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Mercury Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Mercury Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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In synastry, Mercury conjunct Mars can be a troublesome aspect.

Mercury governs how we communicate, which makes it an important planet when it comes to relationships.

Mercury is a bit of a chameleon and tends to take on the characteristics of whatever planet is nearby.

Mars has many significations in synastry, but its primary function is to fight.

A conjunction occurs when two planets get together.

Mercury Conjunct Mars in Synastry

Mercury conjunct Mars in synastry will make communication between people quite difficult.

They naturally respond to each other with defensiveness and hostility.

One or both of them will have a sense that they just cannot talk to one another without a fight.

If this is a romantic relationship, it will be important for them to find ways to work around this aspect.

This aspect will be the most difficult when it occurs in one of Mars’ signs, Aries or Scorpio.

In these cases, Mercury will act like Mars, and the two will tend to fight all of the time.

It is also particularly difficult if it occurs in Cancer. This combination will encourage sniping and passive-aggressive behavior. 

This aspect will be much easier if it occurs in Mercury’s signs, Gemini or Virgo. This will make it easier for them to find ways to talk to each other rather than fight.

If it occurs in Capricorn, the negative qualities of Mercury conjunct Mars can be transmuted into productive energy for getting things done.

In Pisces, this aspect can actually be helpful, in that Mars will help give energy and form to Mercury’s ideas.

In addition to the special sign combinations, it is important to look at the house that Mercury and Mars occupy in each other’s charts.

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Man’s Mercury Conjunct Woman’s Mars Relationship

In this relationship, he will tend to annoy her whenever he tries to talk. She, in turn, will annoy him whenever she tries to initiate anything.

The problems caused by this will range from mild to severe depending on their temperaments and the other synastry aspects between their charts.

Some people enjoy volatility in their relationships. Some are even aroused by it. Others have a much more difficult time.

In these cases, it will be important to look at the aspects formed by her Mercury to his chart and whether there are positive Venus connections between them.

Women’s Mercury Conjunct Man’s Mars Relationship

This has the potential to be even more difficult than when the genders are reversed.

In many cultures, it is the woman who tends to push good communication and the man who wants to take the initiative in other matters.

When a woman’s Mercury is conjunct a man’s Mars, this can be a very volatile dynamic.

It will be crucial for them to find ways to communicate with each other without fighting.

In working with a couple with this aspect, it will be important to look at the other synastry aspects between them to find the strengths that they have.

If they understand their relationship strengths, when fights occur, they can consciously change directions and do things that will enhance the positive aspects between them.

You can find the relationship strengths by looking for trines and sextiles and Venus contacts between the charts.

Mercury Conjunct Mars in Friendship

Mercury conjunct Mars is less of a problem when it comes to friendships than it is for romantic relationships.

Even though Mars is volatile and tends to be malefic, it can produce sexual tension and chemistry between people.

Because of that, people with this aspect can become involved in a romantic relationship that is volatile and toxic.

That danger is not present when it comes to friendship.

Most of the time, this aspect will prevent a friendship from forming in the first place. If it does form, it can prevent it from getting very close.

If a close friendship does occur with this aspect present, there will be other aspects binding them together. The friends will also naturally find ways to avoid the problems that Mercury conjunct Mars can create.

Unless there are other aspects to the contrary, friends with Mercury conjunct Mars should not try to give each other advice.

It will be hard for them to listen to each other, even if the advice is good, and they will naturally invoke defensiveness in each other.

How to Tell if Mercury is Conjunct Mars in Synastry

Spotting conjunctions in synastry is usually quite easy. The planets will be in the same sign.

Generally, if two planets are in the same sign, the influence of a conjunction will be present. Aspects by sign are known as “whole sign” aspects.

Most of the time, I treat whole sign aspects as weak forms of the aspect. In the case of Mercury conjunct Mars, however, the negative impacts of the aspect are quite mild unless the planets are close to each other.

This is because the volatility created by this aspect is an almost unconscious irritation when Mercury touches prickly Mars.

If this aspect occurs outside of the orb of seven degrees, the people will generally be able to control their tempers and calm their defensiveness.

The closer the aspect is within the seven-degree orb, the more difficult it will be.

It is possible for Mercury and Mars to form a conjunction from adjacent signs if one planet is in the late degrees of a sign and the other in the early degrees of the next sign.

Aspects across signs are usually quite weak. In the case of Mercury conjunct Mars, however, a cross-sign aspect can be even more problematic, especially if it is within two or three degrees.

The reason for this is that in this case, it will be hard for either person to put a finger on why the other annoys them so much. This will make communication all the more difficult between them.

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Mercury conjunct Mars is one of the more difficult synastry aspects between two people. It hinders communication and creates an instinctive defensiveness.

This aspect is much more difficult in romantic relationships than it is in friendships.

If this aspect is present, it will be important to look to other more harmonious synastry aspects to offset the potential volatility between the people involved.