Angel Number 848 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 848?

Angel Number 848 Meanings

Imagine a morning like this. You arrive in the office after a gruelling commute and check the clock as you pass. It read 8:48am. You sit down and start going through the notes on your desk. On top you find an invoice for $848. Finally, you open your email and see something you have been waiting for. When you get to the bottom of the email and read the electronic signature, you see that the sender’s phone number ends in 848.

Why has this number decided to show up everywhere you look this morning? It is a sign from the universe? What message could the triple digit Angel number 848 have for you?

Angel Number 848 Meaning

Angel Number 848 centres on the number 4, which is a symbol of foundations and roots. It relates to the building blocks that form the foundation of our lives. Our fundamental beliefs, the experiences that have shaped us, our family and other fundamental relationships, and the rules that we choose to live by.

This 4 is surrounded by 8s, which is linked to the forces, both external and internal, that constrain us and hold us back, or drag us in directions that we may not choose. It is also related to consequences, accepting the price of our choices and considering the future consequences of our current actions.

The 848 Angel Number also culminates in the number 2, as 8+4+8=20, which further reduces to 2+0=2. The number 2 represents balance, duality and harmony. It represents our most important relationships, signifies the need to be flexible and adaptive in some situations, and points to the various different aspects of ourselves, and the various different faces that we use, and how these find harmony within us.

Angel Number 848 suggests that we take responsibility for the state of our lives as it is a result of the decisions that we have made, and the future will be as well. If we want to make changes, it is up to us, but make genuine changes from the bottom up, starting with our foundations.

Reasons you might be seeing Angel Number 848

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1. You are only one decision away from a completely different life

We often feel like we are tied into a certain pattern of life. It can seem like there is only one path stretching out in front of us with few forks in the road, that offer only two of three different options. But who ever said that we need to stay on the path? If we are limited in our thinking and can only see the road in front of us, then we will always be limited in our decisions. When we realise that the road is not real, suddenly all possibilities open up.

Angel Number 848 can appear when we are feeling stuck in a life that we are dissatisfied with, or when we are struggling over a decision, probably because all the options seem unappealing. It behoves us to remember that we are not stuck on this path, and we are just one decision away from a completely different life.

2. Be willing to change as life will not stay the same

Sometimes we feel that we have found our place in life, and we have found our happiness, and we resist change at all costs to hold onto what we have in the here are now. The Angel Number 848 can show up to tell us that this rigidity is a mistake. The world around us is constantly changing, so doing the same thing will not always give the same result.

The way we live our lives is changing faster than ever. The people around us are growing and changing, and we ourselves are not the same, even as we were yesterday, though we may not notice these changes in the moment. Embrace change, do not fear it.

3. Dare to conquer toxic thoughts

Often we think of things as holding us back, but rarely recognise that the one thing that constrains us more than anything else is our own toxic thoughts. We all have that voice inside our heads that fills our minds with negativity. We aren’t attractive enough for that person, smart enough for that job, or brave enough for that risk. It is that same voice that can send us envy rather than happiness when someone close to us succeeds.

This voice can be hard to escape as it is always with us, but Angel Number 848 dares us to conquer these toxic thoughts. It challenges us to recognise these thoughts for what they are. This is the voice of our insecurities trying to hold us back, but they are not us. Do not give them power over our life. Fight them and dare to be better.

4. Do the groundwork for success

We all want to be successful in life, but surprisingly few of us are willing to put in the hard work that is needed to reach the top. Usually achieving a dream is less about knowing what it is that you want, and more about being willing to sacrifice the other things required to get it. Angel Number 848 reminds us that these sacrifices start with the foundations on which we live our lives.

We cannot set ourselves up for success if we do not do the groundwork. Luck is being prepared for an opportunity when it comes knocking, so don’t wait for opportunity. Work on yourself, develop yourself, invest in yourself.

5. Know when to use the sails, and when to use the oars

The universe has a natural rhythm to it, which pushes our lives in a certain direction. We can either accept this direction and let the wind sweep us forward, or we can decide that we want something else, and dig in our oars and start rowing. The secret is knowing when to hoist the sails and when to dig deep and find the energy to keep pulling.

Angel Number 848 can appear when we need to consider which approach to take. Perhaps we have our eye on a destination and think that if we just keep heading straight for it, we will get there. But sometimes the winds can give us a boost, and if we can adapt our sails to make the most of them, we may find another, faster, more exciting path to our destination.

What does Angel Number 848 mean for love?

When it comes to love, Angel Number 848 is a reminder that relationships go through ups and downs, but if they are built on strong foundations, they will survive the earthquakes that rock us all. If you want strong foundation, you need to choose to invest in them. While love seems to just happen, relationships take work. They require more than just loving another person, but actively deciding to adapt yourself and your life to make space for them.

When the 848 Angel Number shows up it might be because you aren’t making the compromises that you need to make something work. If you choose to have someone in your life, it often requires sacrifice.

848 Keywords

  • Actions
  • Adaptability
  • Balance
  • Choices
  • Consequences
  • Foundations
  • Fundamentals
  • Roots

What to do when you see Angel Number 848

To determine what part of your life an Angel Number relates to, pay attention to what you were doing or what was in your head when you noticed the number appear. Angels will always nudge us to notice their signs when our challenge is in front of us in some way or other. They provide us with context to use our intuition to decipher their message.

Also remember, whenever you see any Angel Number, take a moment to feel grateful. Seeing any Angelic sign means that the Angels are with you and supporting you on your journey. It also means that you have become sufficiently in tune with the universe to notice their signs. Once you start recognising Angel Numbers, you will find that they show up in your life increasingly often.

Angel Number 848 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 848?
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Angel Number 848 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 848?
Angel Number 848 suggests that if we want to make changes, it is up to us, but make genuine changes from the bottom up, starting with our foundations.
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