotivates them.

If forced to stick in a routine, you will see Numerology 3 change suddenly. Their usual jovial manner will change to something that will tell you they are definitely depressed. They might stick to a routine for a very good reason, especially if a loved one is involved. However, do not expect them to flourish or revel in it. It is not what they love to do. Handling Number 3 people is like trying to catch a butterfly. Hold it in your hands for far too long and it will die. Let it fly away free and untethered and you will see it flourish and in its most beautiful state.

They are freedom-loving and it does not only apply to the way they approach life. The same can be said for their approach to their careers. Most likely, a Numerology Number 3 person will be self-employed or work somewhere with enough freedom to express itself and its constant desire for changes.

Appreciating the Qualities of the Numerology Number 3

Numerology Number 3

They do their best when surrounded by challenges that promise them big changes in life. And you will see them working hard for it, not minding the hours that they need to put into it. The only thing that can keep them staying is the constant promise of changes, challenges, and freedom. It is quite unusual for others, but to Number 3 people, this is what they are living for. Take it away from them and it is as good as telling them that their hands and feet are bound for life.

These people hold so many emotions and they do not keep it in. Whether good or bad, they express all those emotions by converting them into creative energy and pouring it all out. It’s like watching a clown. All we see is happiness, tricks, and jokes. What we do not realize is behind all the acts are a mix of emotions cleverly converted into a huge ball of positive energy to make other people smile. That is the role of Number 3. Just like the roles of Number 1 and 2, such a role is not easy to pull off.


Numerology Number 3: What Does It Mean?
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Numerology Number 3: What Does It Mean?
The people guided by the Numerology Number 3 are the creative ones. If you’ve come across a person who overflows with creativity and does not even seem to realize it, then you are most likely face-to-face with someone guided by the Numerology 3 in life. Find out characteristics of this number.
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