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Mars Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Mars conjunct Mars in synastry can create a powerful connection that could be quite volatile.

Mars governs how we go after what we want. This planet also governs how we fight and express anger.

A conjunction is when two planets are in the same place. The nature of this aspect will vary depending on the planets involved.

Mars Conjunct Mars in Synastry

When Mars is conjunct Mars in synastry, it means that both people express anger in the same way.

The advantage of this is that they will understand each other when they are angry.

The disadvantage of this is that they will not be able to balance or calm each other.

Depending on the sign involved, this could create quite a volatile situation.

The most volatile situation will be if Mars is conjunct in one of the Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius. This has the potential to produce explosive fights.

This aspect can also lead to a very sticky situation if it occurs in Taurus, Cancer, or Libra.

Mars does not like to be in any of these signs, making it hard for this planet to find outlets for healthy expression. This could lead to grudges or passive-aggressive behavior.

When this aspect is present between two people, it will be important for them to find outlets for their Martial energy. Good outlets are work or physical activity.

This is a great aspect for business partners or teammates.

The house that Mars falls in each person's chart will give more information as to the impact of this aspect.

For more information, see:

Man's Mars Conjunct Woman's Mars Relationship

When Mars is conjunct in a relationship between a man and a woman, this could cause them to fight a lot.

This aspect can generate physical chemistry, particularly if there are also Venus contacts between the charts.

It can take time for this aspect to become manifest in a romantic relationship.

In general, people express their Mars when something is annoying or upsetting them.

In the first stages of a relationship, most people are on their best behavior and it is easy to overlook faults in each other.

As the relationship progresses, people remove their rose-colored glasses and see each other's negative traits. It is then that Mars will come out.

This aspect will almost certainly manifest if and when the two live together. Negotiating their boundaries and roles can be quite difficult.

Helpful Mercury contacts will go a long way towards easing the potential difficulty that this aspect can create.

On the positive side, this aspect will give energy to get things done.

This couple will be able to work well together because they tend to tackle projects in the same way.

Mars Conjunct Mars in Friendship

Friends generally do not interact with each other in the same intimate way that romantic partners do.

Because of this, Mars conjunct Mars in friendship synastry will create far fewer problems.

It is easier for friends to avoid doing things to make each other angry.

If this aspect is going to cause too much volatility between two people, they will probably not become friends in the first place.

If two people with this aspect do become friends, they will have already worked out ways to avoid too much conflict.

When this aspect occurs between friends, usually the friendship is based on a shared activity, at least in part.

They may play sports together or enjoy some other form of friendly competition.

A friend whose Mars is square your own is a bad person to go to for advice if you get angry about something.

It will generally make you feel good because that friend will likely agree with you. The problem is, though, that they will not be able to offer you any perspective.

Instead, this friend will tend to rile you up even more than you already were.

Friends with Mars conjunct Mars make good partners when it comes to business matters or getting things done.

They will instinctively understand how to work together.

How to Tell if Mars is Conjunct Mars in Synastry

A conjunction is the easiest aspect to spot. At a basic level, both people will have Mars in the same sign in their chart.

This is known as a whole sign aspect, and it does have influence.

The closer Mars is in the two charts, the stronger the conjunction will be.

Mars has an orb of seven degrees. An orb is an allowable margin of error, so if Mars is in the same sign and within seven degrees in each of the charts, the aspect will be full strength.

It is possible for Mars to be within orb in two charts but not be in the same sign. This can happen when one person's Mars is at the end of a sign and the other's is at the beginning of an adjacent sign.

An example of this would be twenty-eight degrees of Aries and two degrees of Taurus.

This is known as a "cross-sign" aspect, and it is much weaker than one in the proper signs.


In synastry, Mars conjunct Mars can be a difficult aspect. At a basic level, it indicates that the two people involved are prone to fighting with each other.

This aspect can be particularly tough in a serious romantic relationship. It will almost certainly become manifest if two people end up living together.

In a friendship, conflict can usually be avoided.

Despite the potential for interpersonal difficulties, this aspect is quite helpful for being able to work together.


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