Angel Number 111 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 1:11?

Angel Number 111 Meanings

Have you been noticing the repeating number sequence 111 or 1:11 lately? Are you wondering what it could mean? Seeing this Angel Number is an excellent sign that your Angel guardians are nearby and working closely with you. Read on for the angel number 111 meanings and 5 possible reasons why you are seeing 1:11!

Angel Numbers 111: A Sign of Your Spiritual Awakening 

One of the most common experiences people report when seeing Angel Number 111 is going through a spiritual awakening. The Number 1 is a very powerful number and when you start seeing this in your life it could be a sign that you are embarking on a spiritual awakening journey.

If you are noticing these triple numbers appearing over and over again in your life this is a sure sign that Angels are trying to get your attention! You may also be seeing other repeating numbers such as 222, 333, 444, and 555. Like the Angel Number 111, each of these sequences is symbolic of various messages from the Divinity. Find out the meanings behind these other common triple angel numbers here.

Could seeing Angel Number 111 mean you are about to have a spiritual awakening? Continue reading for more information on why you are may be seeing the spirit numbers 111. 

Angel Number 111 - Enlightenment

What Does Numerology Number 1 Mean?

In the divination system of Numerology, each number carries a specific meaning. The Number 1 is a great starting point for deciphering why you are seeing Angel Number 111! When you see a triple numbers sequence it is the energy of that single digit amplified. 

The Number 1 in Numerology is symbolic of complete wholeness. It is a solitary number that is symbolic of everything in the universe. It is boiling everything down to its most basic, its purest, and essential form. When you are seeing Angel Number 111 this is an indication you are at the beginning of the something new, the energy is fresh, like a blank canvas. 

Angel Number 111 - Numerology Number 1

Keywords for Angel Number 111

  • Abundance
  • Spirituality 
  • Setting Intentions
  • Clarity 
  • Positivity
  • Awakening
  • Monitoring Thoughts
  • Self-Awareness 
  • Self-Development
  • Focus 
  • Gratitude 
  • Light Hearted
  • Wellness
  • Self-Care
  • Identity 
  • Universal
  • Leader 
  • Individualistic 

Seeing Number 1 as 111 or 1:11

So you are seeing 111 or 1:11 everywhere and are trying to decipher the message! The Angels know the power of this number combination and it often works to get people’s attention. Could this be your signal that life is about to change for you? 

The Angel Number 111 is all about you and your individual experience. The Angels want you to relax and take a more light hearted approach to life. You do not have to figure everything out all at once, life can unfold over time.

So when you see 111 on your clock, the number of likes on your social media post, or the total on your grocery store receipt, then you know the Angels are trying to give you this message. 

Angel Number 111 - Seeing Angel Number 111

5 Possible Meanings For Why You Keep Seeing Angel Number 111 or 1:11 

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Now that you are aware you are receiving messages from the divine, it is time to figure out what it means! Be sure to check in with your intuition and your thoughts at the time you saw the Angel Number 111. This information could help you decipher what your Angel guides are trying to tell you. Read on  to find out the 5 possible meanings for why you keep seeing Angel Number 111 or 1:11, read on.

1) The Angels Are Co-creating Your Reality With You

The Angel Number 111 is one of the first signs Angels can give you that they are co-creating your reality with you. This means they are helping you manifest your visions and goals more fully into your life. With the help of your Angel allies, you can start to build up the vision you have for your life. This all begins in your thoughts. 

You are being reminded that your thoughts can have a profound influence on outcomes in your life. In order to live the life you dream of for yourself, you first have to imagine it in your mind. One of the reasons you are seeing Angel Number 111 is because the Angels want you to know they are helping you monitor your thoughts.

They are letting you know that you can have a deeper relationship with your own spirituality. The Angel Number 111 means you will soon be able to experience life from a richer more enhanced perspective. Freeing up your mind space from worry and anxiety will help you keep your thoughts positive. 

Of course, everyone experiences negative thoughts, and this is an important part of the emotional experience, so do not be too worried! Just do the best you can to act, think, and feel using positivity and love.

2) The Angels Want You to Practice Gratitude 

One of the reasons you are seeing Angel Number 111 is that the Angels want you to practice gratitude. Along with monitoring your thoughts, you should also take some time to be grateful and thankful for what is present in your life. 

When you are mindful of your surroundings and grateful to have the people you love and cherish in your life, you are more likely to be more in tune with your Angel guides. Focusing too much on the future or attaching too much to worry can interrupt your experience in the present moment. 

Some tips for practicing gratitude is to make a daily journal entry for everything in your life you appreciate and are thankful for. Before you eat, drink your morning coffee, or head to the gym take a moment to reflect on your life. No one expects you to be happy and grateful all the time, but the Angel Number 111 is a loving message to add a little bit more appreciativeness into your life. 

You can also tell the people in your life how much you acknowledge the place they have in your heart. Focusing on what you already have helps bring you into the present moment. You may be surprised how quickly daily gratitude practices can help align you with your highest good. 

Angel Number 111 is your reminder to stay mindful and appreciate for what you have in life. This will help lead you closer to abundance and prosperity. When you demonstrate gratitude you will start to notice how much more people start to show you gratitude back, helping you maintain a positive outlook on life. 

Angel Number 111 - Spiritual Awakening

3) The Angels Want You Use Crystals, Gemstones, & Oracle Cards

One of the meanings of Angel Number 111 could be that the Angels want you to tune into the energy of crystals, gemstones, and oracle cards. The Numerology Numbers 1 and 11 are often associated with spirituality, divination, and self-development. 

The Angels want you to use these tools for personal and spiritual growth. Seeing Angel Number 111 is a sign for you to pick up your oracle deck or tarot cards and see what message is in store for you. You may need discipline at this time or feel like you strayed from your intended path. 

Pulling daily oracle or tarot cards can be a good way to set a mindful intention for the day. It can help you connect with your Angel guides and further develop your intuition. You can meditate or journal on the meanings of the tarot card you pull each day as a spiritual exercise. 

Also seeing Angel Number 111 may be a sign that the Angels want you to carry, work with, or place around your house a certain crystal. They know your energy field would benefit from having particular crystals around. Placing crystals near your bed at night can help give you pleasant dreams and protection while you sleep. Your Angel guides want you to be more open to working with the healing energy of crystals, oracle cards, and tarot. 

Some crystals often associated with Angels include: 

  • Fluorite 
  • Celestite 
  • Angelite
  • Spirit Quartz
  • Kyanite
  • Angel Phantom Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Selenite

Angel Number 111 - Crystals

4) The Angels Are Creating New Career Opportunities For You

You could possibly be seeing Angel Number 111 because a new career opportunity is on the horizon! When you see Angel Number 111 this could indicate that you have a major job switch about to happen. The Angels want you to know they are with you every step of the way!

The Numerology Number 1 is associated with leadership skills and abilities. The Angels are giving you this number in its triple digit form to let you know you are ready to step into a leadership role. They know you are capable of guiding and directing others, and will have everyone’s best interests in mind. 

When you see Angel Number 111 start to pay very close attention to what promotions or career opportunities are coming available around you. The Angels want you to take control over what happens to you and your career. 

Say you really want a career change and feel stuck in your current situation. You are seeing the Angel Number 111 everywhere, but feel like no opportunities are available to you and nothing is opening up anytime soon. What does this mean? The Angels do not want you to give up hope on pursuing your dreams! They have given you this sign in the form of spirit numbers in order for you to remember anything is possible. 

The opportunity you are desiring is just about to open up. Angel Number 111 is your reminder that things in your life are unfolding all the time, maybe just not always at the speed you would like! Waiting for the right time can be so difficult, ask your Angels for guidance in the meantime. 

Angel Number 111 - New Career

5) The Angels Want You to Take Time For Yourself 

A possible meaning behind Angel Number 111 is that the Angels want you to take time for yourself. They want to remind you that you are the sole owner of your own life journey. This is your reminder to give yourself some extra attention. 

When you focus on self-development, spiritual growth, and just bettering yourself or health overall you will naturally be more open and available to the people in your life. Self-care is a very important aspect of honoring and respecting yourself. You are allowed to say; “no” when you need to. You are allowed to take action when you want to as well. Only you can know how you truly feel. 

Angel Number 111 is your Angelic reminder that self-expression is a very valuable and creative part of the human experience. It is essential for your own wellness. Getting clear on your personal goals is something only you can direct. This Angel Number reminder is here to say that you are in charge.

You are on the brink of something major happening! Angel Number 111 is your opportunity to get clear with yourself on what you want. It is about setting intentions, monitoring your thoughts, and being honest with yourself. You are the leader of your own destiny.

Further Exploration

So you have heard these possible meanings for why you are seeing Angel Number 111 and are thinking; “this is exactly what I am going through!” This Angel Number is urging you to take action and take control of your life. Your Angel guides are with you every step of the way as you embark on the next phase in your spiritual awakening. Have you been seeing this repeating number? Tell us if any of these meanings for why you are seeing Angel Number 111 resonate with you?

Angel Number 111 Meanings - Why Are You Seeing 1:11?
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Angel Number 111 Meanings - Why Are You Seeing 1:11?
Have you been noticing the repeating number sequence 111 or 1:11 lately? Read on for the angel number 111 meanings and reasons why you are seeing 1:11!
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  1. I saw the number1:11 onmy phone, car click, microwave, computer like 12 times in a few weeks. Then my lung collapsed, I had surgery and they cut off topnod my lung and glued my lung to my chest. I had tubes thru my ribs keeping my lung inflated. It was the most painful thing I have ever been thru. I honestly believe the angels were trying to tell me there was something wrong. My husband saw 1:11 he told me to go to the dr. I’m home recovering and I have left Facebook, eliminated some drama friends and transitioning into a different state In My life. It scared me and I’m not out of the woods yet. I appreciate every day and going to spend this year getting healthier. I’m going to get a tattoo 1:11 for the angels that tried to warn me

  2. Saw 11:11 on lunch today and then 1:11 later that day.

    Got put in for a promotion to management a couple weeks ago and met a new girl a few days ago. She’s the only girl that I’ve met in a long time that has a good head on her shoulders and isn’t needy and an attention whore.

    I’m also graduating college with a Bachelors in a week.

    Been stressing lately that I want things to happen quickly. I wanna be done with school…be a manager…have a good relationship. Like…NOW.

    I think this is the Angel’s telling me things are coming together and be patient. Take it slow and enjoy it as it happens.

  3. I see 1:11 everywhere! First born @ 1:11am, 2nd child born on 1/11… I have noticed this number almost daily always wondering what it meant. I knew it had to be something…. now I know there is goodness around me to protect me… I have been in 12 car accidents in my life 2 in one day! A shot gun held to my head… a knife to my neck… the Lord is not ready for me… it is not my time to go! Nice to know they gave me major #s to look at w my kids…

  4. Off late I have been coming across so called angel numbers especially in time and 2ndly car numbers. I have been reading about angel numbers but not able to conclude, how it is briniging change. Don’t see any other sign of angels being around apart from numbers. How do I know that it’s an angel sign? If in real angels are trying to connect, How do I understand what they are trying to communicate. Why no other sign? Lots of queries. Can anyone help me on the same.

    • I too have seen these triple digit numbers for quite some time as well. I have come to the conclusion based on my own personal spiritual beliefs and higher self that we are given these signs as guidelines to better our individual life paths accordingly to spiritual divinity. We all tend to loose ourselves when we face certain negative obstacles within our life’s journey. It’s a way of the spiritual world acknowledging us all that these obstacles are merely life lessons to better ourselves, to make certain changes within our life and lifestyle to advance, apply those lessons to bring positive future vibrations later on within our life paths. These number signs are also given to us to acknowledge of their presence and to help guide us. It’s totally up to the individual to send their intentions in prayer or in meditation (depending on your personal religion beliefs) to grasp the ideas or thoughts that come to them. These thoughts or feelings could very well be the messages these divine beings wish for us to acknowledge. I highly recommend you practice and meditate on your inner self, express gratitude, and listen to your own intuition. These answers will then be available on your own personal situations. Hope this helps..God Bless

    • You don’t really sound or come off as willing to understand. I get the feeling no matter what anyone says you’re gonna dismiss it. If you don’t believe something, it’s not gonna make sense to you.

  5. i saw 111 on the clock erywhere on my phone i said to myself okay if i see 111 on my insta it is true guess what my followers on my second account went from a random number to 111 and only on my phone my sister still sees the old number but on my phone it is still 111

  6. This rings true for me. I’m always seeing Angel numbers. My husband filed for a divorce and I’ve been looking for a new position and I’m just being patient to see what the outcome will be.

  7. I see 1:11, 11:11, 12:12, 222, 333, 444, 555 and of late 404 & 604. I am aware bc it is a constant that I see these numbers. I have been practicing gratefulness over the years and remain close with God spiritually. I know that these numbers I’m seeing are linked with Angels guiding me & sending me messages.

  8. Everything about this article was RIGHT! Everything that was said is exactly what I was going through. Not one thing was missed. As I get more and more aware of my spiritual journey it takes a lot of weight off of my shoulders because I am the kind of person who likes to try and control everything, and this was a great reminder for me to start letting go and let the universe(God) take over the things that are too big for me to handle on my own. Very helpful!

  9. OMG yes I see 111 everyday and most days it is a constant 111 on my phone the time also 222 and also see the number 28 a lot or even an 8 in the time like 5:28 or 3:48 idnt know what 8 means but this just explained exactly my feelings and everything on a day to day basis everyday for a while and the numbers are signs I’m seeing more and of all numbers 3 or 4 all together I know I’m on the right path but need more insight of how to approach and what to do next thank you I love this and my new site obsession lol

  10. I have seen 1:11 on my work computer most of times. And also on my phone recently. I pray for people who have difficult times and others

  11. We moved into a place and our address is 1115. We stayed on the beach in a hotel ‘111 my fiance plays keeno and the last 4 games the WI no g numbers have been 1and 11. We are going to look at a new apt. Today a d the address is 111. Wow!!! Everything is coming up 111.


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