Angel Number 343 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 343?

Angel Number 343 Meanings

Seeing the Angel Number 343 is a call to action. We have been coasting for too long while the world has been changing around us. As a result, something fundamental in our life is no longer fit for purpose and needs to change. Perhaps we need a change of career, a change of relationship or a change of attitude.

The number will point us in the direction of what needs to change. It also calls on us to use our full perception to see our lives and understand what is needed. The number calls on us to switch off auto-pilot mode and really observe the world around us. We will learn surprising things.

We may feel like the change that is required involved letting someone down. But the number 343 reminds us that we need to look after ourselves in order to have the strength and energy to support others. Approach difficult conversations with clarity and honesty. They will still be difficult, but we can move forward with a clear conscience.

Angel Number 343 Meaning

But how can you differentiate between seeing an Angel Number, and mere coincidence? Your intuition should let you know.

We see Angel Numbers when spiritual beings nudge us to notice them. The spiritual realm struggles to communicate with us directly, as most of us are unable to clearly sense the spiritual realm.

Instead, we are nudged to see signs in the world in which we dwell. The same energy that nudges us to see a sign, also lets our intuition known to wake up and pay attention.

Make sure to make a note of what you were doing or thinking when you noticed the Angel Number. These numbers are always revealed to us within a context that helps us to understand them.

For example, the Angel Number 343 could be telling us…

1. Re-examine what you really want in life

The 343 Angel Number can show up when we are spending our energy in the wrong way. Perhaps we are breaking our backs pursuing a certain career, or crying ourselves to sleep each night over a relationship.

The number 343, in a similar way to the number 939, can show up to tell you that the reason you are not finding joy here, is that this is not the right thing for you.

The important things in life are rarely easy, but if they are the things that you really want and need, the process of achieving them carries a certain type of joy. If this is absent, then it is likely that you are on the wrong path. Are you pursuing things that you truly want, or things that you think that you should want? Be honest with yourself.

2. You have the power to make change

Often it feels like it is too late, or we are too far down the path to make a change. At other times, we think that the important change is beyond our control. The 343 Angel Number can show up to remind us that is not the case. We are only ever one decision away from a completely different life.

Making big changes isn’t easy. It usually requires big sacrifices, but the pay off is also generally big. The number 343, in a similar way to the number 244, wants to give us courage. Once we make the change, we may find ourselves wondering why it was so hard. Things can be hard to imagine until they happen.

3. You perceive more than you realize

Angel Number 343 can also show up when we are living our lives with blinders on. We aren’t seeing some important things in our lives because we don’t want to see them. It is likely that we are living on the principle that ignorance is bliss. But it is not true that what we don’t know can’t hurt us.

The number 343, with a meaning akin to the Angel Number 999, can appear when we need to pay more attention to something. Something in our lives that we are ignoring is hurting us. It is time to turn off auto-pilot mode and start really paying attention. Some of the truths that we learn may be hard, but we will be better off in the long run.

4. Honesty is the best policy

Often the biggest barrier to change is the feeling that we will be hurting someone else or letting someone else down. It might also involve telling someone or showing someone something that we would rather not share. But the 343 Angel Number reminds us that a life of lies is not really a life.

While honesty should never be brutal, or used as a weapon to hurt, it is the key to being our authentic selves. Sometimes truths are difficult to hear. But it is only with the full information that the people in our lives can make their own, best-informed decisions. Why rob them of the decision to do what is right for them?

Seeing the Queen of Pentacles card in a Tarot reading can be a similar push to embrace honesty.

A Deeper Look at Angel Number 343

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The Number 343 in Numerology

The number 343 centers on the number 4, which is linked with the parts of our lives that are fundamental. This is different for each and every one of us. But it is the things that we consider to make us who we are. The things that are important to us and the beliefs that we hold.

The appearance of the number 4 generally suggests that something fundamental in our lives needs attention. Perhaps we need to make an upgrade or a change, or some kind of inconsistency needs to be resolved. Remember that everything needs to be built on foundations. And when the foundations are not strong, the things on top can crumble.

This 4 is surrounded by 3s, the number of communication. The number 3 refers to our ability to hear the people around us and truly understand the world, and to make ourselves clearly understood. It often shows up when a breakdown in communication is causing problems. It almost always suggests that clearer, more honest communication is needed at this time.

The number 343 also culminates in the number 1, as 3+4+3=10, which further reduces to 1+0=1. The number one is a call to action as it refers to the creative powers of the universe. It reminds us that we are all part of that creative power, and that we create our own lives through our actions, thoughts and attitudes. It reminds us of the power that we have.

Together the number 343 suggests that something fundamental in our lives needs to change. It could be our work, a relationship, or something we believe in.

It reminds us that just because we consider something fundamental to who we are, does not mean that it always has to be. We have the power to change. Change can be difficult and challenging, but it is always easier if we face it with honesty and transparency.

What does Angel Number 343 mean for Love?

When it comes to love, the Angel number 343 suggests that something fundamental needs to change about your relationship, or your approach to relationships. Perhaps there is a fundamental imbalance in your relationship, which means that it is bringing you down, rather than lifting you up.

An alternative is that perhaps you believe that you need a relationship to complete you, and that you are not sufficient on your own. This is a belief that you need to overcome to be happy within yourself. Only when you are happy alone, can you bring happiness to a partnership. Libra and Pisces in particular often see this message.

What does Angel Number 343 mean for Spirituality?

When it comes to spirituality, the 343 Angel Number suggests that you take the time to understand who you really are as a person and what is important to you. You can only know what direction you need to go in when you understand what is fundamentally important to you, and what you are willing and able to sacrifice.

Knowing what you stand for can breathe new energy into your life. Take the time to self-reflect and discover those things. Then you can actively create the kind of life that makes you happy and leaves you feeling fulfilled.

What to do when you see Angel Number 343

Seeing the number 343 is a call to action. It suggests that something fundamental in our lives needs to change, and that it is up to us to take positive action to change them.

The number calls on us to examine our lives and look for where things are consistent or no longer serving us. We will learn what we need to change. To do this, we need to turn off auto-pilot and see the world as it really is, and not simply as we would like it to be.

Change is always challenging. Not just for us, but sometimes for the people closest to us who think that we are a certain thing. The best way to approach these difficult situations is with clear and honest communication. People will respect and accept this, with time.

Angel Number 343 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 343?
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Angel Number 343 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 343?
Seeing the Angel Number 343 is a call to action. Perhaps we need a change of career, a change of relationship or a change of attitude. Learn it's meanings!
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