Angel Number 855 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 855?

Angel Number 855 Meanings

When you are being bombarded by the Angel Number 855, it is a message that you are being shackled by bonds that you just can’t see. While these kinds of bonds can take many forms, they usually exist inside our heads. They are fears that we can’t make it on our own, or feelings that we aren’t sufficient.

The 855 number calls on us to take a closer look at these shackles and see that they are made of plaster, not steel. Start working on them in the right places, and they will break.

Once we have broken free, the path before us is ours to construct. The 855 Angel Number calls on us to embrace this freedom, but not assume that it will be easier. Building the life that you want will require hard work and sacrifice. But you are capable of giving more than you realise.

Meaning of Angel Number 855

When you catch yourself repeatedly noticing the number 855, you will know in your gut whether it is just a coincidence, or a sign from your Angels. The same nudge that Angels give us to notice their numbers also lets our intuition know to pay attention because something special is happening.

While Angels might nudge us to notice anything in the right moment as a sign, they often choose numbers to communicate their messages. This is because numbers each have their own specific meanings, they vibrate on their own spiritual frequencies. This means that different numbers can be used to give specific, individual, tailored messages.

Interpreting the message that your Angel has for you depends on the challenges that you are facing. Pay attention to what you were thinking or doing when the numbers were brought to your attention. They will always be revealed to you in a relevant moment that helps you understand their meaning.

For example, the Angel Number 855 could be telling you…

1. You don’t necessarily lose anything when you let go

The 855 Angel Number, synchronizing with the meaning of the number 44, is often shown to us when we are holding onto something from the past to our own detriment.

This could be a job, a relationship, or a vision of ourselves that no longer serves. For example, we are no longer the inexperienced youth who didn’t know what we want, so why are we holding onto a nomadic lifestyle and refusing to commit to anything?

Often, we are reluctant to let go of things because we are afraid of what we will lose. However, the things that have been truly important in our lives leave their mark on us. Just because we choose to leave these things in the past does not mean that they cease to be a part of who we are. All that happens is that we make space for new things.

2. We are often our own greatest enemy

If you listen to sports coaches speaking to their clients, they will often tell them to get out of their own heads. By this, they mean that they are over-thinking what they are doing. They are letting themselves question if they are making the right decisions or if they have what it takes to win. Virgos tend to be classic over-thinkers.

These are not the questions to be asking yourself while in the game. You’ve done the groundwork through your training, go with your instincts, and don’t let your mind undermine your confidence.

The Angel Number 855 can appear as your personal life coach yelling at you to get out of your head. We all have a voice inside us which causes us to question if we have what it takes.

If we listen to it, that voice can chip away at our confidence and leave us incapable of doing what we should be able to do. We need to learn to put that voice to one side and trust in ourselves and the work that we have done.

3. The only way to be truly free is to take responsibility for yourself

We often talk about the freedom to do whatever we want. However, we rarely talk about the responsibility that goes along with that. If you are living by someone else’s rules, at the same time as giving away your power, you are also passing along some of your responsibility.

This is why this path can be attractive to some people. They do not need to hold themselves to account for their mistakes, as they were just following the rules.

The 855 Angel Number, not unlike the number 515, urges us to step outside of the safe role as a follower and become a leader. This means taking responsibility for every part of our lives, for every decision that we make. This means that we can claim the glory of our successes, but also take responsibility for our mistakes. This can be a surprisingly scary way to live your life, but also extremely rewarding.

A Deeper Look at Angel Number 855

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The Number 855 in Numerology

The number 855 starts with the number 8, which represents the forces that hold us back and constrain us. These can be external forces that we need to identify to overcome. More often than not, however, these forces are internal to us. They are fears and insecurities that push us to tell ourselves that we aren’t capable of doing something, or that the risks are too high. The number 8 shows up to help us identify and overcome these forces.

The number 8 is also the number of consequences. It reminds us that all actions and decisions have consequences, some positive, and some less pleasant. It reminds us that where we are now is the consequence of decisions that we have made in the past. The number 8 can call on us to closely consider the future consequences of a current decision.

This number 8 is followed by a pair of 5s, heightening the significance of their meaning. The number 5 is linked with ideas of freedom and independence. It is linked with The Hierophant in the Tarot deck, the ultimate symbol of freedom through control.

It usually shows up when we are letting something stop us from doing what we need to do. Perhaps we are not realizing the way that something or someone is holding us back. Often the number 5 shows up to help us identify this obstacle.

The number 855 also culminates in the number 9, as 8+5+5=18, which further reduces to 1+8=9. The number 9 points to endings and things coming full circle, as well as beginnings, as endings are also always beginnings. The appearance of this number can be a push to let go of something from the past that is no longer serving us, in order to make space for the future.

Together the number 855 suggests that holding onto something of the past that is no longer supporting or serving us is inhibiting our freedom to pursue what we truly want in our hearts. It suggests that it is fear and insecurity that is leading us to hold onto this thing, which is not only not helping us, but also hurting us. The number works to help us identify these bonds, and break them in order to move forward.

What does Angel Number 855 mean for Love?

When it comes to love, the 855 Angel Number, like 323, can often point to relationships that have become unhealthy and co-dependent. Relationships should support you in becoming the best possible version of you. They should never make you less than you were as you try and accommodate the other person.

The Angel Number 855 suggests that you work on reasserting your independence within your relationship. Do more of the things that you love on your own or with other friends and family. If this breaks your relationship, then the relationship was unhealthy. More likely, as you grow independently, your relationship will also develop, change, and improve.

What does Angel Number 855 mean for Spirituality?

When it comes to spirituality, the 855 Angel Number suggests that your progress is being stifled by a fear of what you will need to sacrifice in order to fully commit to a certain path. The number 855 can show up to remind you that while faith requires something of you, it always gives much more than it takes. The more you give of yourself, the more you will receive.

What to do when you see Angel Number 855

When you start seeing the Angel Number 855, it is a sign to break free of bonds which are holding you back from finding true happiness and reaching your full potential. These bonds can be anything. They can be relationships that no longer serve. More often, however, they are beliefs or ideas that you have about yourself. They are fears that you are not smart enough, talented enough, or simply enough.

The 855 Angel Number shows up to help us identify these bonds, which often live in our blind spots. When we get them in our sights, we will realise that these chains are not as unbreakable as we thought.

Once we are ready to move forward, the number 855 can also be a reminder that the path ahead may not be easy. All actions, even the ones that we know are right for us, can have unforeseen and unpleasant consequences. The Angel Number 855 calls on us to be conscious of this fact. Embrace the consequences of our decisions as the necessary price for our overall happiness.

Angel Number 855 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 855?
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Angel Number 855 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 855?
Angel Number 855 is a sign to break free of bonds which are holding you back from finding true happiness and reaching your full potential. Learn more!
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