Numerology Number 1: What Does It Mean?

Numerology 1 - Numerology Number 1 Explanation

In numerology, there are 9 very unique numbers that represent or translate into 9 different personalities. These personalities are made up of a range of traits and qualities that make these different personalities unique. Of course, as always, each person has his own quirks and uniqueness that will blend with the qualities that their numbers bring. And mind you, these numbers do affect us.

Numerology 1 Meaning

Now, to start off, let us discuss the first number, Numerology 1.

The Beginning of Numerology

The Beginning of Numerology

The Number 1, or the number that symbolizes the beginning of numerology, is represented by the sun. The importance of this number is pretty much as important as the sun that illuminates the Earth and the rest of the planets in our galaxy. Without it, the existing environment around it will not be the same because it can affect everything. Such is the effect of a number that represents creation. It is a force to be reckoned with and there is nothing that can hold it back.

Numerology Number 1 Personality Meaning

The first number is a natural-born leader who has all the right skills and qualities. When entering a room, it will not take long for them to make the people in the room follow them. They can make these people follow easily simply by letting their presence known. They exude authority. They know it, claim it, and are proud of it.

The people guided by the Numerology Number 1 are doers. They do not like wasting time ruminating about elaborate plans. That is not to say they do not have plans and they do not like it. They just prefer to act as soon as they have a general one. This is because they like to approach life in a straightforward and simple manner. They know nothing will happen without putting those plans into actions. They are all about producing results. They know life is complicated, but why make it more complicated than it is?

The Warrior

That being said, they are also very aggressive both in approaching their goals and in leadership. They will not hesitate to go to the forefront and lead. They will not cower to hindrances and challenges. If given the chance, they are willing to ruthlessly crush whatever is hindering them from their goals. They do not take no for an answer and are not really happy when something or someone tries to control them or change the way they do things. This unrelenting quality makes them ideal for leading, directing, and even creating.

The people guided by Numerology 1 are pragmatists. They know the right from wrong and can easily separate these two. They do not live to simply exist. They live to conquer. They are as brave as a warrior, and ruthless too. There is no need to tell them about the responsibility that comes with whatever role they choose to play in life. They already know it and you will see them playing that role to a T. Fulfilling their responsibilities are not something they treat as a chore. They live for it and they are more than happy to do it.


Out of all the Numerology numbers, 1 is the most masculine of all. Their sense of responsibility is accompanied by a great sense of justice, dedication, and zeal to keep aiming for the best in everything they do. They are up for challenges and are even willing to do new things if they think it brings something truly good in return.

Numerology Number 1 Marriage Meaning

Numerology Number 1

As a partner, they are very dedicated. They are not natural loners, so you can expect them to show utter appreciation towards their partners and even friends. Behind the purposeful strides, the heads held high with unwavering pride and determination, these people are naturally humble even to the point of self-depreciation.

Those who do not know them well might find them arrogant, bossy, and may seem to perpetually wear a mask that exudes strength and authority. This is true, but that is the game face of the people born under the guidance of Numerology number 1. They do have their minds in a specific goal, but that does not mean they do not have the time and the heart to attend to their loved ones. These people are more than willing to relentlessly act to turn dreams into reality for their loved ones.

Numerology Number 1 Career Meaning

Ruthless Animal

They can be cruel and merciless, but that is reserved for the things or goals they are in pursuit of. They can be fierce in competition, but they will never let themselves do it without balance. For them, balance and fairness matter. A game is not any good if it is one-sided or riddled with cheating.

To those who compete with them, they might find the number one to be extremely stubborn and cutthroat. We owe this attitude to the weight this number bears for being the one that carries the responsibility to lead the others through life. They are fierce because they know they cannot mess up. For them, there is no room for big mistakes because many will be affected by one error.

They can be unforgiving and even jealous. They might seem to constantly want to go higher and higher. Others may think they are ridiculous for not being satisfied. Others might even think that what the Numerology Number 1 is after is already unreachable. However, such is the nature of this number.

The Endless Goal

Career Goals Numerology 1

Numerology 1, just like the shape of the number itself, will always be going up. This number, regardless what happens to their lives, will always strive to go to the top. They will never tire to grow, transform, and climb goals. They will never let themselves run out of goals. Their lives will be spent wisely on reaching their goals and looking for more goals to conquer. This behaviour is not for posterity’s sake. Rather, this behaviour is because of their dedication to the other numbers. The Number 1 is dedicated to giving others the same amount of chance it has to live life to the fullest.

The Number 1’s endless desire to conquer goals and look for more is what gives the other numbers that follow it a wide range of opportunities. This number will stop at nothing. While the Number 1 thoroughly enjoys the chase for endless goals that becomes more difficult than the previous, the act is not self-serving. In fact, it enables the other numbers to realize their true purpose. Have you been seeing the number 1 in sequences recently? If you have been seeing the angel numbers 111 or 1111, this could be a sign your guardian angels are trying to contact you. Read our guides to these Angel Numbers to find out what they mean.

Appreciating the Numerology Number 1

This is because Number 1 keeps opening doors, finishing the tasks that lie in it, goes back out and opens yet another door. It does not close any doors after it is done. What it does is leave the doors open for the others, so that they too can enjoy the challenges that lie ahead. If one door’s challenges do not fit the makings of a certain number after Number 1, they do not need to worry because Number 1 has already taken care of it. There are more doors to check and conquer and it is all thanks to the consistent efforts of Number one. This is the kind of responsibility and leadership that the individual is taking on. It is not an easy task to keep going and we have this number to thank for taking care of all that.

Numerology Number 1: What Does It Mean?
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Numerology Number 1: What Does It Mean?
Numerology Number 1, or the number that symbolizes the beginning of numerology, is represented by the sun. The importance of this number is pretty much as important as the sun that illuminates the Earth and the rest of the planets in our galaxy. Find out the meaning of Numerology 1 today!
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