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Libra Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

Libra Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

Libra is known as the love sign in astrology! They’re often the most charming and flirtatious signs in the zodiac, so how can you tell when they’re truly in love?

Libra is a sign that “falls in love” all the time! Even when he’s not meaning to, he comes across as interested in you, and you alone.

A Libra man truly in love is someone who puts you first, shares everything with you, including his thoughts and his possessions, tells you all the time how much he adores you, and wants to commit to you.

Getting into a relationship with a Libra man will be one of the sweetest experiences of your life, and you’ll be adored like never before!

This is one guy that thrives at his best when he’s got a lady by his side.

As an air sign, he’s all about that mental connection too, so you should not only have a good-looking man, but also a clever one!

There’s very little not to love about the Libra man!

How a Libra Man Acts When He’s Secretly in Love?

One common way to tell when a Libra man is secretly in love with you is when he’s stopped looking at other people and flirting.

This sign is well-known for being very popular with the ladies, and he knows it! However, when he’s got his eyes only on you, he’s truly smitten!

He’ll show his love for you by spoiling you and including you in all of his plans, and always putting you and the relationship first.

A Libra man secretly in love doesn’t bother to hide it – he wears his heart on his sleeve!

The planet that rules the sign of Libra is Venus, planet of love and relationships. This makes him naturally romantic and giving, and one of the few men out there who want to bond closely.

He’s tender, sweet and very giving of himself.

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8 Clear Signs a Libra Man Is in Love with You

1. He Tells You All The Time!

Libra is an air sign, which means that they are verbal and intellectual.

Often, a Libra man’s love language is verbal affirmation – in other words, telling you how he feels about you!

This may be through a sweet text message, a letter, or even an email!

But, most often, he just says it. And he tends to say it in the most creative and sweetest of ways, making you go weak at the knees!

2. He’s Always Complimenting You

When a Libra man is truly in love, he’s always complimenting you!

This is a guy who is more visual than most, so when you look good, he’ll tell you!

From the way you do your hair, to the clothing you wear and the perfume you love, he’ll be constantly reminding you of how delicious he finds you to be!

There’s nothing nicer than having a man around who takes notice of all the effort you make, right?

Of course, he’ll also compliment other things, such as your specific personality characteristics and special skills and talents.

There’s nothing that he won’t notice when he’s interested in you!

3. He Does Everything with You

Libra is the type of sign that needs another person in their lives to share activities with them.

If they don’t have a partner, then usually this is a man who has some sort of close friend to spend time with.

When he finds and falls in love with you, you are his go-to person!

He’ll want to spend all the small, special moments like washing the dishes with you, to the bigger things such as travelling together.

In a Libra’s world, time spent together is far better than time spent alone, especially with his favorite person!

4. He Includes You in All His Decisions

Decision making is never easy for the typical Libra man!

In fact, this is a guy that needs someone around to help him make all those important choices in life!

When he’s really in love, you’ll be that person by his side.

When he truly cares about you, he’ll also include you in his solo decisions and always take you into consideration.

This is how you do a good relationship!

5. He Stops Flirting with Other Women

The truth is, Libra men like to flirt – they’re built for it! After all, how can you claim to be the love sign if you’re not flirting us by talking?

Libra men really love to charm others, and they often have no intention of making people feel like they’re being flirted with. But they do!

When he’s heads over heels for only you, that subconscious desire will simply switch off, and he’ll have eyes only for you.

This is a very clear sign that he’s deeply, deeply in love with you!

6. He Talks to You Nonstop

Whether by text or in person, a Libra man in love talks to his person non-stop!

He just loves sharing his ideas with you, and eagerly wants to know what’s on your mind, too!

He thrives when there’s a strong mental connection between the two of you, and nothing makes him happier than a good conversation!

You’re not only his lover, but you’re also his best friend, and his number-one person to bounce ideas off!

7. He Idealizes You

When a Libra man is really in love, he totally idealizes you! He puts you on a pedestal and make you the queen of his universe!

There’s nothing you can do wrong, and even when you do make a mistake, he will overlook it!

A Libra man in love truly makes you feel like on top of the world, and builds your confidence from the inside out!

8. He Shares Everything with You

When a Libra man shares everything with you – from his possessions to his thoughts – he’s got deep feelings for you.

He now considers you one half of the whole, and there’s very little he won’t give you in the attempt to bring you closer towards him.

A Libra man in love is generous and caring, sweet and seems to know exactly how to make a good relationship even better!

When A Libra Man Says “I Love You”

A Libra man might say “I Love You” quite early into your relationship, as he’s so geared to love another. Does he mean it?

Most of the time, he does, and it’s likely he’s gone back and forth in his mind a thousand times to decide whether to say it or not.

If it comes too early in the relationship, proceed with caution and give it a bit more time before you believe it.

A Libra man does tend to fall “in love” fairly often – that’s what the love sign does, after all!

And only time tells and his actions, to say if this is the real deal!

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A typical Libra man craves mental and emotional connection, and he seeks someone he can share his thoughts and his life with.

When he’s deeply in love, he’ll notice no one else but you, and he’ll tell you all the time how he feels about you!

You’ll be complimented all the time when a Libra man is in love with you, and he will make you the center of his world.

A Libra man expresses his love by always showing you through his words and actions how he feels about you!

Being loved by a Libra man is a one-of-a-kind experience, something that you’ll never forget!

Give this relationship time, and watch the bond develop even deeper between you.

If you want to know what a Libra man really wants, we recommend reading the comprehensive Libra Man Secrets guide.

Carmen Smith

Thursday 3rd of June 2021

I'm Aquarius he's a Libra we in love and it feels good he's a good hearted men and kind I thank God for my men Libra men he's handsome also we have some bad days too but overall we enjoy each other and making love never felt so good