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Mars Sextile Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Mars sextile Mars in synastry is an aspect that brings energy and excitement to a relationship.

Mars, among other things, signifies the part of us that is active and that gets things done. It also signifies how we go about getting what we want.

A sextile is a pleasant aspect. Planets that are sextile understand each other and work well together.

This is a good aspect to have in any relationship.

Mars Sextile Mars in Synastry

Mars sextile Mars is a very helpful aspect to have in synastry. This aspect will help two people accomplish their goals and will minimize conflict between them.

Mars is an important planet in synastry and it can make or break a relationship. This is the planet this is involved in interpersonal conflicts.

When Mars is sextile in two charts, the people involved will intuitively understand what will annoy and upset each other.

They do not necessarily express their anger in the same way, but they can relate to each other. This will prevent many conflicts from even starting. Those that do start will be resolved quickly.

Mars also helps us to take the initiative and pushes us to accomplish our goals.

Mars sextile Mars is a tremendous boon in any working relationship. When this aspect is present, two people will almost seem to be able to read each other's minds while completing tasks together.

They will not only understand each other, but they will naturally complement each other in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

This aspect can also compensate for other problems that might be found in synastry between the two charts. If there is difficulty between them, it can usually be solved by doing something active together.

To get more detailed information about how this aspect manifests in a specific relationship, you can look to the house that Mars occupies in each other's houses.

For more information, see:

Mars in Houses Synastry Meanings: 1st through 12th House

Man's Mars Sextile Woman's Mars Relationship

Mars sextile Mars is not necessarily a romantic aspect in synastry, but it is very helpful in building a long-term relationship.

This aspect may not play much of a role in the beginning stages of a relationship when the couple tends to see each other through rose-colored glasses.

As the two start to date regularly, Mars sextile Mars will help them find things to do together and will make the relationship fun and exciting.

It is when a couple starts to plan on spending their lives together that this aspect shines, however.

Long-term relationships are not just about romance. They also involve mundane chores and joint projects.

This makes being able to work together extremely important if the relationship is going to be able to stand the test of time.

This aspect will help two people determine who is going to do what tasks around the house. They will tend to naturally fall into the roles that they are best suited for.

When it comes to projects such as putting together furniture or organizing the kitchen, they will be able to work together smoothly without argument or fuss.

Mars Sextile Mars in Friendship

Mars sextile Mars in friendship synastry indicates a friendship that will be based on activity, at least in part.

In general, they will enjoy doing things together.

These may not necessarily be friends that will talk a lot or share their feelings unless there are other indications of this in their charts.

Even if both people are not normally active, they will become energized when they are together.

Even though this is not an aspect that produces emotional connections, friends whose Mars are sextile can give each other good advice.

They understand each other, but they also are different enough to offer a balanced outlook.

If one of them wants to take action or is angry about something, the other person will know where they are coming from.

On the other hand, the other person will also know when they are wrong and will naturally be able to express that in a way that does not make them defensive.

This is not necessarily a friend whose shoulder you can cry on, but this is a friend who will be able to tell you what you need to hear.

How to Tell if Mars is Sextile Mars in Synastry

Sextiles occur when two planets are two signs apart. These signs will be in compatible elements, Fire and Air or Earth and Water.

Below are the signs that are sextile each other:

Fire, Earth, Air and Water Sextiles by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

Much of the meaning of a sextile comes from the relationship of the signs with each other, so there will be some influence from this aspect if Mars is in the right signs.

For this aspect to be at full strength, it must be within seven degrees of being exact. The closer the aspect is, the stronger it will be.

It is possible for Mars to be within orb but not in the right signs. This is known as a "cross-sign aspect."

This aspect still counts in synastry, but it is very weak. With Mars sextile Mars, it will manifest as two people being able to work together better than anyone would expect.


Mars sextile Mars in synastry is a great asset to any type of relationship.

This aspect indicates that two people will be able to get along when they are doing things together.

In a romantic relationship, it will become important as two people commit to each other and take on the practical aspects involved in building a life together.

In a friendship, this aspect will give both people energy. It will also help them give each other good advice.


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