Numerology Number 2: What Does It Mean?

Numerology Number 2 Meaning

After Numerology Number 1, you would think that nothing else can stand out after it. Then again, the 9 life path numbers would never continue to exist if such is the case. Yes, the Number 1’s role is undeniably great, however, you need to learn that these life paths exist not to be compared. They exist because they complement each other, they fill out and take care of each others shortcomings. Since we have already established that fact, let us now move on to the next number – Numerology 2.

Numerology 2 Meaning

Numerlogy 2

Since you already know how Numerology 1 would never run from a fight, you might be under the impression that Number 2 would be something that is not as thrilling. Here is something to keep in mind – If Number 1 is the merciless fighter, Numerology Number 2 is the Peacemaker.

Numerology Number 2 Personality Meaning

The Peacemaker

Numerology Number 2 World Peacemaker

If you look at the figure of the Number 2, you will notice that unlike the straight and ever-growing Number 1, the Number 2 is bent. It looks like a kneeling person. The position of the Number 2 figure might just leave a weak impression on you. Some might even think that the people guided by the Number 2 are kind of a push-over. This is most definitely not true.

Many of us have this notion that strength is shown by standing straight with your head up high. When talking about strengths between the Numbers 1 and 2, we must talk about trees to better understand them.

The Bamboo

Bamboo Numerology 2

You may picture Number 1 as a tall tree with a thick trunk and branches. One can easily say that this tree is definitely strong just by looking at it. You can compare the Number 2 to a bamboo tree. It is tall, with a slender body and delicate leaves. It might not look as strong, that much is true. However, when one puts both trees to the test, then you will know just how strong the bamboo tree truly is.

Imagine a strong typhoon coming, in its wake a very strong gust of wind. The tall-standing tree with the thick trunk can definitely stand against the strong wind. However, if constantly being blown by such force, the tree will end up succumbing to it. Yes, the tree will not break but it will get uprooted. The bamboo, on the other hand, will bend. It does not matter how strong the wind is, it will just keep bending to the direction the wind blows.

This very quality is what makes it resilient. There is no way to uproot it if it keeps standing its ground all the while bending to the will of the wind. It knows how to put a perfect balance on the massive force that is being thrown on it. This is exactly what the Numerology Number 2 is capable of doing.

The Purpose

These people are visionaries. They often spend a huge chunk of their time reflecting on just about everything all the while sticking to their daily routines. If you see a person guided by the Numerology Number 2 getting upset and stuck overthinking, most likely this is because something in their routine has changed or they feel like they are bearing the weight of the world. The Number 2 people are prone to such breakdowns because of their unending willingness to serve others and lend them their ears. They unintentionally end up absorbing most of the shock and sometimes, they feel it taking its toll.

The Number 2 is the perfect friend you will ever have. This number is placed behind the Number 1 for a very good reason: if Number 1 breaks, Number 2 will always be there to catch its fall and heal it, until it is ready for another good fight.

This is exactly how the Number 2 spends its lifetime and they are happy doing it. In fact, it is what makes them feel satisfied. The people who know them might shower them with rewards or praises, but numerology 2 will never cease on helping others with all their hearts. They will never expect anything in return for the noble things they do. They simply want peace wherever they go and people who are willing enough to listen and heed their advice.

Appreciating the Qualities of the Numerology Number 2

People guided by Numerology 2 are very good listeners. They are the kind to let you babble or rant until you are satisfied and the weight from your shoulders is lighter. They will make sure to always be there for you, whether you need them or not. They know how life becomes a little better if there is always someone willing to keep you company, no matter what the circumstance is. Also, they will never tire to accompany you, stand behind you and support you.

They are the peacemaker out of all the 9 Numerology Numbers. This very trait is applied wherever they go and there are no exceptions whatsoever. If a loved one or a friend is in trouble, you will surely see the Number 2 doing everything they can to help you fix it. This is their speciality.

Numerology Number 2 Career Meaning

Number 2 people are known for their resilience and unwavering support to others in need and they often end up choosing careers that let them continue helping in whatever manner possible. Do not be surprised if a Number 2 person that you know chooses to be a caregiver or a doctor. They will surely consider the medical field seriously and choose to practice it with the utmost sincerity.

Other professions that a Number 2 person might choose can be waiting at diners, real estate, teaching, fashion advice, and even matchmaking. To others who think big, some of these professions might seem like another boring nine-to-five job. To a Number 2, these professions help put them in the right spot – the background. It is where they put themselves to help other people shine their brightest.

Number 2 people do not crave the limelight as much. They have the purest of intentions when helping out – to share a deep happiness to those who need them the most. We all know that the world badly needs people with sincerity that never wavers. This is exactly what a Number 2 is willing to give and do not see the need to gloat afterward.

It might seem random to you, but to a Number 2, the careers mentioned above enables them to find various ways to help people out. They do not mind if the person in need knows whether he or she needs help. They are more than willing to lend a hand to help the person pick the pieces up if they are already broken. A Number 2 person will also be happy to break your fall, or better, prevent something bad from happening if they can. They often do not mind what is needed to be done in order to help out, as long as they know that it will not harm other people along the way.

Numerology Number 2 Marriage Meaning

If they think you are missing an important point or being confounded by a certain situation, rest assured they will come to you and let you know. You do not have to worry because people guided by the Number 2 will never try to make a point while arguing. These people believe in making a point while keeping a friend. Tact is their middle name and you may very well remember it.

They will also be more than willing to guide you, even if it means having to accompany you through every step of the way. They will not simply tell you where to go, they will take the steps with you. You can look forward to the gentlest support and nurturing experience with them. If you ask a person guided by the Numerology Number 2 to guide you, they will go with you, guide you while keeping you sane and strong.

The Other Side of the Coin

In case a Number 2 does something that affects you negatively, you do not need to say it to their face. They already know and they are already feeling sorry about it. Do not expect them to say sorry, though. For a Number 2, being sorry is not simply shown by saying it. For them, it should also be reflected in their deeds. They will not say sorry, but they will do their best to make things right again. The people guided by the Numerology 2 are very thoughtful.

They also have the gift of persuasion. The will not resort to persuading you in a harsh manner. These are the people who can persuade you because they can make you understand the situation by letting you see it the way they do. Thus enabling some emotions in you that will lead you to do the right thing.

Do not take it the wrong way, though. They are not manipulators and they do not spend their free time making people do whatever they want. They are just all about peace and they will spread it when and wherever they can.

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Numerology Number 2: What Does It Mean?
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Numerology Number 2: What Does It Mean?
If Number 1 is the merciless fighter, Numerology Number 2 is the Peacemaker. When talking about strengths between the Numbers 1 and Numerology 2, we must talk about trees to better understand them. Using this example we can better see the qualities of this Numerology Number.
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